This pretty much sums up humanity. . For no, the aest ironic token of that conent in history is the plaque signed hr President Richard M. Nixon that Apollo " to

This pretty much sums up humanity

For no, the aest ironic token of that conent in history
is the plaque signed hr President Richard M. Nixon that
Apollo " took to the Hoon. It reads: ‘He cane In -
for all mankind.’ As the United States was dropping 7. s
Megatons of conventional explosives on ikill nations In
Southeast Asia, we congratulated ourselves on our
humanity: He would here no one on a lifeless rock,
Earl Sagan
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#13 - davidteninch (04/01/2014) [-]
People confusing the Vietnam war with the war against Japan.   
-Japan isn't in Southeast Asia   
-Nixon wasn't the president   
-We weren't on the moon in the '40s   
3/3 you all 			******		 up.
People confusing the Vietnam war with the war against Japan.

-Japan isn't in Southeast Asia
-Nixon wasn't the president
-We weren't on the moon in the '40s

3/3 you all ****** up.
User avatar #19 to #13 - Yardie (04/02/2014) [-]
Knew there was something off there.
User avatar #133 to #13 - nustix (04/02/2014) [-]
1 and 3 are obvious but I'm pretty sure not everybody knows who was president during what war.
#137 to #13 - gisle (04/02/2014) [-]
uhm napalm?
#142 to #13 - pentedattilo has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #104 to #13 - agreatusername (04/02/2014) [-]
Im glad I wasn't the only one to pick up on this.
User avatar #144 to #13 - dburns (04/02/2014) [-]
How did this get thumbed up? He is no where near correct...
User avatar #145 to #144 - dburns (04/02/2014) [-]
If im wrong i do apologize though.
User avatar #152 to #145 - lolollo (04/02/2014) [-]'re correct...nowhere in the content does it say "Japan". Now I'm confused as well, what the hell funnyjunk?
User avatar #153 to #152 - dburns (04/03/2014) [-]
Because I'm fairly sure the post is talking about Vietnam which would make everything in the post correct and this man totally insane. but hey where a community of friends here! friends and OP...
#72 to #13 - riseandfightfj (04/02/2014) [-]
point still stands
User avatar #99 to #13 - propanex (04/02/2014) [-]
Didn't know nukes were conventional explosives.
User avatar #14 to #13 - technoshaman (04/01/2014) [-]
"7.5 megatons of conventional explosives" He wasn't talking about japan.
User avatar #15 to #14 - davidteninch (04/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #16 to #15 - technoshaman (04/01/2014) [-]
Then...we both understand? Oh, I get it, that was for the people actually confusing the two and the ones who will probably show up later. Now I'm facepalming.
User avatar #134 to #14 - nustix (04/02/2014) [-]
Japan wasn't just bombarded with nukes, they also threw bombs on tokyo, not 7.5 megatons of it, but enough to make it the most deadly bombarment with conventional bombs ever.
User avatar #151 to #134 - technoshaman (04/02/2014) [-]
True, but when people talk about bombing Japan the nukes are the first thing people tend to think of.
User avatar #141 to #134 - enkmaster (04/02/2014) [-]
*Deadly bombardment ever*

The Tokyo firestorm killed more people than either of the nukes dropped.
User avatar #149 to #141 - nustix (04/02/2014) [-]
"with conventional bombs" I'm just stating what the wiki article stated.
User avatar #2 - alphabetaanon (04/01/2014) [-]
We'll find a way.
#10 - Bantham (04/01/2014) [-]
Maybe that SMALL Southeast asian nation should have thought twice BEFORE attacking a HUGE well armed nation??? Oh yeah!
#74 to #10 - anon (04/02/2014) [-]
u dun goofed
#103 to #10 - xxxgnipsxxx (04/02/2014) [-]
Ok, come on where are all the bait pictures? This was so obvious.
User avatar #80 to #10 - coolcalx (04/02/2014) [-]
>Gulf of Tonkin incident
we ended up killing people because we didn't want to admit we ****** up
User avatar #92 to #10 - sherrifrickgrimes (04/02/2014) [-]
Uncultured dumbass. Vietnam never attacked the United States. Check your facts before you give your ******* opinion to people who don't want to hear it. Rage over
#101 to #10 - anon (04/02/2014) [-]
God dammit America, stop teaching this propaganda.
User avatar #131 to #101 - luckyspirit (04/02/2014) [-]
We don't.

A lot of the schools I know of will try to teach students about the Vietnam war as accurately as possible. I've had several teachers say to me that it was one of the US' most disgraceful moments in history.
#75 to #10 - Aerosmither (04/02/2014) [-]
"Oh yeah!"
#11 to #10 - anon (04/01/2014) [-]
You uncultured **** 1969 was Vietnam at least know what the **** you're talking about before you stick your little retarded neck out of its hole. Vietnam never attacked U.S.
#83 to #11 - hillbillypowpow (04/02/2014) [-]
Gulf of Tonkin Although it was a really ****** reason and I'm pretty sure not true
#111 to #83 - anon (04/02/2014) [-]
LBJ was maximum political trolling at that time. LBJ Orders Pants
Just like the time he ordered pants (video related).
User avatar #86 to #83 - gammajk (04/02/2014) [-]
Only the second attack was false - the first one most definitely happened
#7 - mankey (04/01/2014) [-]
Stop mocking me!
User avatar #6 - newepic (04/01/2014) [-]
Little Boy and Fat Man had a yield of about 20 - 25 megatonns of tnt not 7.5
User avatar #12 to #6 - shroomftw (04/01/2014) [-]
Your point being?
User avatar #22 to #6 - rapterjesus (04/02/2014) [-]
no, 20-30 KILOtons of TNT.
#49 to #6 - bombur (04/02/2014) [-]
20 - 25 equals 7.5 ******* dumbass
User avatar #69 to #6 - tacotrainone (04/02/2014) [-]
hes not talking about japan, Vietnam man,
User avatar #9 to #6 - theism ONLINE (04/01/2014) [-]
This is referring to the Vietnam war.
User avatar #41 to #6 - defender (04/02/2014) [-]
do you not know what conventional explosives are and do you not know when we went to the moon
User avatar #63 to #6 - gowge (04/02/2014) [-]
You think we landed on the moon during WW2?
User avatar #154 to #63 - newepic (04/04/2014) [-]
had a brain fart.
User avatar #3 - thelordofrepost (04/01/2014) [-]
If it took two ******* atomic bombs to make Japan surrender, how many years of conventional warfare do you think it would have taken to make them surrender?
#91 to #3 - greatgranpapy (04/02/2014) [-]
To be fare it was Japan.
User avatar #135 to #3 - nustix (04/02/2014) [-]
One, bomb the palace kill the emperor. The only reason they didn't surrender was because the emperor didn't want to.
#4 to #3 - mamabama (04/01/2014) [-]
the war was already nearing the end so not more than a year im guessing
User avatar #5 to #4 - MrDeadiron (04/01/2014) [-]
Please tell me that's sarcasm.
#109 to #5 - comradewinter ONLINE (04/02/2014) [-]
He's right. Every Axis-allied nation at this point had surrendered, and occupied countries started being liberated. Japan was the only one that still stuck around, and would undoubtedly had surrendered sooner rather than later.

Also, the Soviet Union invaded Japan before the bombs fell. They sent a million veterans from the Eastern Front, and landed them on the Japanese mainland. Most historians argue the invasion itself would be enough to make the Japs surrender, but due to miscommunications they had no idea how strong the force was.

It's easier to learn correct history by looking up multiple sources and factors, and not just assume everything you read in an American book is correct. Most of Europe and parts of Asia really find American war history depressing.
#150 to #109 - mamabama (04/02/2014) [-]
thanks for clearing that bro
User avatar #89 to #4 - damping (04/02/2014) [-]
Another European who doesn't know **** . Not surprised.
User avatar #87 to #4 - Ashtaroth (04/02/2014) [-]
Little tidbit. When the U.S. went into Iraq after 9/11, we were STILL burning off ammo that had been made for fighting Japan. It was estimated that trying to fight Japan on their home island would have taken 5 years and most of the U.S. military (because Japan is, as we all know, CRAZY). It took us 2/3 of a century to finally use up the last of what we planned would be necessary were it not for the sudden arrival of the nuke.
User avatar #122 to #87 - lifesavers ONLINE (04/02/2014) [-]
Well, that would be because the only service weapon used in an armed conflict that was still chambered in .30-06 after the Korean War was the M1919, which was promptly rechambered into 7.62mm. So we had nothing to use it in.
User avatar #90 to #3 - phudgepacker (04/02/2014) [-]
They pretty much would never have surrendered. Thats why we dropped the atomic bomb. Not only did that save potential american lives from years of fighting with japan, but god knows they would have exhausted every possible soldier they had just to keep their "honor".
User avatar #117 to #3 - turtletroll ONLINE (04/02/2014) [-]
This has nothing to do with Japan..
User avatar #20 to #3 - mechaemperor (04/02/2014) [-]
It was the Vietnam war, not WWII.
Come on.
#18 to #3 - seymion (04/01/2014) [-]
Why are you discussing WW2?
#118 - beerholder (04/02/2014) [-]
And to be that guy....that's the Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment, not the plaque...
User avatar #128 to #118 - crotchlesshotpants (04/02/2014) [-]
I wanted to comment on that too but you beat me^^

It actually made me laugh out loud.

User avatar #130 to #118 - daentraya (04/02/2014) [-]
Good, i was wondering how that was the plaque
#114 - whyyounonumbers (04/02/2014) [-]
mfw "we came in peace for all mankind"   
  We came
mfw "we came in peace for all mankind"

We came
#1 - ragingspacepanda (04/01/2014) [-]
#1 deliverer of red hot democracy since 1776
now delivering to the Middle East and Easten Asia!
#126 to #1 - anonymoose (04/02/2014) [-]
You lost the war in this picture.
#116 - iridium (04/02/2014) [-]
>World War II ended in 1945
>Moon Landing in 1969

That's a 24 year gap. That's higher than most of this site's age (Which is important because of how ******* often this site gets a front page post reminding us that the 1990s were forever ago). How the **** do some of you miss the goddamn mark that much? **** I learned in 4th ******* grade history that "WW2=1940s, Vietnam = 1960s", and it takes 1 Google search to validate this.
#119 to #116 - asasinmonkey (04/02/2014) [-]
Nuclear tests bro.
#120 to #116 - asasinmonkey (04/02/2014) [-]
Forgot to include this link. Its worth the watch. Its a time lapse of all the nuclear tests any nation has done.
User avatar #121 to #120 - iridium (04/02/2014) [-]
Has literally nothing to do with this post or what I am referring to. At all.

I am referring to the commentors who think that this post is about Japan in WWII, not Vietnam.
#123 to #121 - asasinmonkey (04/02/2014) [-]
You know what i missed the bit in the post about conventional explosives earlier and jumped to conclusions. My bad bro.
User avatar #129 to #116 - thatguyontheright (04/02/2014) [-]
The war in Vietnam was going on in 1969, the war which took place in North/South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, that is what Sagan was referring to. Conventional Explosives are regular bombs, which are also measured in yelds like kilotons and megatons, like atomic weapons.
#97 - lordraine ONLINE (04/02/2014) [-]
The point is that the endeavor that was undertaken to reach that point was done with peaceful intentions, and not violent ones. Saying it doesn't count because somebody was getting bombed somewhere is like saying it's impossible for you to diet because somebody you know is eating cake, or that it's impossible for you to say that you're safe in your home because thousands of people are being robbed right at this very moment in theirs. They're two completely unrelated matters.

Assuming Carl Sagan really did say this, he was being a ******* cock. Assuming.
User avatar #132 to #97 - PubLandlord (04/02/2014) [-]
It's like saying I a not a violent person because I'm not not hitting you with my right hand, whilst simultaneously punching babies and puppies with my left.

It's incredibly hypocritical

#100 to #97 - anon (04/02/2014) [-]
It's more akin to saying you're dieting because you're not eating cake at -your- house, just your friend's.
#96 - BeaverBalls (04/02/2014) [-]
Nixon was one hell of a president
User avatar #105 to #96 - defender (04/02/2014) [-]
Liked him better as president of earth
User avatar #106 to #96 - tisjunkisdamnfunny (04/02/2014) [-]
#136 - iveseensomethings (04/02/2014) [-]
There is a whole world out there full of people that say one thing while the exact opposite happens
User avatar #108 - abovelawl (04/02/2014) [-]
The wright brothers first credited flight was in 1903, 66 years later we land on the moon, cool
#98 - anon (04/02/2014) [-]
See i always saw it as this:
"we came in peace"
-in other words, our conquest to the moon was not to conquer, it was not to go past our limits of our planet, it was to explore, to learn, to grow. It doesn't matter what we did on earth, what mattered is that our concerns of conflict were on that planet and that planet alone, and that we would not bring it to anyone or anything else.
"for all mankind"
-or, simply, we do this so that we as a group may be able to grow and prosper from what we gain what we learn and what we do. We came in peace, not in greed or fear, we mean in to apply to all our future doings. We've already been on earth for so long, we've already had quarrels and fights, but we sure as hell won't go to someone elses' planet and start trying to drop 7.5 megatons of conventional explosives on them unless they give us a damn good reason.

it's not a congratulation to our humanity, it was a statement, a message, to future generations and foreign observers
#107 to #98 - nospyonme (04/02/2014) [-]
Wow anon, you did something right for once. I dont think OP knows what irony means
#138 - anon (04/02/2014) [-]
Americans still believe they were on the moon, lol

you know the whole world laughs at you, right?
User avatar #115 - redstonealchemist (04/02/2014) [-]
LAST NIGHT I HAD A DREAM THAT I WAS *PRESIDENT* CARL SAGAN SMOKING A BLUNT JUST BEFORE ADDRESSING THE NATION. i said "you guys want to see something funny?" to the camera crew and then sucked so hard on the blunt that the entire thingwas used up and my lungs were literally full of weed smoke and then i addressed america while high as **** .
i don't smoke cigarettes or weed and i'm an young english man turning 20 next month
#155 - denercov (04/04/2014) [-]
#146 - spanishninja (04/02/2014) [-]
this post is wrong in so many ways.
User avatar #148 to #146 - imagnetsux (04/02/2014) [-]
no you are tho.
#143 - sarcasmexplain (04/02/2014) [-]
This comment section gives me hope for humanity
This comment section gives me hope for humanity
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