Teach Me, Master!. . teeter wt Pd end behaving be gin tanned in LA,,.. are ti Mross and - we lloll' . game he . es realty it I prelim ultin‘ t say ten much. it  Teach Me Master! teeter wt Pd end behaving be gin tanned in LA are ti Mross and - we lloll' game he es realty it I prelim ultin‘ t say ten much
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Teach Me, Master!

teeter wt Pd end behaving be gin tanned in LA,,.. are
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prelim ultin‘ t say ten much.
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What happened was that there was this peer girl
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street she hated realty sad and twas concerned that it was so late
and nest wanted ta make sure she was any. So tended up
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whatss up an her and see help.
Well rather than the in AMY way she we wallet up and
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when the way t pictured this when thing gating down was Iii: -as gust
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was in my car and beyond than didn’ t think
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melee madam. wag tetra a were paste.
said she than really with
torent, Ea may hells and ask her whats cuing an and what sheds
dieing an El: late at night. She just ', Just mating
far a party." Sn I adt_ her it she meets where the party she' s looking
ferisae because . he doesnt have
ta were any mare. She than laid are that the party is anywhere and
asked me it t wanted what Utaite. in be a "" Man, he the
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and I he putting mes in the middle and wally them an Well
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Hell rest" in my defense, that wanted late. hadn' t had dinner. -and
washes. t) retared my 'atra EVER. In " shykid
have wandered why she didn' t tell me when her new was, Yes
Should their WEN lyrics attain mama nut where we' re In
get a PEI ham when tht sitting in a are late at night. with a template
stangers Ptth the what happens ls aim the to
tell. I hadn' t delete Anythig t: ' iat at this pearl and maybe
can late it from here but yeah,
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Linares that' s my trainees
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tangent gather mine
being we trash at at haste but while he WHERE she tells are rt will
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geisha that she' s of were rated.
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3 Name this their I' m like wot, this is LA, what it
she Miners at minis plane that has fantastic ddad,,.. I' d at
like ta hear the starry at a ssh PIU, may innate!
of the MK hut ta play alarm beaten she was
being the nice and said "where can we an at this we of
night far something like diet?’
3 t‘. -hilt. and ' this at 1 preteen
rms and threw haw new that saunas the
whither this thread but we hitsu in understand haw
talent It was far me ta ask that quanta at that time. Anyways she
giggles a tilt and leaks at the and ms like ‘Well we can
gin in my place and tht it there." tit my head the lite, wait... A hearse
at apartment at ? So new I' m trying he Mek and in my
than and figaro are where my legit went may but as I' M
st: the WWW insert a
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ME., " drillers seems. rhs a let. I meld see we at the MOST but
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Se we know have all at this ttwtt up... [WHEN this
girl was trying be be smart with what she had and an it small grant
off at at serrate that I clearly wanted which thme an emblem with.
Se I say. ‘tile is this but it literally was be the best we at my life."
she IMMEDIATELY says "tht it we gave are the we fiat." and while
that did mate me teal since Twasn' t in a that at
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there were naps everywhere and twin in trifle tatally
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