This is my contribution to FJ. . Hello mah brothers and sisters of the H! As addy as been trying to revive the H community (And doing a danger raising job of it
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This is my contribution to FJ

Hello mah brothers and sisters of
the H!
As addy as been trying to revive the H
community (And doing a danger raising job of it)
laas Thinking about sharing something that' s
near and dear to my heart, and that would be
and SCA!
I' m assuming most of you don' T know what they
are so allow me to explain. and SCA
we Two HUGE organizations that are devoted to
reliving medeval lifestyle through the arts and
science and combat.
Now I can hear many of you screaming:
While they share a lot of similarities with LAW,
most of us try to keep the Two terms
seperate, as larp has a rather negitive stigma
of being childish. Trust me, we' re not running
down fields screaming FIREBALL! FIREBALL!
The otherways that we are different are the
tact that we actually focus on serious
combat The Two organizations have very
different fighting styles, as uses foam
swords and armor isn' T required, and SCA
uses rattan (Pretty much a dense version of
bamboo) and armor's absolutly required.
Dag is very much a game of speed, where
SCA is one of power.
Now the other way is that we do focus on
the arts and sciences. This is SCA more than
dag, as there are awards and contests for it.
Dag is more lighthearted where SCA is a
lifestyle. For instance, you can become a
night in the SCA, but it takes a minimum of IO
so anyway, I' m the founding president of my
college' s Dag and SCA club, and I have
some pretty epic stories, so my question to
you, the people of , is would you like me to
post more about this? I know we all love a
good story about, to quote a rather popular
post, "Fighting like wahaha sings about you",
then rolling off the field with your allies,
feasting, getting drunk off your asses, and
******* like wild animals after the party.
And now some pics!
That hansome ************ in the middle there is
Quickly! The onl wway to defeat our enemies is with!
Whisper* Vigorous jazzhands
A picture of me (And my buddy who‘ s consent I do
not have) with my bigass sword
A picture of a "Smaller" Dag event, That' s a lot of
foam w/ ores.
That' s all for now folks! Let me know if you guys are
interested in hearing more!
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Submitted: 05/19/2014
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#3 - selfdenyingbeggar (05/19/2014) [-]
User avatar #1 - aximil (05/19/2014) [-]
Sounds pretty dumb to me, OP. But I'm not going to bash you for doing what you like to do, so long as nobody is seriously hurt. Continue with your non-LARP lifestyle.
User avatar #2 to #1 - zdawg (05/19/2014) [-]
Thanks man! And nobody is ever seriously hurt, the worse we've ever had was a broken thumb. Actually there are more injuries playing table tennis than SCA
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