When in doubt.... ... install adobe reader. We (50 NB, 460x333, Mpg) 7 Anonymous no D/ ) 19/ 14( raed) 20 21 99 No 537989407 Hermes Iget hrad by my Dad to do T  adobeislove adobeislife
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When in doubt...

When in doubt.... ... install adobe reader. We (50 NB, 460x333, Mpg) 7 Anonymous no D/ ) 19/ 14( raed) 20 21 99 No 537989407 Hermes Iget hrad by my Dad to do T

... install adobe reader

We (50 NB, 460x333, Mpg)
7 Anonymous no D/ )
19/ 14( raed) 20 21 99
No 537989407 Hermes
Iget hrad by my Dad to do T l wavy very
We about T besides games These are my
T stones
be ms: day
asks we , l can Install the latest
versoin of adobe reader
fuck ya l girths
a buss
M/ youre a computer expert"
Well ybu wavy [l
Asked to Input admin credenza's
forget admin credenza's
try admin password
uhhuh uhhuh oh crap somethings guang wth the server be nght back"
3 months later she st/ l doesnt nave adobe reader
Anonymous (ID D/ ) (/ 19/ 14( raed) 20 25 29 No 597999999 Replys
537999797 »539999359
be day 2
angry guy IS onthe phone asking we about sawe Wand house program
nave " Mae whatthe fuck he' s sayang
there' s a pause
he' s waa: gng fur an answer
baek: b the T crowd
Have ybu wed turning t and off again"
we restarting"
Owe we a see
t fucking worked
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Anonymous (ID D/ ) (/ 19/ 14( raed) 20 29 94 No 537990437 Replys
day 3
rep cums: wth laptop Issues
she' s 9779 enugor
all my wth we
tbells we she needs something updated
can only hear her bums
her laptop smells
download adobe her and nand t back
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Anonymous (ID D/ ) (/ 19/ 14( raed) 20 33 49 No 537991024 Replys
537997592 »537992334 »537999997 »537999725 »537999239
figure out howto turn litthe servers
when people start asking fur help
go Into server
turn off servers
cums out and start downloading adobe reader
eventually people start streaking
run baek: b the server
play : mam) the backburner hours
turn server back near end of day
cums out of server mum
Wane face
people are my praises sayang l saved the day
saved the HM
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Anonymous (ID D/ ) (/ 19/ 14( raed) 20 49 99 No 597992995 Hermes
day 5
enugor at ewe machine
ask her huntings are goung, just a general statement
Instantly tanks tal) ung shop
starts tihng we all the sht wrung wth her computer
she doesnt see we as a human
she sees we as an t
ttell harm drop off her laptop
she dues
l upgrade her
download adobe reader
restarting machine
everythings fucking working
run t baek: b her
my haw
check my breath
act l saved the day
she' s her wee the phone
she autons to putin her desk
l do of linger
ls that everything hun?"
hear her say "uh t Wasps: IT"
just T
that IS all l aw navy
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7 Anonymous (ID D/ ) (/ 19/ 14( raed) 21 97 95 No 597995279 Replys
day 9
really bored
secreto download a gameboy emulator and play sawe pokemon
the blocking t l turn t litthe whole trung l t, l turn
t all off
gent: emulator ste but l need to turn litthe antares
use the admin l navy knaw: b do t
end litthe whole antares settings the server
download my emulator and rum
play my gawa
guy cums: Into my whee
l l caught l wras"
we "gotta catch an all"
by the (me I' m facing people nave wuss:
7 Anonymous (ID D/ ) (/ 19/ 14( raed) 21 12 79 No 597995999 Replys
day 7
same guy that was yelling at we day 2 IS yelling at we
he cant remotely lug mus: as l aw leave to go home
t eitther agaen then call we back"
go home
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7 Anonymous (ID D/ ) (/ 19/ 14( raed) 21 17 35 No 597999999 Replys
9745_ 53_ _ 09753
day 9
guy call from day 7 calls back
he' s pssed
tbells we he lasta clint because of my stupity
w: happens wan l luster team : IO minute ago"
whatthe fuck are ybu tal) ung about?"
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Anonymous (ID D/ ) (/ 19/ 14( raed) 21 24 52 No 597997954 Hews
day 9
tune ofthe punters IS out oftener
sawe fat guy tells we to change t
ms a tuner wan change I' m working onths wth the
was really downloading steam
tll take a second gud l nave much more numb do wars why
yams here"
sigh and go do t
configure out howto fucking Jien the fucking cartidge abbr
start hong t they do zealander
tell the pour mentally challenged guy the mm l nave a fur mm
he has to hde the egg the chest of Heme: Packard
go baek: b my server business
half an hour Marthe fat guy cums: mm my wee
Whatthe fuck dd ybu do to the pantera"
Changed the tuner"
Hews: starts shaking head and sht
we walk baer to t
the goddammed the cartidge the wrung way and actually lodged t
there half of t IS s: Mekong out
the abbr cant even close
there' s black nand pants all marine
Can feel the we Must spew bullsht
mks to be a probably wth the [l
the tonterias dbon fur baer a month before l figured out we nave a panter guy
Anonymous (ID D/ ) (/ 19/ 14( raed) 21 99 30 No 597999229 Hews
day IO
nave to set up projector the
contend a thunderbolter harm cable to hunk t up to lozito go the store
dont even nave a corporate card ether
tell the people needing the ' s a issue wth
they use sawe guys
the mes from the wae end up the
call we meeting
all these business people stanag at we as l aw randomly folders as fast
as possible to l aw pro
download adobe reader
Thanks Anon, ybu saved me"
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Views: 50873 Submitted: 03/21/2014