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#39 - dyslexicspiderman (04/08/2014) [-]
One of the major things that really bothers me about the bible is the story of Adam and Eve. So God being all powerful and all knowing creates a situation in which he KNOWS that the humans will fail and will be kicked out of paradise. He allows for Satan to be there which is the main reason humans are banished. It seems like the entire story is an excuse to punish humans for eternity.
#107 to #39 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
Biblical studies major here. Genesis in its original language has a lot of poetic elements (and who doesn't love to take poetry... literally...?) and was written by at least 2 different authors. There are some plot holes that make it obvious that people weren't supposed to take it literally. And consider that in the story, pretty much every single human being except for Noah were wicked. Also, it was not a world-wide flood, but similar accounts of a flood involving an ark have been found from other Ancient Near Eastern civilizations, so there may have been a devastating flood around that area that killed many. Food for thought?
#174 to #107 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
Well what's the point following the book then? Who can say what parts are to take literally and what not.

How about the story of Job. The omnipotent knew he wouldn't waver, but still that sadistic bastard made the poor guy suffer.
User avatar #157 to #39 - oceanfrank (04/08/2014) [-]
It probably didn't go down exactly like that. I mean hell, what did Moses know other than what God told him and what he did? God could have lied to him to bring into action a different plan than what is intended in the bible. Bro we just dont know, it's hard to apply our logic to that of a God/god(s)
User avatar #182 to #39 - theshadowed ONLINE (04/08/2014) [-]
Nah the serpent kinda got corrupted by Satan God didn't exactly want that **** there
#190 to #182 - dyslexicspiderman (04/08/2014) [-]
But... He's suppose to be all powerful and all knowing. The serpent was there because God allowed it/wanted it to be. It was part of his plan in the same way Judas was.
User avatar #204 to #190 - theshadowed ONLINE (04/08/2014) [-]
He may be all powerful and all knowing, but because he allows people to have free will, so many events (including the snake and Judas) were beyond his control
#207 to #204 - dyslexicspiderman (04/08/2014) [-]
Nothing is beyond his control. That would imply that he is not all powerful. The writers designed a situation in which humans would fail because they needed an explanation for why humans are suffering. "The original sin" gives them this yet it's so full of contradictions. As a student working on my philosophy masters I have discussed free will at length. This is by no definition an example of free will.
User avatar #49 to #39 - helenwheels (04/08/2014) [-]
Without adversity there is no story.
And without a story what is the point of creating?

Seriously, would you rather read about a man and a woman who made the one mistake they knew they couldn't make. Riddled with symbolism and insight into human psychology.

Or the man in the woman who where always happy and died happy and now their children are happy because there perfect and smart. You'd put that book down in an instant.
#235 to #49 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
so we are just a show for god
User avatar #237 to #235 - helenwheels (04/08/2014) [-]
Why does everyone think that's so horrible?

God might not even be aware that we are aware, he's just a creator, trying to gain insight and entertainment from his story. This doesn't mean the christian way of thinking is right or wrong. One thing they do have wrong is that god is omnipotent.
#104 to #49 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
One tiny minor detail though. You are talking about a story, the bible is supposed to be the true word of the Christian God. Its main purpose isn't to be readable, but to guide Christians and tell them what they should believe the truth is.
User avatar #236 to #104 - helenwheels (04/08/2014) [-]
Well, why would you create something with out meaning.
Thing's that are easy in life have no meaning.
#114 to #39 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
fun question: where in the bible does it say that humans burn for all eternity? just says they'll be thrown into an everlasting lake of fire.. but that doesn't make them fireproof.
User avatar #147 to #39 - gummybearwarrior ONLINE (04/08/2014) [-]
the tree was a test
simply put, Whats the point of being loved and worshiped if they have no choice. They had to earn paradise by following that one simple rule, not turning their back to that simple rule.
User avatar #172 to #147 - nigeltheoutlaw (04/08/2014) [-]
Also, god knows all, so he knew Adam and Eve would fail before he even created them, yet he did anyways. It's not a test if you know the conclusion before it begins.
User avatar #171 to #147 - nigeltheoutlaw (04/08/2014) [-]
What's the point of being loved and worshipped if you're an omnipotent, all knowing, omnipresent being? You'd think god would be above something as petty as a need for validation.
User avatar #241 to #171 - validation (04/14/2014) [-]
You called?
User avatar #129 to #39 - hellomynameisbill (04/08/2014) [-]
It's like he's just being reverse psychological by putting making the fruit so attainable

If Man Obeyed God
User avatar #44 to #39 - bothemastaofall (04/08/2014) [-]
There' also kind of a plothole too.
>Need to eat apple to obtain critical thinking
>Used critical thinking to weigh arguments of serpent and Adam to decide to eat the apple

Also Satan isn't present in the garden. That character is known only as "the serpent"
User avatar #62 to #39 - YllekNayr ONLINE (04/08/2014) [-]
It's almost like it was completely fabricated.
#10 - felixjarl (04/07/2014) [-]
This is going to be interesting to watch.
#1 - teranin (04/07/2014) [-]
Inb4 cognitive dissonance
Inb4 cognitive dissonance
User avatar #56 to #1 - aerosol (04/08/2014) [-]
What does that mean?
User avatar #57 to #56 - faimbot (04/08/2014) [-]
being able to hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time.
User avatar #60 to #57 - nightmareschild (04/08/2014) [-]
I prefer double think.
#2 to #1 - faimbot (04/07/2014) [-]
"All i'm saying is, when God does it, it isn't bad."

User avatar #45 to #2 - KINGOFTHESTARS (04/08/2014) [-]
thats actually true.

I used to say "well GOD solves all his probs with violence"
but there was a verse that basically said "GOD can do violent stuff but people cant because it isnt our job to do it" or something like that.

its not the "vengance is Mine" one
#13 to #2 - farnam (04/07/2014) [-]
Who says this? Obiously there wasn't a huge ark that kept all species inside. The thing was teaching that people that act bad, will have a bad future, call it karma or whatever.
Who says this? Obiously there wasn't a huge ark that kept all species inside. The thing was teaching that people that act bad, will have a bad future, call it karma or whatever.
User avatar #94 to #13 - thepandaking (04/08/2014) [-]
and then the dog looks worried for him. Man's best friend right there.
User avatar #170 to #13 - nigeltheoutlaw (04/08/2014) [-]
This was considered fact for most of history, and many people still consider it fact. In my opinion, all of the Bible should be taken figuratively as stories on how to behave, but people always end up taking things seriously until it becomes so obvious that they're false, then "nuh uh they were figurative all along!".
#128 to #2 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
You're talking about the dude that literally created the universe because " **** it, why the hell not". He can do whatever the hell he wants and call it righteous, and no seriously religious person would question him (lest he fry their ass).
#8 to #2 - anon (04/07/2014) [-]
The issue i see with this reasoning is if an omnipotent God exists then the morale rules we are held to would be irrelevant to God. As an all powerful being he would define morality, not be subject to it.
User avatar #61 to #8 - YllekNayr ONLINE (04/08/2014) [-]
So hypocrisy, basically.
#108 to #61 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
when you're 3 years old, are you allowed do everything your dad does? doesn't that make him a hypocrite if he sets laws for you that he doesn't have follow?
User avatar #109 to #108 - crimsonsunshine (04/08/2014) [-]
pretty sure a parent isn't going to tell you not to murder than stab your cousin. i understand the concept it is just flawed.
#113 to #109 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
the thing is though, God always gave the people chances to come back. He waited patiently, but if the people are gonna keep on doing the same thing then He should be able to do whatever He wants. I mean, if we're made out of dust by Him, then we'd technically be His property.
User avatar #126 to #113 - crimsonsunshine (04/08/2014) [-]
but from the begging of the bible he puts man in situations where he KNOWS they will do evil.
User avatar #138 to #113 - admiralen (04/08/2014) [-]
if hes omnipotent he would know what would happen, and thus hes just doing it to kill em off
#66 - drhat (04/08/2014) [-]
*********		 has landed.
********* has landed.
#140 - gmacdotcom (04/08/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#155 - ultimatefusion ONLINE (04/08/2014) [-]
A warning to any brave soul who wants to travel further into the comment section: There´s a pretty ugly 			*********		 back there, nothing really worth reading, go forth at your own risk. You have been warned.
A warning to any brave soul who wants to travel further into the comment section: There´s a pretty ugly ********* back there, nothing really worth reading, go forth at your own risk. You have been warned.
User avatar #124 - tonkkax (04/08/2014) [-]

#106 - damitfel (04/08/2014) [-]
Look at all of these tldr comments all these butt hurt religious and non-religious people are posting!
Look at all of these tldr comments all these butt hurt religious and non-religious people are posting!
#75 - tehwheelman (04/08/2014) [-]
love me some *********
#17 - anon (04/07/2014) [-]
I feel like I have to explain this too often. God knows the hearts of everyone. He killed all of those people because they were evil, because the earth had come to something God did not want it to be, and he preserved Adam's lineage because they were the only ones living the way they were supposed to live.

"But babies aren't evil!"

They can be from a biblical perspective, as all humans are born with the burden of the original sin. God may give life and take it away, because he gave it in the first place. We can't because we didn't.
#98 to #17 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
God is still a dick.
#102 to #17 - aceonfire (04/08/2014) [-]
"If god takes life then he's an indian giver."
#131 to #17 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
‘God may give life and take it away, because he gave it in the first place. We can't because we didn't.’

So it's cool if I kill my children then?
#143 to #131 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
You cannot give your children life. You could have a child that dies in the womb and you have no control over that. Life as it is understood biblically is more than a biological process, and humans are not capable of "giving" live at all, we may merely lay a path for it.
#173 to #17 - nigeltheoutlaw (04/08/2014) [-]
God knew these people would be wicked before they came to be, and yet he created them anyways. Not only that, but killing people for wickdness runs directly counter to the ideal of free will, since he restricted their free will by killing them. He also took away any chance of redemption those people would have had if they continued living.
User avatar #188 to #17 - wersand (04/08/2014) [-]
What's that free will thing good for anyway.
User avatar #24 to #17 - jedawg (04/07/2014) [-]
Why did God create evil babies. Don't give me that free will crap because it only contradicts the whole 'God has a plan' thing
User avatar #27 to #24 - anenemy (04/07/2014) [-]
"Create evil babies?"

Nice try, troll.
User avatar #64 to #24 - trollins (04/08/2014) [-]
The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that we have the free will to find God, and that is essentially his plan.
User avatar #134 to #24 - datlaugh (04/08/2014) [-]
Not sure if you're trolling or not, but I'll explain this to you anyway.
God didn't create those people as evil. As time progressed after the population grew on earth, people began to stray from the path of God's teachings. They had wars and conflicts, greed was common, and very few people still followed in the footsteps of god.
#137 to #134 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
And yet He created Adam and Eve with full knowledge of what humanity would become (being omniscient and all).
#144 to #137 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
Sure, but that's the price of free will. Allowing people the choice to be evil is what grants meaning to a love of God. If humans could not help but love God, if we couldn't choose evil and we were only capable of being good, that love wouldn't be worth much at all. It would be like writing yourself a fan letter.
User avatar #139 to #17 - admiralen (04/08/2014) [-]
omnipotent would imply that he will see what will happen in advance, thus he knows everything that will happen and is basically creating evil and then smiting it, hes a dick
#22 to #17 - anon (04/07/2014) [-]
so technically he birthed those confounded evil ass babies, what a dick
#175 - nigeltheoutlaw (04/08/2014) [-]
It makes me laugh when people defend god's killing of all these people for being wicked since he knew that they were going to be wicked before he created them. He knew they wouldn't meet his high standards, and he knew he would kill them, and yet he created the people anyways, even the infants that had had zero chance to engage in said wickedness. The quote, "Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god." is extremely relevant here.

Same thing goes for the story of Adam and Eve: people say that it was a test to see if Adam and Eve loved him willingly or because they had no other options, but it wasn't a test. God knew exactly what was going to happen before he ever created Adam and Eve, he knew Original Sin would come into being, and yet he ******* did it anyways. God strikes me as a sociopath.

Of course, you can claim that these stories are all figurative stories that are meant to teach life lessons and morals, but how do you determine what's figurative and what's literal? It seems like things stop being taken literally once they're either shown to be scientifically impossible or no longer in vogue with society.
User avatar #145 - mrjweezy (04/08/2014) [-]
imagine all of the swaggots having babies.
thats pretty much what his solution was.
User avatar #121 - cumbersome (04/08/2014) [-]
omg but that was god's will you guize
User avatar #116 - vortexrain ONLINE (04/08/2014) [-]
But he's God, and that makes it okay. Duh!
#99 - wajaa (04/08/2014) [-]
Noah was a pretty messed up movie, in a good way

especially with Ham trying to get in dat ass and Noah being Captain Insano
#91 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
As far as I know, the Bible doesn't offer anything direct on abortion. However, there's some passage in the Old Testament that says that if a man strikes a pregnant woman and she loses her child, he will pay he husband 50 shekels of silver.

Kind of an indirect okay to abortion. If God really thought the fetus was a full-fledged human, why wouldn't the man be put to death instead of having to pay a small fine?
#117 to #91 - iliekchocolatmilke has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #193 to #91 - HashMap (04/08/2014) [-]
For a Jew every shekel is like a child.
#4 - atrocitustheking ONLINE (04/07/2014) [-]
I... hadn't actually thought of that.
User avatar #135 to #4 - datlaugh (04/08/2014) [-]
#210 - brokkoliman (04/08/2014) [-]
Why would you kill all the pregnant babies
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