Team Hungry Japanese people. Worth the read. D Anonymous (( (Xi No 9519431 1 '1 _ _ _ D Anonymous (( 43 No 9610690[ 1] 1 Anonymous 07/ 02/ 12( Mon) 00 09 No [ [ wailord whales are okay to eat
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Team Hungry Japanese people

D Anonymous (( (Xi No 9519431 1 '1 _ _ _ D Anonymous (( 43 No 9610690[ 1] 1 Anonymous 07/ 02/ 12( Mon) 00 09 No [ [l
n (22 KB, 2411030) m am‘: rd pln pg (140 KB, 5491600) Q mg
we up diseased Wanna:
metart nen on wen backs we team leader the chosen one nned nen the powers owe wailord and desined to bong a nen age
Pookemon we rany nonoba/ Ord pokemons metalloid
one Pokemon Followers around
one / all
canards D Anonymous (( 43 No 9610697[ 1]
D Anonymous (( : 11 No 9610465[ 1] Anonymous 07/ 02/ 12( Mon) 00 09 No [ [l _ 10855
IT BEGINS TURBOCHARGED o g 145 KB, 332394 b giggl
T n ( ML e Anyone who has pasted one mead otherthan
D Anonymous (( 45 No 9610707[ 1] _ 10780
club (11 KB, 26514971 m we D Sizzle [[ 07/ 02/ 12( Mon) 00 01 No 9610730[ 1]
goes mo we owe mg rubdowns
the mam market mealworms w/ l only be commanded to fuckig great we' d be fucked , Pokemon ddnt wow you around though
anobody can see we because hocking canards use moves such as
pstart to completely envelope's sums pokemon world nen our Slam
masser mcking canards a walord Team made!
I' m okay wammys
Anonymous ( Mon) 00 10 No 9610049[ 1]
D Anonymous (( : 12 No 9610471 [1] D Anonymous (( 45 No 9610709[ 1]
walord spends wen mes on craning The winamp
we / chps a masser fuckig space shuttle made out orba/ rocket attachments
walord takes to space and nee to the moon
make t a no no team walord and we are see
so he pokemon MMO becomes realty, 1 can wee to Md you guys and start tho, nghty Anonymous ( Mon) 00 " No , [l
Anonymous ( Mon) 00 11 No ]
walord takes to space and constructs an arms planet made
D Anonymous (( 46 No 9610713[ 1]
Thank you, one You we Laureen usea, lam now oneyng a Mnwc based on one _ 10838
Leaders standing by
essentually army becomes such a problem that game beak makes the We chums and completely removes Wanna AND the we Wailord starts to / ords and takes to the seas Anonymous ( Mon) 00 12 No , [l
ppokemon' s We battling ecosystem crashes due to we change & stealing booty my
Freak returns Wailord but makes l all small and sht mare and at the black w
uproar among the NEWS hiest In “Wm no
are down the Gamegear Navy
to envelope's observable unverse
My Beauty Master Rank Champion walord always reminde me or the awesomeness
Anonymous ( Mon) 00 12 No Nil 0365 [ 1]
No 1 '1 walord earns Team Acus' s
D Anonymous (( : 18 No 9610522[ 1] the female grunts goe dances deny
Even though we mouldiest use the , we should also we
glitchs descovered
we canond Club abuses the fuck out peopleon walk around as a canond Fuck D Anonymous ( Mon) 00 16 No , [l _ 10901
ppeople bean to achualy run away rom people nen wahres, willbe a canond
Guys 1 nope some working on an we now we need‘ so space we My a new planet
D Anonymous (( 21 No ] Wow pokemon inthat planet
1 Anonymous (( 56 No 9610760[ 1] T them wth / ord
ord club my (16 KB, 600x500) all, mg lliked non we wen canards
Hae nen someone else canond club A lot
we two canards push to together
droite stackin between l' .vanlig net, l' Next some has , D Anonymous ( Mon) 00: 16 No In
game logc, you are shot mo the an
benned you
rule the ewes
Splash such a sh move Cant do a damn mg
Not when we use ltd he hotshot turned to hnd at a blue
wall of
Eventually the bows to team walord Mason accomplished
D Anonymous ( Mon) 00 IT No ]
oming Flug -“W” " Ths mead needs to be we the
W/ l some drawfag wean draw a of ways runnang away mm a group overlords and mm on t , A s we N 9515753 1 951977 9515755 _
richey named KB, )
D Anonymous (( No 9610556 [ [l qgt. C, ; sau' " aod/ is"' ntue""" out howto glitch muliple each othello Gaben lam News crying nght now »wmm
rand angryness and they come backer conquer
CT/ 1, , , hsit'"'" Superma/ ords to create the Ulimate walord and rule the world earth and then l beans
to how members Clubbers execking the glitchy quesion, people bean to relevent' s caused by bong cursed and we T, a u Ewe‘; THE WAR OF THE UNLOADS
Dev: start condoling Wanna Club members and on them > name l a en -
D Anonymous (( 24 No 9610561 [1] D Anonymous ( Mon) 00 18 No
9615772 _ 10887
s', 2, n,, 1,," , " Wan” AT Force beans to assault players mm the sky wth Sudent mums them we masser genelde 372612515 conducted to make way habbits
wadn d toth . w rm d thatch 1 w lath Pk
Turner or s e
72 KB, ( V) ME rule the 5325 y Wailord contiues attacking mm and performs a goon that turns all one Pokemon no hocking
the canards backer the player
won wahres,
7 A W E one ' , the only excuse to we a Pokemon MMORPG inaner and bans, inaner
GLORIUS and bans everywhere airforce
all around on kurwa/ ords
D Anonymous (( : 26 No muse mend dump oceans worth all overtones and players
the Wanna Von: contiues to spread
mentre regions are placed under quarantee
we epedemic has gotten so bad that Game Freaks non execking canards
wee and was undead canards all stacked upon each ower
D Anonymous (( 34 No 9610637[ 1]
woe canards are nowwe most mg the Pokemon world
eeveryone would
demonizes the canond club and makes us sound We the nen bad
D Anonymous (( 39 No Nil 0676 [ 1]
Nine to Team ' s newfound repulsion, they bean to users that theyw/ l mien them ' t goe them money, Pokemon, tems an
Wanna becomes
out the arms Alte 4
rehanged all mo canards
Then who be our analog team?
Team Team Annon w,
we nen sun knocks a 15 seconds
walord An Force begun: to rom the sky nen
nee down to the surface, nen sud, demanding that the them all wen Pokemon
eventually goes and hands over we hard named Pokemon
walord contiues attacking mm and performs a glitch that turns alloy's Pokemon mo fuckig canards
the canards backer the player
won wahres,
walord gets so renown we get a menion the awe
menion so much we get an epesode
the get a mums
we hours dashes team bbwa/
mln the last 5 manuels he goes crazy
mill's sen
Pookemon awe
Anonymous ( Mon) 00 07 No ) 322[ 1]
has the Pokemon , / ord has the second base stat out Waterscape Pokemon. any Cloysters Defense
mln the games Pokemon Gale caharkness and Pokemon colosseum. wailord nae resized to N the
the only Pokemon Pokemon Ranger Shadows orelmo that doesnt need to be captured to be added to the Browsering Browser entry even states that l too mg to capture
Why am 1 what a mass
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