Terra Facts. Since Terra was on the show for such a short fraction of time, this one ended up being more of a summary of her screentime. Characters who have bee Terra Facts Since was on the show for such a short fraction of time this one ended up being more summary her screentime Characters who have bee
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Terra Facts

Terra Facts. Since Terra was on the show for such a short fraction of time, this one ended up being more of a summary of her screentime. Characters who have bee

Since Terra was on the show for such a short fraction of time, this one ended up being more of a summary of her screentime. Characters who have been on the show more often will get more of a fact comp than anything else, don't worry.

Facts About The
Terra Markov is a former Teen Titan and probably the most
important character of Season 2. She made her first
appearance in the episode "Terra" and appeared in nearly
every episode afterwards, until the Season Finale. While
initially a hero, Terra is seduced by the Dark Side (lei) and
warped into a villain midway into the season, before seeing
the light and sacrificing herself for the Titans. She also
suffers from "Voldemort Syndrome", judging by her nose.
Very little is known about Terra' s past. She does not
remember anything about her past, and states she is a
wanderer, travelling from place to place to survive. However,
there are some clues to her past. When Slade had Terra
alone with him in the episode "Terra", he stated that Terra
did try to help others. He then said that on each occasion,
something even worse happened as a result of using her
powers. This is possibly the reason for her frequent travel.
In issue #51 of the comic book series "Teen
Titans Go!" Metamorphosis, more insight on Tara' s past is
revealed. The comic explains that Terra was in fact a
princess and had a brother named . They were
members of the house of Markov, and their father was the
king of . Scientists experimented on Terra and
giving them their powers, then attempted to
exploit them. General (The leader ofa villain
group known as the Brotherhood of Evil) was seen monitor's
the experiment, which suggests that he was involved with
the human experiment. fought them off, while
Terra, unable to control her powers, ran away from home in
fear of hurting her loved ones.
Upon meeting Terra, the Titans quickly welcomed her into
their ranks. At first, it seemed like the hip, funny, young hero
might make a great addition to the team, but Terra had a
secret: she was unable to control her incredible powers and
abilities over the earth and had accidentally caused natural
disasters on several occasions. She felt betrayed when it
appeared Beast Boy shared her secret with the team
even though Robin actually realized it on his own). Feeling
betrayed and alone, Terra turned to Slade, who trained her
to fully control her abilities.
Terra returned to the Titans and joined the team - but was
secretly working with Slade to destroy the Titans from within
Despite her mission, Terra began to doubt her loyalties;
Just as romance with Beast Boy blossomed, Terra was
exposed as a traitor. Hardened and isolated, friendless and
emotionally hurt, Terra turned to the only one who would
accept her, Slade, and shortly the two united to launch their
plans in full motion.
Let me show you why
they call me Dick.
Still holding some affection for their former friend and
teammate, the Titans were nearly defeated, with Terra
brutally showing far less restraint. Slade assails three
different points of Jump City, seeking to lure the Titans out
of hiding and eliminate them using Terra. Raven was
quickly engaged in fierce combat by Terra, ultimately being
defeated. A boulder projectile was the bane of Starfire. A
fissure was sufficient to defeat Cyborg and Beast Boy.
Terra next tried to face off Robin, who, driven with a desire
to avenge his friends, brutally assaulted her. He shows her
mercy, and she takes the opportunity to finish him off.
However, the Titans had each survived Terra' s assault and
were bent on taking her down. The Titans attack her, each
showing no mercy, and Terra is quickly defeated. Slade
demanded her staying to continue to fight, but after many
deathcalls with death at the hands of the
Titans, runs back to Slade, who begins to physically abuse
her in fury at her defeat. By the time she decided to leave
Slade, was too late. Beast Boy stepped in between her and
Slade and made her realize the error of her ways. Events
were set in motion leaving the city in danger from an
erupting volcano. Terra ultimately sacrificed save
the city.
Terra has the power to manipulate earth. She
can hurl and lift boulders, generate earthquakes, and project
spikes of stone from the ground. Terra often transports
herself and others by riding on a large slab of earth that she
controls. She can change earth from one state to another
and can manipulate other aspects of earth as well. like mud,
and some metals. Her powers also allow her to affect molten
rock, giving her the ability to control the flow of magma and
to manipulate volcanic activity. When using her powers, her
eyes sometimes glow yellow. She generally uses the
motions of her hands to navigate her powers, though she
can move earth with sheer will alone with concentration.
In the comics, Slade and Terra totally fucked. I shit you not,
Slade' s into jailbait.
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