Valentine´s Day. . Special dc] ive '.' married for 415 years, Each hr, is ‘Q . flowers containing a nu; Te ' f.?!. ' simple words: we we 'Ci', Etti. i. i. r. it valentine husband Love eternal sue Johnston huston flourist delivery marryed Special
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Valentine´s Day

Special dc] ive '.'
married for 415 years, Each hr, is ‘Q .
flowers containing a nu; Te ' f.?!. '
simple words: we we 'Ci', Etti. i. i. r. ittl
Starchildren, as bouquets' ' Ti? I'.),,
lifetime of love were his kgach ii; I if .
when he passed away two Wan I '.rolcll
tomantos after I lost him, I was . C''
shocked to receive a gorgeous bow ..i'
addressed to me. * from [ohm Ir"' t',
heartbroken, I called their-' ,
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Submitted: 02/10/2014
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#4 - tyrson (02/10/2014) [-]
**** that guy. The rest of us are screwed now.
#9 - malvolio (02/11/2014) [-]
You can't decline the call
#37 - threadcreator (02/11/2014) [-]
I'll never know these feels
User avatar #3 - leebobo (02/10/2014) [-]
Are you trying to tell me something ellina ?
User avatar #11 to #3 - ellina (02/11/2014) [-]
Don't forgett valentines day hnhnhn
Surprise me (nackt)
User avatar #14 to #11 - mrbrown (02/11/2014) [-]
so you're german, hm?
User avatar #55 to #14 - ellina (02/12/2014) [-]
#5 - banjodance (02/11/2014) [-]
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User avatar #23 to #5 - scoobi (02/11/2014) [-]
Ponies belong in pony channel
User avatar #40 to #23 - banjodance (02/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #41 to #40 - scoobi (02/11/2014) [-]
That's super duper
#45 to #41 - banjodance (02/11/2014) [-]
here is my apology
User avatar #46 to #45 - scoobi (02/11/2014) [-]
Love these pony fags thumbing me down because it's true.

You haven't which is pretty good so I'll say you're not a whiny bitch
User avatar #48 to #46 - banjodance (02/11/2014) [-]
don't you mean... A WHINEY BITCH?!?!?!!?
User avatar #49 to #48 - scoobi (02/11/2014) [-]
Well, I guess you're covered in wine
User avatar #1 - mathematics (02/10/2014) [-]
the florist is retarded. she could have just kept the money and not do a damned thing
User avatar #51 to #1 - becefalus (02/11/2014) [-]
This is why I don't like math.
#6 to #1 - jeffiepete (02/11/2014) [-]
If they work in a flowershop I'm betting they like romantic gestures
User avatar #2 to #1 - mudkipfucker (02/10/2014) [-]
or maybe the florist isnt an asshole?
User avatar #7 to #2 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
sorry to break it to you, but everyone is inherently selfish ************ . better you learn that now.
User avatar #10 to #7 - flutterway (02/11/2014) [-]
I wouldn't mind doing this for a client if I worked in Floral. After all, I'd want someone to do that for me if I were to send dying plants to people I love.
#12 to #7 - senju (02/11/2014) [-]
Yes, quite like how some people are retarded trolls isn't that right Mathematics?
User avatar #13 to #12 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
that's argumentum ad hominem, directing your attacks at me does not change the fact that my argument is correct
User avatar #15 to #13 - admiralshepard (02/11/2014) [-]
You're attempt at being edgy is sadly misguided. You're interpretation of "people are inherently selfish" is incorrect. Sure, people are self serving first and foremost, but only taking action that benefits oneself is detrimental. It behooves you to kind, and anyone who believes otherwise is someone who's never experienced success and blames the rest of the world by saying crap like "everyone is inherently selfish" implying that (everyone is inherently and asshole).
User avatar #17 to #15 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
but self benefit is more broad that you thinks. for example the whole business of charites are actually based on selfishness. when you donate you are not happy because you are helping people but you are happy because that you think you are helping people. and that serves your self interest that prove that you are a "good" person, but you are actually being a selfish asshole.
User avatar #19 to #17 - admiralshepard (02/11/2014) [-]
No **** , that's my point. The benefits of sending the flowers outweigh the monetary gain from keeping the money . . . . .
User avatar #20 to #19 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
it got the bitch angry, so no it does not outweight keeping the money.
User avatar #25 to #20 - admiralshepard (02/11/2014) [-]
And while we're on the subject, if someone does something good in the interest of self-benefit, that doesn't make them an asshole. If an act is mutually beneficial, how is that bad? You give money to charity, you feel better about yourself, but hey, the charity also got money! Sure you can make life about getting ahead, but doing that is a lot harder if you're a dick to everyone. Make friends, put on a kind face, make connections, and build a good reputation, it's all mutually beneficial, so you're not really an asshole. If you really want to play the game of life as Machiavellian as possible, that's how you do it, and even he's agree that being a realist does not equate to being a dick.
User avatar #28 to #25 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
now the charity can use that money to buy crack, and you will still feel happy, that is being an asshole.
User avatar #30 to #28 - admiralshepard (02/11/2014) [-]
AND WHY ON EARTH WOULD A CHARITY EVER DO THAT!? That's retarded! **** like that is NEVER going to happen, because then people would stop giving them money! Groups like Wounded Warriors Foundation or the American Cancer Society (both outstanding organizations) are never going to frivolously blow money, because their business model revolves around doing good, so people continue to pay them!
User avatar #31 to #30 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
don't be so immature, charities are some of the most profitable organisations around. due to being listed as "non-profit" they do not need a transparent system, so all the money gathered are up for grabs. a study shows less than 10percent of donated money actually do to what it's supposed to go to.
User avatar #34 to #31 - admiralshepard (02/11/2014) [-]
Charities have to be profitable, they have employees and are structured just like any other business. Anyone who's actually surprised by that statistic is really the immature one.
User avatar #35 to #34 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
exactly. however, many people who believe in charities are often quite immature.
User avatar #24 to #20 - admiralshepard (02/11/2014) [-]
Oh really? The cost of one bouquet of flowers a year outweighs the potential damage to one's self image, and the loss of a potentially happy customer who probably has friends who will now bring additional business to the flower shop? Obviously the woman wasn't angry after she found out that it wasn't a mistake, and if she's posted this on the internet, you can bet your ass she's told her friends.
User avatar #26 to #24 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
no one will ******* know...
User avatar #29 to #26 - admiralshepard (02/11/2014) [-]
That's not what I said, of course on one would ever find out if the florist just kept the money, but I can guarantee that they know now how the "kind hearted florist kept his word to a dying old man and continued to fulfill his flower arrangement orders even long after his passing." That the kind **** that goes on yelp or whatever rating site nowadays, and that stuff brings in customers. Not to mention, the flowers are already paid for! So the florist is doing this at literally no cost, on a macro scale this would be referred to as a no risk business venture.
User avatar #32 to #29 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
haven't you thought that it will be just as easy to fake the passage to gain reviews?
User avatar #33 to #32 - admiralshepard (02/11/2014) [-]
And suddenly add the risk of someone catching me in the lie over the cost of a bouquet of flowers? No ******* way, it's far easier to just fill the damn order.
User avatar #36 to #13 - pyromanicturtlez (02/11/2014) [-]
You realise this is the EXACT thing you were doing, right? just because you were directing your attacks at the florist does not change the fact that the florist is doing the right thing.

By right thing I refer to morally correct and in a business sense
User avatar #42 to #36 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
no it's not the same thing. i am making the argument and directing the attacks against me and not the argument is argumentum ad hominem. the florist is the object of the argument, therefore it is correct to direct the attack on the florist.
User avatar #44 to #42 - pyromanicturtlez (02/11/2014) [-]
No, this is the exact same thing you were doing, you were insulting the florist due to something she did, you are being insulted due to something you did (making an idiotic and rather condescending comment).
User avatar #47 to #44 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
no, i don't mind if you insult me personally, but for the sake of my argument that the florist should have kept the money it is not. anon reason to insult me is not simply because he don't like me, but also to say that the argument is ******** . but insulting me does not attack the argument which is the center of this thread.
while for the florist , s/he is not making an argument i'm rebutting against, but she is the center of the argument. so it's not the same thing.
User avatar #54 to #47 - pyromanicturtlez (02/11/2014) [-]
For one thing, who are you to say what his motivations for the insult were? You don't even know him. Nowhere did he say that the argument is ******** , all he said was that you're a retarded troll. You also don't really get to make decisions about what other people should be saying, and due to your rather impressive level -293 I think I'm done with this.
User avatar #21 to #18 - mathematics (02/11/2014) [-]
stop with the fallacies, you are getting on my nerves.
User avatar #39 - serlucane (02/11/2014) [-]
Ruins any chance of her remarrying..
User avatar #43 to #39 - Norway (02/11/2014) [-]
Well shes 68 so there's already a very slim chance without the bouquets
#38 - spokenwun (02/11/2014) [-]
Reminds me of "if you like you lose" know....*feels*
#27 - doctorfamp (02/11/2014) [-]
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#22 - scoobi (02/11/2014) [-]
I don't know how to control my emotions
#16 - lucariopwnz (02/11/2014) [-]
god damn it
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