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#6 - thatnathandrake (10/16/2013) [-]
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#70 to #6 - swiggityswoner (10/16/2013) [-]
This is an irritatingly large percent of why I die in that game.
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#11 - CatholicPriest (10/16/2013) [-]
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#35 to #11 - kaboomz ONLINE (10/16/2013) [-]
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User avatar #39 to #11 - ebdac (10/16/2013) [-]
I played JC2 recently and I have no idea how it was done... Unless he used some mods or cheats. Anyway this game is awesome!
User avatar #74 to #39 - spawnsy (10/16/2013) [-]
yeah, he has two planes hooked, its a pc mod where you get unlimited hooks
User avatar #78 to #74 - ebdac (10/16/2013) [-]
That explains two hooks. But does that mean I could do that with one plane without mods?
User avatar #79 to #78 - spawnsy (10/16/2013) [-]
if it has enough speed and you time it right then yes
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User avatar #83 to #79 - ebdac (10/16/2013) [-]
I have to try this!
User avatar #80 to #78 - Hreidmar ONLINE (10/16/2013) [-]
Yep. I've used it in MP as a flail to knock like 20 cars off the road behind me. It was glorious.
User avatar #82 to #80 - ebdac (10/16/2013) [-]
I also did that, I'm asking about exactly what is happening in the gif.
User avatar #85 to #82 - Hreidmar ONLINE (10/16/2013) [-]
Basically, someone is hooking the plane to the tree. If you hook the front of the plane, the way the game's... realistic but completely inaccurate physics work, if that makes any sense... is that the plane will change orientation while maintaining it's momentum. So what will happen when two planes are treated this way? Well, the same thing. You just have to time it right, like in this gif.

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking about the gif, so sorry if this is a superfluous explanation.
User avatar #86 to #85 - ebdac (10/17/2013) [-]
Yeah, probably I didn't explain properly. I meant how to make a plane spin around a tree like that (I can agree that timing is crucial, but is that possible in not modified game). Also I didn't want You to explain lack of physics behind that. I'm mechanics student myself. What is more, When I hook moving planes to the ground line breaks, that is why I wonder if that is possible at all.
User avatar #87 to #86 - Hreidmar ONLINE (10/17/2013) [-]
I see. That clarification would have been quite useful. Basically in most mods, they made unbreaking lines because, while less realistic, it's just so much more fun. I think that the developers patched the game itself so that was the case in MP, to make it much more like a sandbox.
User avatar #89 to #87 - ebdac (10/17/2013) [-]
Ah! I got to try MP. Thank You for that conversation! Have a good day, and week, and life!
#59 to #11 - gustapo (10/16/2013) [-]
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User avatar #38 to #11 - Hreidmar ONLINE (10/16/2013) [-]
Just Cause is an amazing game simply because it's heard of physics and decided it wants very little to do with it. So much fun.
#18 - dopeydog (10/16/2013) [-]
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User avatar #21 to #18 - steamloler (10/16/2013) [-]
This happened to me today, my friend took a picture with his guys phone as my guy flipped him off at a red light
User avatar #69 to #18 - clechyl (10/16/2013) [-]
Where did we park the Invisible Boat Mobile?
User avatar #40 to #18 - stipulateprism (10/16/2013) [-]
Crazy Frog, anyone?
#19 - sirblank (10/16/2013) [-]
I actually played GTA 5 online for the first time this weekend, I made it my goal to kamikaze someone with a plane.  Needless to say, it happened
I actually played GTA 5 online for the first time this weekend, I made it my goal to kamikaze someone with a plane. Needless to say, it happened
#64 to #19 - arrowshock (10/16/2013) [-]
If you want a new goal, find a Cargobob, grab random afk players who are in a vehicle (not sure if motorcycles work), fly as high as you wish, when they get back, drop them.
I did this to my friend, but I rapidly moved left and right, so, his car kept jerking side to side and flew when I released him.
#24 to #19 - trollypollyz (10/16/2013) [-]
Please dont kill me
Please dont kill me
#63 to #24 - anon (10/16/2013) [-]
Just wanted to write "where's the wtc". Thanks buddy.
#1 - jesa (10/15/2013) [-]
Ohhh... out of gas.
#2 to #1 - razden (10/15/2013) [-]
Wasn't that an old Looney Toons joke?
#3 to #2 - jesa (10/15/2013) [-]
oh yeah
User avatar #9 to #3 - manofparody ONLINE (10/16/2013) [-]
Great... Now I want to see that movie again...
#17 to #9 - iom (10/16/2013) [-]
it wasnt a movie it was an episode where buggs bunny meets a martian and he was hitting a warhead with a hammer and towards the end they are in a plane and right before it hits the ground it just stops on a dime and says ohhh out of gas
User avatar #25 to #17 - manofparody ONLINE (10/16/2013) [-]
It WAS in a movie, also.
Looney Tunes Back In Action.
Their car is a secret agent car, and in mid-flight, it starts plummeting to the earth, and right before it hits the ground it stops, and bugs goes, "Oh look at that... out of gas."
and it pans out of screen... Then the lady says, "What!?" and it pans back into screen and they crash into the ground.
#7 - zerith (10/16/2013) [-]
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User avatar #12 to #7 - deltoraquest (10/16/2013) [-]
will someone please tell me where this is from?
#14 to #12 - anon (10/16/2013) [-]
Fallout New Vegas: Wild Wild Wasteland
i've done my deed here. Now to slip into the shadows unseen, once again...
User avatar #15 to #12 - scooge (10/16/2013) [-]
www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYWi6-BcGCQ Source, the part the gif is from starts around 3:20
#8 - proffesionallurker (10/16/2013) [-]
I was seriously expecting a mountain lion to kill him out of nowhere.
#43 - fourtitwo (10/16/2013) [-]
... I.... Lost the game
#56 - fjaggot (10/16/2013) [-]
Mfw playing gta v with my pc
#60 to #56 - murika (10/16/2013) [-]
Wow! I mean, look at the PC graphics too! Phenomenal.
User avatar #71 to #56 - rocksteady (10/16/2013) [-]
So your face is a giant black square
User avatar #90 to #71 - fjaggot (03/05/2015) [-]
oh wait
User avatar #67 to #56 - jcdman (10/16/2013) [-]
You don't have a face?
User avatar #26 - minorian (10/16/2013) [-]
What actually happened in Lost? I stopped watching it when it occurred to me that they were just making things up along the way to keep the series running.
User avatar #27 to #26 - darthacerbus (10/16/2013) [-]
It was Purgatory all along.
User avatar #28 to #27 - minorian (10/16/2013) [-]
As in they were literally in Hell? What a twist.
User avatar #30 to #28 - darthacerbus (10/16/2013) [-]
No they were in Purgatory.
User avatar #31 to #30 - minorian (10/16/2013) [-]
Oh, I don't have much knowledge about your religion, and I thought Purgatory was hell, but we are talking about the religious kind of Purgatory, right?
User avatar #34 to #31 - doublicious (10/16/2013) [-]
No. It was Purgatory, Nebraska
User avatar #37 to #34 - minorian (10/16/2013) [-]
Now you're just ******* with me.
User avatar #33 to #28 - doublicious (10/16/2013) [-]
Purgatory isn't hell. It's between heaven and hell
User avatar #36 to #33 - minorian (10/16/2013) [-]
Yeah, I read up on it now, thanks. Damn, Christianity is a scary religion. That definitely doesn't sound like a loving God.
User avatar #72 to #36 - evilpotato (10/16/2013) [-]
Purgatory is a branch of Christianity, not all branches believe in it. I think anything from Protestantism does not have purgatory, and people get into heaven because of faith in god. But the purgatory Christianity is practically a middle path on gods love when you consider the crazy Calvinists saying that heaven is predestined for only a small select few.
#66 - namdrut (10/16/2013) [-]
GTA V... it was earth all along?! damn you! damn you all to hell!
GTA V... it was earth all along?! damn you! damn you all to hell!
#46 - satansatan (10/16/2013) [-]
"Wait for it" ... the .gif is like 6 seconds long man, there is no waiting.
#5 - thekillerwalrus (10/15/2013) [-]
Something like that happened to me. I jumped out of the plane and it just stayed there in the air.
User avatar #4 - bigbeaufort ONLINE (10/15/2013) [-]
Never forget
User avatar #29 - comeatmebrother (10/16/2013) [-]
this game is truly awful
#42 to #29 - anon (10/16/2013) [-]
just another troll who wishes he had GTA 5, nothing to see here, move along
User avatar #48 to #42 - sorcha (10/16/2013) [-]
or they dont like the game not evryone who had a different opinion to you is a troll
User avatar #88 to #42 - comeatmebrother (10/17/2013) [-]
ive had the game. why do you think i just said its awful. its trash. piece of **** . go make an account and come talk **** to me
#45 - jordoguy (10/16/2013) [-]
Does any one else think they programmed the online so that every single vehicle attempts to crash into you? I've been driving on it before and people will literally drive on the opposite side of the road to hit you, it's getting really frustrating.

MFW a car pulls out and stops immediately in my path.
User avatar #47 to #45 - Gandalfthewhite (10/16/2013) [-]
i had that in a offline side mission where some guy steels **** from my cinema, the whole chase people swerved in front of me and made me lose him. i shot up the whole bridge after that
User avatar #49 to #47 - jordoguy (10/16/2013) [-]
I mean I know most open world driving games have something like this but it's ridiculous in GTA, along with the ******* hard as hell cops.
User avatar #50 to #49 - Gandalfthewhite (10/16/2013) [-]
it's better than it was in IV though, i hated how often the game would make some driver conveniently take a left without seeing me bombing down the road
User avatar #51 to #50 - jordoguy (10/16/2013) [-]
Really? I never had trouble with GTA IV, at least no where near as much as in V. At least you could have decent cop chases in GTA IV without them head shotting you while driving down the highway at 150 MPH.
User avatar #52 to #51 - Gandalfthewhite (10/16/2013) [-]
now that i haven't experienced, but i guess it's good they can somewhat shoot. In red dead everyone was a crack shot who never missed even when i was swerving around at high speeds on a horse
User avatar #53 to #52 - jordoguy (10/16/2013) [-]
Yes but in Red Dead they couldn't drive your horse off the road and you had just as much chance to shoot back, in GTA V the in car shooting is terrible and it seems like the cops have insta-lock on
User avatar #54 to #53 - Gandalfthewhite (10/16/2013) [-]
stciky bombs, all i'm saying. take a second to look back and throw it. Detonate that ****** the second its anywhere near a cop. Just be happy they don't randomly spawn ahead of you when you're trying to escape, that made it impossible
User avatar #55 to #54 - jordoguy (10/16/2013) [-]
I have used sticky bombs in chases, another cop instantly spawns when ever any of them die
User avatar #57 to #55 - Gandalfthewhite (10/16/2013) [-]
huh didn't know that. i Know a ******** come out of nowhere when you have full stars though
User avatar #58 to #57 - jordoguy (10/16/2013) [-]
Indeed they do, I was on the trail to the top of mount chilliad and more and more cops just came flying down the mountain from the top, where the **** were they coming from? Stupid.
User avatar #77 to #45 - rocksteady (10/16/2013) [-]
I thumbed you up for this, because I have been wondering if they purposely made cars target you, but look like they are just changing lanes. I have seen cars turn waaay out of there lane to nail me. Maybe its just that I was going to fast and I'm making this up in my head, but sometimes I swear it was meant to hit me.
#20 - shadecrenshaw (10/16/2013) [-]
Oh well would ya look at that, the hardware cannot load anything that far off, so the collision doesn't happen and so the jet doesn't explode....

Also I love it how the cops know its you and exactly where you are when it blows up, classic.
#22 to #20 - folkflunky has deleted their comment [-]
#23 to #22 - shadecrenshaw has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #44 to #20 - rocksteady (10/16/2013) [-]
Cry harder
User avatar #62 - karson (10/16/2013) [-]
has anyone stolen one of the fighter jets, and been flying along, and the engine just died for no reason? my friends and I were playing online last night, and we all flew in a helicopter to the military base and all stole our own jets. 1 friend got shot before he could get in the air, and my other 2 friends got shot down. I got away clean. I was flying up near mt. chilliad after getting my wanted level down, my jet was completely undamaged, and the engine just died. It started going down, and I kept trying to restart it, but it wouldn't restart, so I had to bail out. WTF? is it something to do with fuel.
#73 to #62 - fuckedbyapony ONLINE (10/16/2013) [-]
The engine sometimes stalls if you don't have enough speed or your plane/helicopter stat is low
User avatar #75 to #73 - karson (10/16/2013) [-]
I was full throttle, flying level, I believe I'm about mid range on my flying stats.
#76 to #75 - fuckedbyapony ONLINE (10/16/2013) [-]
Who knows!
User avatar #61 - welfarekid (10/16/2013) [-]
seems legit
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