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Swedish Erotica

Before I start this story, I' d just like to
thank whichever mod has gone
through my posts that are over 1 year
old and flagged a bunch as NSFW.
The first to go was my picture of
Goku on the dragon ball Miley Cirus
style. So I guess I' m on their radar
This event takes place in the same
time period as Douchebad, working
with the same guys as before.
man enters store with laptop
Craptop won' t power on at all,
completely useless.
it in, note down all equipment
left with it
Nob hits work bench to await its
few days later Clubber manages
to fix laptop
sseriously if your laptop is doing that,
take out the power supply and
battery, hold the power button for 10
seconds and plug it all back in.
flattop turns back on,
goes to put a disc in to run
some cleanup software as a good
WOW! Check this out"
is the kind of guy that spent
all day at work googling the effects of
mixing certain kinds of drugs, usually
he is so munted he spends the day
with his jaw cramped shut and unable
to speak
if he has spoken it' s going
to be worthy we all run to see what
he has found
conside the disc tray is a dvd titles
Swedish Erotica 4"
tells us to put it away,
we' re far too busy for this bullshit
tthat afternoon as we are packing
up, Clubber sneaks over, hits play on
the laptop
wwe can hear an old fashion movie
playing in the background
beefore we know it the entire work
area is filled with corny late early
porn music,
ait says Swedish but everyone
sounds American
comes over to tell him to
ait' s too late,
wwe' re all so mesmerised.
sseriously every cast member has
the hairiest pubic region I have ever
tthe hairdo' s on the women are all
upscaled or bobcat.
wwe can' t stop watchings
mtech area starts to fill with sales
ssmall crowd gathers in silence
finally hits stop
if the customer can ask for it by
name he can have it back."
the running joke of the
forward a few days to customer
coming to collect.
aimp the lowest on that ladder so I
have to serve him.
turning away to pretend
to grab some paperwork from behind
me because I just can' t look him in
the eye and keep a straight face
sshow him that it boots up
opens dvd tray
ssee him die a little inside when he
realises it' s not there
ttry to look away, look directly into
the back room where I can see
Clubber with his shirt off, manager
holding his tie like a leash pretending
to erotically pump him from behind.
Both making sex faces.
dfear I may bite an actual hole in my
tongue trying not to laugh
aask customer if something is
yhe pauses then gives a sad "no" and
tthe next day he called up and had
an awkward conversation with
manager about if he may have left a
dvd in there
says "not that I' noticed,
what' s it called? I' ll swedish it' s laying
around somewhere"
opun sends entire room into hysterics
as he hits the mute button to join us.
response was 'Tm not
sure what it' s called I just think I' m
missing one"
fgets told it' s not here.
knever heard from him again
I left that store about 2 years after
that and the dvd was still there. I' m
not sure on its effect on me but I' m
not against a bit of classic porn these
I guess this leaves the thankful
youth, and worst customer ever.
More people voted for worst
customer but a whole bunch of
people have asked to have that
East.... though it won' t be my final
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