The Thankful Youth. Thanks guys Original Post: /internet+browsing+facts/funny-pictures/4984110/ First Story: /One+in+the+hand+is+worth+five+online/funny-picture The Thankful Youth Thanks guys Original Post: /internet+browsing+facts/funny-pictures/4984110/ First Story: /One+in+the+hand+is+worth+five+online/funny-picture
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The Thankful Youth

The Thankful Youth. Thanks guys Original Post: /internet+browsing+facts/funny-pictures/4984110/ First Story: /One+in+the+hand+is+worth+five+online/funny-picture

Thanks guys

Original Post: /internet+browsing+facts/funny-pictures/4984110/
First Story: /One+in+the+hand+is+worth+five+online/funny-pictures/4984843/
Second Story: /The+mother+daughter+tag+team/funny-pictures/4985567/
Third Story: /Swedish+Erotica/funny-pictures/4985914/

I've received so many thumbs it's not funny. so far all of my posts have hit top spot except for Swedish Erotica which is currently holding second to Mother Daughter Tag Team. You guys are legends. Though I'd still post this stuff even if I only had a handful reading.

inb4 fake story to redeem myself.

Holy shit I made it to first second and third place
in content in one hit. You guys rock.
Figured I' d tell the story about the thankful
youth. Partly because It was my first good deed
as a tech, partly because I kinda need to redeem
myself as a decent person after helping steal an
old man' s porno, but mostly because thanks to
me, most of you are now afraid to let a tech touch
your computer. This story also takes place within
my first two years working as a tech.
slitting at front desk (probably playing
vlads walks in with family computer
knot one we sell at this store so clearly not a
wwe built a rep as being good at what we do so
we take all kinds of computers
vlads begins her pitch about how she can' t
possibly have viruses
yher family is VERY religious, nobody would do
anything bad on the internet
mmfw only sinners sites have viruses
ttry to explain that any kind of site could have a
sshe won' t have it. Books it in anyway and leaves
aweek later I get given it as it isn' t a warrantying
ccan' t matter too much if the new guy fucks it up
yhave to call the lady to ask for her password for
the admin account
oh my son is the administrator, I' ll have to ask
him when he gets home from school"
gget a call back later RE: password
he asked if you definitely need it"
kkid is reluctant to hand over the password.
her I need it and she demands her son
hand it over.
now before you all go all privacy on me, we had to
back up all the user data to wipe it. I wasn' t being
enext day we get a call from the son
basks to speak to whoever fixed the computer
did... did you.... is ALL of our stuff backed up?"
told him we got what we could, which was
most of it but he would have to check it himself
aafter the phonecall I sat there for a bit then
decided to find out what he was so concerned
ause some software to find hidden folders, or
folders with mass images
ffind the mecca of porn
tthe Ta] of tits
sparse in amazement at the sheer dedication to
collecting images
fimages aren' tjust one pic per file
sshit is arranged into collages
knot a single fucked up thing amongst it.
anobody is taking a shit, nobody is pissing on in or
through anything
ait' s all just quality naked women, fucking
couples, and close ups of vajayjays
tthis kid had poured some hours into finding,
sorting, and hiding this shit
side story: when I was 15 we figured out the local
news agency tore the covers off dirty magazines
and binned the rest of it each Tuesday afternoon.
So Tuesday night we would go down, dig through
the bin and take home top quality x rated
magazines minus their covers. I once had a really
top quality pull on the old morgan in the
bathroom while I was home alone, then in my
confusion, left the magazine on the
bathroom sink. 4 hours later standing on a parade
ground at Air Cadets it dawned on me that I had
left an X rated magazine covered in , on
the counter for mum to find. My stomach didn' t
drop, it fuckin self imploded. All of a sudden I was
drenched in sweat and shaking..... I kneww had to
go home to deal with that bullshit
Back to the main story
constantly feel the guilt, the shame, and the fear
this kid must be feeling right now
vwhat I felt for an hour before going home, he
had felt for a week
Wm not the hero porn deserves, but the hero it
suecide to mass dump all data from the
computer into one folder on the new main
administrator desktop
ttake all of the porn, go to the programs folder,
a folder with a fake program name, call it
Adobe Backup
Pedobe don' t deal in backup software but she
won' t know that
four more sub folders full of nothing
potash the porn, reset it to hidden folder
week later the mother came in to collect the
sson is with her, can' t be more than 14
kkid looks like he hasn' t slept or eaten in a while
llooks like he could spew at the site of me
yhe stands there like a stunned mullet as I tell his
mother where she can find the data
is it all in that one folder?"
literally everything we could save off the
computer is in that folder ready to sort through"
kkid slumps into the waiting chair and puts his
hands on his head
yhis mother says thanks and heads over to pay
for the computer repair at the cashier
sshe calls for him to hurry up and carry the
Tories to pick up the computer, can' t because my
hand is on it and he doesn' t want to look me in
the eye
hey, all YOUR pictures are in the
programs folder under Adobe Backup"
kkid pauses for a moment.
what pics"
ttell him it' s , I saw them, and his mum won' t
find them
yhis mother yells at him to hurry up
yhe takes off, just before he hits the door, turns
to me
oh my god... thankyou”
knever saw them again.
I like to think I saved that kid from weeks at
Sunday school and confessionals telling a priest
what a naughty boy had been, or from being
shunned from his family. I' m no saint and even
my good service doesn' t usually measure up to
above and beyond but sometimes it' s worth it.
Somewhere out there is a kid, now in his early
who was able to fap like the rest of us did, thanks
to me.
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