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User avatar #16 - thunderkrux ONLINE (02/01/2014) [-]
At one point in time I was too lazy to do laundry so every day before class there was a thrift store across the street from my jc so I would run there and buy pants and t shirt for like 2 bucks. But now I have way too many shirts.
User avatar #54 to #16 - warbob (02/01/2014) [-]
>donate extra t-shirts and pants to local homeless people
>gain their thrust
>continue to procrastinate laundry while becoming the hero of the homeless people
User avatar #62 to #54 - cantfindausername (02/01/2014) [-]
>gain their thrust
User avatar #64 to #62 - warbob (02/01/2014) [-]
yes , let them thurst you into being a renowed citizen , a hero and eventually THE EMPER... *cough* *cough* political figure who defends the average citizen.
User avatar #65 to #64 - cantfindausername (02/01/2014) [-]
>let them thurst you
User avatar #66 to #65 - warbob (02/01/2014) [-]
yes thurst , thurt for you going higher above them to change the entire world AS THEIR EMP... *cough* HERO!
User avatar #71 to #66 - cantfindausername (02/01/2014) [-]
You got me. I lol'd
#24 to #16 - tazze (02/01/2014) [-]
why hello there Macklemore
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