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#146 - goldenglimmer
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US National Debt : 17.5 trillion
Death Star Estimated cost : 852 000 trillion
US Debt to Death Star Cost ratio : 48685.7

Population of United States as of April 2014 : ca 318 million

48685.7 x 318 million = ca 15.5 trillion.
It would in other words take the debt of 15.5 trillion Americans to fund the Death Star.

Taking static numbers of the American demographic growth rate and using them in differential equation, it would take the US approximately one thousand one hundred and thirteen years (1 113) to reach a population with which the debt of would be sufficient to fund a Death Star (based on the current debt per person).

But wait, there's more!

US debt fraction of Death Star cost = 1/48686
Estimated volume of the Death Star (based on a 70 km radius) : ca 1.44 million cubic kilometers

1/48686 * (1.44 * 10^6) = 29.5 cubic kilometers. The sum of the US debt could fund a portion of the Death Star roughly the size of Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota,
a relatively small lake.

Based on current US debt per citizen, we would 15.5 trillion people to fund the Death Star.
It would take the US 1 113 years to reach that many citizens without stagnation.
The current US debt would be enough to pay for a portion of the Death Star the size of Lake Sakakawea in ND.

God I'm bored.