This Week in Tech. Sauce: Holograms: Solar Panels: Google Buys Satellite Company: Move Objects with Mind: Japanese Robot: GravitySketch Tablet: . JUNE 7 - JUNE  technology
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This Week in Tech

JUNE 7 - JUNE 13, 2014
New Tablet is a portable
augmented reality sketch pad that
allows you to create designs that appear
to hover in the air overhue tablet.
and in the
gii ma king, new hologram projector chip . (r
CD small enough to fitin your --1.
ii, smartphone should be ready for / v"' ‘II . I
MIT Students create solar panels that
work in the shade and can recover
double the energy compared to
existing power optimization methods.
Google buys satellite company
Skybox Imaging for to use the
world' s smallest high resolution
satellites to act as a relay to spread
wireless internet across the world.
Researcher develops system that allows
people to move objects with their mind
by processing thoughts and then
translating them into a command.
New emotion sensing robot that can
recognize expressions and voice tones
to go on sale in japan next year for
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