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User avatar #3 - habasparkz (11/11/2013) [-]
I feel like if I had a sister their would be sexual tension, because my mom was pretty hot at my age.
User avatar #43 to #3 - hudis (11/11/2013) [-]
There wouldn't be. I hear a lot of people without sisters say stuff like that, but most guys with sisters agree that sexual attraction is pretty much impossible regardless of how "sexy" the sister might be. Growing up together in the same family and knowing that you share the same blood makes it very hard for sister-brother relationships to be anything beyond platonic.
User avatar #42 to #3 - habasparkz (11/11/2013) [-]
I don't even remember posting this. ******* painkillers and Zzzquil.
#37 to #3 - byzantinian (11/11/2013) [-]
,,their,, ,whose?
#7 to #3 - rockerforlife (11/11/2013) [-]
what the **** .

the ****
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