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flai' we!
peepul. . g
Cat' s Diary
Day an at My mama
My maines he taunt me with bizarre little dangling
abjects. They dine lavishly an fresh meal, white the ether
inmates and I are fed hash as sainte start at dry nuggets-
Although I make my its the mittens perfectly clear.
I nevertheless must eat something in crater is keep up my
The my thing that keeps me going is my dream at escape. in
an attempt its disgust them, I was again whit an the carpet.
Teddy I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at
their feet. I had hoped this would struts fear into their hearts,
since this steady demonstrates my capabilities- , they
merely mace about what an 'tood little
hunter‘ I am, Bastards!
There was same start at assembly at their tonight.
I was phased in military far the duration at the
eyes. However. I semi hear the raises and smell the feed. I
that my was due bathe at
allergies." I must learn what this means, and haw ta use "
my advantage-
radar I was theoat successful in an attempt in assassinate this
of my Vermonters by weaving ermine his feet as he was walking.
I must try this again tommarrow. but at the top at the stairs.
I am that the other here are and
enemas. The dog receives special prn' degas, He is
released, and seems he he more than willing he return. He is
retarded. The bird MUS! be an infinant. I
him with the guests regularly. I am certain that
he reports my every mesa. My captors have arranged protractor
austere fer him in an elevated call. so he is safe . . . tar new
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