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#51 - jackassalope
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Just doing this from memory, so the details might be a bit off, but there are several reasons for this.

The original close troopers were all an exact copy of Jango Fett, with their training supervised by Jango Fett. The cloning was done by the planet Kamino, who had technology for it far ahead of anyone else. After the clone wars, a conflict with Kamino using Jango Fett clones on both sides made the empire wary of having every soldier be the same individual, so they started cloning many different recruits without the benefit of Kamino's technology or Jango Fett's training.

So they don't have the same quality of genetic stock, training, or durability that the original clones do; save Vader's 501st battalion who are still purely Jango Fett clones with the best training possible.

That being said, star wars is full of ******** retroactive explanations of things that were originally put in just because they were cool. This is likely one of those cases.