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What Makes A Person Boring

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Boredem: What makes a person boring?
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Last week I purchased a particularly nice an piece set of pale blue plastic
Tupperware containers. It was financially reckless cf me but they were in a 2556
discount sale. Alan it IS summer, can I not let my hair down a hit?
I braught the pack home and arranged the containers en the kitchen table in
descending size order, using the bubble sen algorithm. " was at this point I
discovered be my delight that there must have been a labeling error at the
factual; fer there were in fact and pieces net and I nevertheless felt thugged to
check my Excitement and call up the to warn them eta
potentially genious commercial oversight.
I spent the next three hears carefully labeling each certainer and placing them
inside ene another, testing the interplay between each and writing down the
best stack corbinat' aons, menu them out of IO.. Turn containers in particular
have a very impressive thash when the smaller is pushed him the larger. I was
in fact an impressed by this that I took said watchers to work the followings
daito shew my colleagues this particular example elf fine plastic
But they just weren' t that interested, I think its because they have kids. We
having children that makes a person boring I am afraid. When yen have
children yen dent have time for anymore,
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