The mother daughter tag team. Probably not the story you are expecting inb4 "this is ". So by popular demand, this story comes next... which concerns  The mother daughter tag team Probably not the story you are expecting inb4 "this is " So by popular demand this comes next which concerns
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The mother daughter tag team

The mother daughter tag team. Probably not the story you are expecting inb4 "this is ". So by popular demand, this story comes next... which concerns

Probably not the story you are expecting
inb4 "this is ********"

So by popular demand, this story comes next... which concerns me
considering the only thing you guys knew about it, was that it was
called "the mother daughter tag team"
Sadly the facts behind this story are an online bloggers nightmare as I
have to describe myself and you probably won' t believe me. I don' t look
like the standard neckbeard tech. I' m fit, I train to fight (mostly to
relieve the frustration from customers) and wouldn' t say I' m ugly. A
customer once told me she was surprised to have a tech turn up that
didn' t look like he had just had his hand in his pants" but ignore that
fact if you will. This story takes place last year, after starting my own
callout repair business. My town is surrounded by very rural areas and
my customers can begin to be bottom of the barrel kind of people.
gget a call from a woman
ssays she knows my brother
basks if I can make her computer run faster. Agree to call out to her
choises get further and further apart as I drive there.
derive past front gate like four times as it is completely Overgrown with
agate to property has hand drawn sign that reads "KEEP IT SHUT"
leads over a hill and into what appears to be nothingness
suecide to text my mate and say "if I don' t turn up to training tonight,
my body is at this address"
aas I drive over the hill I see five abandoned run down houses
aall of them meters apart
knotice one of them has a clothes line in use.
has just added another shack every time the last one got
too old
blady in her forties comes out. 3/ 10 if I' m being generous, country
bumpkin Bookin lady
blady was flirty, kept looking me up and down. But the whole thing
went quite calmly
ahad to take the laptop with me, which means a return visit.
Ewen' t home glad I wasn' t dead
icall her to book a return visit to drop it off
adifferent lady answers the phone
mum told me all about you"
abounded like she was smirking/ flirting when she said it
mmind wanders, hopefully she doesn' t look like her mother
to drop laptop off
doesn' t look the same but she was beat with the same stick
amother and daughter at kitchen table, there' s three, maybe four small
children loose in the house.
amother says "this is my daughter, I told her she had to meet you"
simile and say hello, then try to turn the conversation to the laptop
wmid sentence the daughter interrupts with "do you have a girlfriend?"
ttell her yes then try to get back to the laptop
aint most of you computer guys single?"
l' m not most computer guys"
constantly realise what I' said can take that conversation down a bad
amother says "we can tell" and smiles.
gget the fuck out of there.
calls me three weeks later,
mums laptop doesn' t work or some shit, come over"
but money is money so out I go.
ffirst question off the bat from daughter is about my girlfriend
I still have one
sshe asks If I ever play around anyway
ttell her no, by now I just wan' t to not be raped.
tthe mother says "you know she isn' t ACTUALLY my daughter, she' s
just lived with me since she was younger, so anything we do together
is completely normal"
adds "or anyone"
Let me be clear on this point, all the comments that will flood in about
how this shit can' t be real. This sounds like every fake
story on the internet. This isn' t how I ever wanted that kind of fantasy
to be played out either. I didn' t feel blessed with an opportunity, I felt
like I was about to be ripped apart and crushed in a tribal act of
wroom is completely silent for a while
gets up and starts ushering small children into another
amother says "that' s my folder full of selfies"
aand shoves my hand out of the way and clicks it
ttry to smile, and the window to try to stop any real damage
ttoo late, I saw them
comes back out in a towel
just gonna have a shower
in this god damn hills have eyes death shack is is thru the
laundry off the kitchen
strops her towel and tries to step into the tub/ shower sexually
ahalf heartedly pulls the curtain shut and flicks me a smile.
Wm trying to delete startup from the computer as fast as I can
amother rubs my shoulder and asks If I want a drink
fiinally finish the laptop, I' m sweating bullets
ttell her its going to cost for the visit
sshe says she has no cash on her
aof course she fucking doesn' t
Wm not about to be molested for payment.
ttell her I can send her a bill to pay online
spack my shit up say bye and go to leave
abitch literally tries to hug me goodbye
fduck like Mohammed Ali in his prime and turf it to my car
chear mother shout to daughter that I' m leaving
comes out with nothing but her skin and water to cover
weaves goodbye
had to pull over half way home to let my brain figure out what the
fuck just happened
their numbers in my phone under "do not service"
knever drive down there again
Lets face it. We' all had that fantasy of defiling a woman and her
daughter (of age you sick fucks) but it turns out it' s just like lesbians,
the only hot ones are on the internet.
Use the voting poll to ask for the next story. I will eventually tell them
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