Vader's Armour. . DARTH VADER' S ARMOUR The suit provided a wide variety of systems, the most important among them a complex breathing apparatus, and gave Vader star wars Ace
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Vader's Armour

The suit provided a wide variety of systems, the most important
among them a complex breathing apparatus, and gave Vader relatively free
movement. His armour was made mostly of Durasteel
chambers built, in which he could remove his mask and suit and still survive.
However, Vader longed to be less dependent on his armour
Various displays inside Vader' s helmet supplied him with a steady stream
of data amplifying his already formidable connection to the Force. His helmet' s
eye coverings provided infrared and ultraviolet vision, allowing Vader to see
clearly even in complete darkness
MIM Breath Musk
Besides protection, his helmet stuck needles into Vader' s skin when fixed in place
which feed neurological data on brainwave activity to the central chest computer
and possessed radiator conduction pads were installed into the helmet as
a means to allow excess heat to bleed through the metal surface
The shoulder armour weighed 12. 2 kg overall, was resistant to both blasters
and energy blades. A drawback, however, is that its weight made it difficult for
Vader to raise his lightsaber to full height, though he could still raise
his hands above his head, but with great difficulty
Vader wore a padded, multiplay body glove that covered everything
below his neck. The flexible, quilted suit was
and was made of a fireproof material that provided some protection
against flames and corrosive gasses. There was also a gasket within
a suit that accesses the cartridge containing chemicals
to lessen Vader' s perception of pan
Darth Vader' s right glove that covered his cybernetic hand was constructed
using were man' s indestructible Sith amulets. The gloves, or gauntlets, were
also made of a Microsites Mandalorian iron weave to protect Vader against
glancing lightsaber blows, as well as deflecting a direct hit from a blaster bolt
The suit was equipped with a sensitive system
which could be controlled by a function box on his belt. This unit was
powerful enough to allow Vader to walk the surface
of Hoth without any additional protection
The synthsage that substituted for the skin that was seared
from his bones on Mustafar itched incessantly, and his body
needed to be periodically cleansed and scrubbed of necrotic
flesh, and the incessant rasp of his breathing interfered with
his ability to rest, let alone sleep
Vader' s shiny black combat boots contained durasteel that hinged on the
sides of the foot of the boot to allow him to walk. The boots soles
also contained a ferromagnetic core which could be activated by
Vader' s controls to generate a strong
magnetic fields to cling to starship hulls
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