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#28 - thirdjess (02/11/2014) [-]
These two little girls I babysit made me papercraft for my birthday, so I taped them to my wall. Like two months later they came to my house and saw them, the eldest asked me why they were on the wall. I said 'because you made them for me, of course! They're special!' and she just said 'oh, mummy and daddy usually throw them away' totally deadpan.
#30 to #28 - ilikepatatas (02/11/2014) [-]
i hope their parents die and the government gives you their custody and some money
i hope their parents die and the government gives you their custody and some money
User avatar #53 to #30 - thirdjess (02/11/2014) [-]
I totally get that ilikepatatas isn't being totally seriously here (something zeroqp missed, I suppose) but zero is totally right. The reason the parents don't keep the girls pictures is because they're very.. appearance orrientated. Their house is spotless and full of designer furniture, not a single toy on the floor. So they throw away the pictures because it doesn't fit the motif. Which is fine. I mean, I hold on to stuff like that (I still have a picture I created when I was 3 that won a local award) but it's not like they're starving them or anything, aha.
User avatar #59 to #53 - zeroqp ONLINE (02/11/2014) [-]
That's just wrong then, wow. What, were you babysitting because their regular nanny was on vacation? It sounds like they truly don't give a damn. They could have at least saved them in a box. I don't have to know those girls in person to know that they must feel pretty discouraged from how their parents treat their creativity.
User avatar #60 to #59 - thirdjess (02/11/2014) [-]
Nah, they love it. I know the family because their father is in a folk rock (think decemberists) band with my parents. Singing, dancing, they're all for it. Their band plays for parties and often he'll have the eldest sing a song to the crowd while they're setting up (which she loves).
#41 to #30 - zeroqp ONLINE (02/11/2014) [-]
**zeroqp rolls 01,518**

Because that's how life should be, right... parents do something that at first glance seems cold and mean, so just ******* KILL them and give the kids to the babysitter. I can tell you're not a parent.

Look, parents need to do what they can to get by. Kids are a handful. They're up your ass every day and every night, and when they get to the age when they make papercrafts, they can spend HOURS creating that **** if they find it "neat" enough. As a parent your job is to encourage the child and praise them for their results, but it's not possible to save every last artifact of their childhood.

The important thing in the end is not what they create, but what they take with them in their minds. That's how you can tell if parents did their job or not, not by how big the collection of crap the kids made is after they grow up. Hell, often the kids don't give a **** themselves. They'll jump up and down excited to show the parents something, and that's when you smile and pat them on the head and act like they are the best at whatever they did ever, but within hours or minutes the child can literary have found something else to distract them.


Oh, also, it's not surprising a babysitter would save something like that. They only have to see the kids a few days a week at the most, lucky bastards! To them anything the child creates is unique and precious. Not when you're a parent. If you can get the child to adulthood without killing them or yourself, and you teach them a few things on the way, I concider it a success.
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