We'll always love 10. We'll always love 10. mu are granted a but Nat a single person will understanding understand what the hell at the universe and its re ligh
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We'll always love 10

We'll always love 10

mu are granted a but Nat a single person will
understanding understand what the hell
at the universe and its re lightly about.
inner Hand B,
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Submitted: 01/12/2014
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#63 - gigabowzer (01/14/2014) [-]
If you understood the inner workings of the Universe, couldn't you just make a device so people could understand you?
User avatar #56 - theguywhoaskswhy (01/13/2014) [-]
Why do these never have a downside?
#55 - anonymous (01/13/2014) [-]
if you understand the universe aren't you supposed to understand also how to make people understand you?
because you know, people are part of the universe
#53 - mytwocents has deleted their comment [-]
#51 - lorkhan (01/13/2014) [-]
Eccleston was better, he had a cooler Doctor personality, as well as sidekick and episodes.
User avatar #57 to #51 - fuckyouusername (01/13/2014) [-]
but had less time to grow sadly... that's why I preffer David personaly.
User avatar #49 - awesomedewd (01/13/2014) [-]
But you still won't understand women.
#47 - pokimone (01/13/2014) [-]
I don't like Tennant. Well, I like the actor just fine he was fantastic in Broadchurch , but the version of the doctor he plays, I can't stand. He is one of the most arrogant people in the universe, and while maybe he is very smart, way past genuis, and has gone through a lot, he seems to think of himself as more of a god than anything else. Smith had a humbleness to him, and whatshisname before Tennant just didn't give a **** . But the Tenth annoys me, if only because he acts like he is the only important thing in a universe so vast and wonderful, that even he can't have understood or even seen a fraction of it in the 900 years or so hes lived. Also, the doctor may be 900 (give or take a few years) but by the end of the series, Rory had waited through the fall of Rome, making him over 2000. Rory became older than the doctor.
#58 to #47 - angelious (01/13/2014) [-]
eh i liked him because he seemed so arrogant from time to time.

i You need to login to view this link doctor who universe he is one of the most dangerous and powerfullest beings there is.that would make just about anybody a littlebit arrogant
#48 to #47 - discodragon (01/13/2014) [-]
**** off, just because he makes your girlfriends panties wetter than you can doesn't mean you have to ******* get on him like that. Learn to have some class. More men should be cool like the Doctor, and not dicks like you.
#46 - puffyclouds (01/13/2014) [-]
people don't understand me anyways, so...
people don't understand me anyways, so...
#45 - wthree (01/13/2014) [-]
<-- Doctor who in an nutshell
User avatar #43 - topperharly (01/13/2014) [-]
..i would write it down......
#42 - anotheroneonearth (01/13/2014) [-]
are you talking about acid?
are you talking about acid?
#41 - newdevyx (01/13/2014) [-]
**newdevyx rolled a random image posted in comment #388903 at Friendly ** write everything down. Problem solved.
#39 - lamballert has deleted their comment [-]
#38 - baitdoesnttalkback (01/13/2014) [-]
its not a question of why but a question of how i could exploit it for my benefit
#35 - monkeysalt (01/13/2014) [-]
I said yes
User avatar #21 - fifteensecondchug (01/13/2014) [-]
I've got the downside part already.
User avatar #26 to #21 - trollchildxy ONLINE (01/13/2014) [-]
you what?
User avatar #33 to #26 - RandomAnonGuy (01/13/2014) [-]
You're a clever bastard you are. I like you.
In... that way. *Blush*
User avatar #18 - hahdumbbirch (01/13/2014) [-]
woo yay doctor who exists, now stop posting everywhere.
a true man will go down with his ship.
User avatar #19 to #18 - hyeroshi (01/13/2014) [-]
I've never cared to watch Doctor Who before, but I feel I've seen the entirety of the show with how often it gets posted on FJ. All I know now is that I hate it.

It's been good sailing with you captain.
User avatar #17 - smartyben **User deleted account** (01/13/2014) [-]
downside doesnt make a difference because hitler didnt realise that we both dont care what you people think!
#16 - simonjiha (01/13/2014) [-]
#62 to #16 - anonymous (01/13/2014) [-]
Imo Tennant was a bit more ****** but I mean Mat wasnt bad in any way it was just that his performance was more childlike.
User avatar #20 to #16 - soarinxdashie (01/13/2014) [-]
I agree. Him and Tennant were close to me... But Matt pulled ahead a bit in the end. Mostly through his speeches for me.
#34 to #20 - brettyht ONLINE (01/13/2014) [-]
The Rings of AKkashamalamadingdong episode had arguably his best one
User avatar #52 to #34 - yetaxaa (01/13/2014) [-]
terrible episode, even worse speech, ruined even further by the completely over-dramatic music playing throughout making it beyond awful and just hilarious.
#15 - davidteninch (01/13/2014) [-]
I'm willing to live by those rules.
I'm willing to live by those rules.
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