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Site updates. updated (fj's imageboard. click link and try it out) - added catalog - got rid of news front page, recent.html theme is the ne updated
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Site updates. updated (fj's imageboard. click link and try it out) - added catalog - got rid of news front page, recent.html theme is the ne

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Submitted: 08/21/2014
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#205 - I Am Monkey (08/21/2014) [-]
Admin knows what to make the thumbnail to get everyone's attention.
Admin knows what to make the thumbnail to get everyone's attention.
#68 - infinitereaper (08/21/2014) [-]
off to a great start
#489 to #68 - sirowlington (08/22/2014) [-]
I just want to say that I am pretty 			*******		 active on this site and I have no idea what I'm looking at. When I first saw that pic I thought it was like from the early days for 4chan or something. So FJ has a /b/oard now? Is that right? Anyone care to share a link?
I just want to say that I am pretty ******* active on this site and I have no idea what I'm looking at. When I first saw that pic I thought it was like from the early days for 4chan or something. So FJ has a /b/oard now? Is that right? Anyone care to share a link?
User avatar #490 to #489 - infinitereaper (08/22/2014) [-]
link i son this post
#491 to #490 - sirowlington (08/22/2014) [-]
 thank you

thank you
User avatar #207 to #68 - historia (08/21/2014) [-]
I see some potential...

User avatar #157 to #68 - greyhoundfd (08/21/2014) [-]
If this whole ********* with Moot hiring SJWs to work 4chan doesn't go away, Kimjonginathong will probably see more traffic. Nothing like The Boards, but it'll be something.
User avatar #254 to #157 - akkere (08/21/2014) [-]
We really have no idea if that post about moot hiring SJWs is even legit though. There's been tons of "I worked at this totally legit position and let me tell you something ***************** " in 4chan's history that have never surfaced anything up and that post was probably the worst of it. It'd be more likely that the moderators took cash on the side to consolidate anti-SJW posts to /pol/ and work on other chans on the side than moot actually handing 4chan over to SJWs. I mean, are we seriously forgetting we're talking about moot here? The dude got upset about having to recognize /b/ as the epitome of cancer, do you really think he'd further that by willingly selling the moderators down the river because some Gawker Exec supposedly got pissed because their daughter committed suicide over the #shutdown4chan backlash? Hell, rewriting it now shows how ******** it sounds.
User avatar #266 to #254 - jewbob (08/21/2014) [-]
/pol/ is the only board I actually visit, threads have been getting deleted there too. A midst the glorious *********** , *********** speeches, anti-jew speeches, anti-mexican speeches, anti-gay speeches, anti-capitalist speeches, anti-communist speeches and everything inbetween, they're deleting ******* Quinn posts. That's all that matters, when they **** free speech they're ******* me. You can be blatantly racist, be a nazi, be a commie, or be a ghost, but god forbid you chastise some poor oppressed woman. I guess I'll take my fedora and leave.
User avatar #315 to #266 - akkere (08/21/2014) [-]
Then I guess the moderators are even dumber than I thought. Though I think something must've happened along the line because /pol/ ended up being the first to break free from the "delete anti-SJW threads" when this whole thing blew open while /v/ and /b/ were still on lockdown.
#91 - tyuip ONLINE (08/21/2014) [-]
I won't lie, I had a mild heart attack at the picture because I thought this was gonna be a post saying that posts about Zoe would be deleted/banned.

Thanks for letting me have faith in you, admin.
User avatar #159 to #91 - greyhoundfd (08/21/2014) [-]
Admin's burning hatred of feminazis and rival money-grubbers prevents him from ever giving into those special kinds of faggots.
#27 - dinosauraids (08/21/2014) [-]
You know admin, though I've only been on this site since 2012, I'm glad you actually still care about us.

And for that I give you this.
#102 to #27 - Derpcakes (08/21/2014) [-]
Admin does nice things to hide a body of hate, but hey, with those muscles he can hate whomever.
User avatar #111 to #27 - hopporto (08/21/2014) [-]
mi & u 2 brah
User avatar #230 to #27 - sanbonzakura (08/21/2014) [-]
let me guess is this a trap?
User avatar #249 to #230 - dinosauraids (08/21/2014) [-]
Hope not. She was a teacher at my old highschool.
User avatar #250 to #249 - sanbonzakura (08/21/2014) [-]
i hope she molested you couz that one i wouldnt mind
#248 to #27 - dinosauraids has deleted their comment [-]
#470 to #27 - Indoknight (08/22/2014) [-]
Google couldn't find any other such images.

OP, is that you...?
#496 to #470 - anon (08/22/2014) [-]
Layla Saba
#69 to #27 - profkitty (08/21/2014) [-]
You are just tempting the whiteknights now. It's like flies attracted to **** , the fly **** thing is a metaphor not implying you are or anything.
#94 to #69 - anon (08/21/2014) [-]
white knight alert
#89 to #27 - shruiecken (08/21/2014) [-]
Wow have I really been here since 09?
#215 to #89 - zenler ONLINE (08/21/2014) [-]
because fj is best web
User avatar #234 to #89 - cocoman (08/21/2014) [-]
'09 representin' YO
#206 - blayneket (08/21/2014) [-]
**blayneket rolled image**
I am happy.
Thank you Father.
User avatar #240 to #206 - anonery (08/21/2014) [-]
That's a nice roll... *roll picture*
User avatar #112 - whtkid (08/21/2014) [-]
See, the thing I love about FJ here, Admin doesn't give a flying **** about any of this SJW ******** that's pulling down other sites. Whereas mods are being banned left and right out there, we here at FJ stand strong. United. He may be extreme, but he is fair. Admin you're a huge part of this site, thanking you for keeping FJ an awesome place
User avatar #117 to #112 - christheace (08/21/2014) [-]
the thing is, fj isn't relevant enough to be asked to take **** down lol

and im completely fine with that
User avatar #120 to #117 - whtkid (08/21/2014) [-]
I feel like were The SS Californian and those sites are the Titanic... except we know those aren't fireworks... and were watching them sink, with no intention of helping. Sure, we'll take them along if they come here, but those sites will be forever changed
#325 to #117 - anon (08/21/2014) [-]
Admin hasn't been bribed yet.
He may say "that whatever" is a uggo,but i doubt admin would even deny sloppy seconds.
#97 - mydogpikachu (08/21/2014) [-]
the reason why fj stands strong against Zoe is because of Admin's glorious abs of protection doesn't work on malware though
#12 - RedHulk (08/21/2014) [-]
**RedHulk rolled image** Who is dis bitch and why is she "famous"?
User avatar #17 to #12 - checkemtrain (08/21/2014) [-]
The ultimate cunt of cunts.

I hope she and every journalist she ****** catches ebola
#20 to #17 - RedHulk (08/21/2014) [-]
**RedHulk rolled image** WHO IS SHE?!
#48 to #21 - RedHulk (08/21/2014) [-]
**RedHulk rolled image** awwww man, 20 mins?
User avatar #54 to #48 - checkemtrain (08/21/2014) [-]
You gotta know the whole story.
User avatar #86 to #12 - profkitty (08/21/2014) [-]
Typed By: ThatsSoFunnyHeHe

For people who want to know about he fat pink bitch but don't feel like spending 25 minutes watching a video

>Girl makes horrible "Game" about depression
>Someone on a site full of actually depressed people says its bad
>She claims people from this site "raided" her and all kinds of other ********
>This, along with the help of some gaming journalism sites, gets her game to pass on steam green light when it would have otherwise failed
>We later find out she actually ****** at least 5 guys so they'd write those positive things about her "Game" (It's actually believed to be a minimum of 9 guys, but only 5 are confirmed)
>Her boyfriend makes all this information public and he is attacked my feminists for god knows what ******* reason
>She also sexually harassed him
>She and her merry band of white knights accuse some random pro-female charity of being sexist, and get it closed down, and releases a ton of personal information about the person who started it
>She fakes getting her own personal information leaked for pity
>People start talking about her online, but due to her connections it all gets taken down. Sometimes she'll even go to the people hosting the websites to get things taken down. After she gets articles taken down she gets them removed from internet archiving websites.
>Talking about this on 4chan or most of Reddit can get you banned/deleted because she's confirmed to be friends with both 4chan janitors and big names on Reddit
User avatar #163 to #86 - mellowmelon (08/21/2014) [-]
This whole story sounds like a joke, doesn't it? A feminazi making a ****** game about a mental disorder, pretty much stereotypical SJW, then turns out she's sleeping with anyone and everyone who could help get her name out. It's almost too good to be true.
User avatar #267 to #86 - jukuku (08/21/2014) [-]
">We later find out she actually ****** at least 5 guys so they'd write those positive things about her "Game" (It's actually believed to be a minimum of 9 guys, but only 5 are confirmed)"

There's not evidence to suggest there was a trade off but we know for a fact that the circumstances existed and it is unethical for any journalist to report on something when they have such an obvious conflict of interest.

I'm more concerned over the massive censorship both by banning any discussion, removal of videos and negative reviews of the game on her game page. It's ******** .

#119 - sunice (08/21/2014) [-]
Courtesy of JonTrons twitter
User avatar #457 to #119 - ohhh (08/21/2014) [-]
Every day jon becomes an even more beautiful man.
User avatar #497 to #119 - kjeks ONLINE (08/22/2014) [-]
Source is Plebcomics tumblr
#334 to #119 - samxdaxman (08/21/2014) [-]
Did Jon actually post that? Holy 			****		 that's awesome.
Did Jon actually post that? Holy **** that's awesome.
#73 - syndromes (08/21/2014) [-]
Based Admin.
#3 - anon (08/21/2014) [-]
stop posting zoe before she ***** you
#405 to #3 - caffeinecommissar (08/21/2014) [-]
That was more clever than it had any right to. I applaud you.
That was more clever than it had any right to. I applaud you.
#357 to #3 - anon (08/21/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#451 to #357 - anon (08/21/2014) [-]
Diamonds aren't forever...
User avatar #36 - Rvalldrgg (08/21/2014) [-]
*roll (1-9)*
User avatar #62 to #36 - miscarriage (08/21/2014) [-]
r u basic
User avatar #96 to #62 - leown (08/21/2014) [-]
User avatar #379 to #96 - xryptosix (08/21/2014) [-]
Whoa. You're not dead
User avatar #421 to #379 - leown (08/21/2014) [-]
User avatar #502 to #501 - leown (08/24/2014) [-]
3 different people. whats happening ;I
User avatar #503 to #502 - suisei (08/24/2014) [-]
User avatar #504 to #503 - leown (08/24/2014) [-]
how are you and what do you want from me ;_;
User avatar #505 to #504 - suisei (08/24/2014) [-]
We used to talk ;-;
User avatar #506 to #505 - leown (08/24/2014) [-]
god damnit i knew i recognized your name but i didnt want to look stupid and be like hi friend remember me? we talk all the time /.\

what did we used to talk about? o:
User avatar #507 to #506 - miscarriage (08/24/2014) [-]
prolly ghey stuff
User avatar #509 to #507 - suisei (08/25/2014) [-]
User avatar #508 to #507 - leown (08/25/2014) [-]
what the negro dicks is going on
User avatar #510 to #508 - suisei (08/25/2014) [-]
ghey stuff
User avatar #511 to #510 - leown (08/25/2014) [-]
cool ghey stuff i guess.
#122 - xseargeantxpainx (08/21/2014) [-]
If you are a fan of Egoraptor, you don't want to know about Egoraptor's stance on this.

He's defending her...

JonTron Masterace!
#126 to #122 - selfdenyingbeggar (08/21/2014) [-]
nobody's perfect his chin is, though
#160 to #122 - ronjeremysweiner (08/21/2014) [-]
defending what? everyone is talking about this chick in comments whats going on
#191 to #183 - ronjeremysweiner (08/21/2014) [-]
thank u sir
question 1: why should i care about this?
User avatar #194 to #191 - supermandan (08/21/2014) [-]
It details how ****** the journalism surrounding some gaming review websites (I'll let you browse them, if they're still up) have become. Among other things. It's a lot to read, but frustrating once you realize the potential implications this could have.

Also, see
You need to login to view this link
#201 to #194 - ronjeremysweiner (08/21/2014) [-]
ok the encyclopediadramatica helped alot thanks.
was also really happy that Fj was acknowledged in the good vs evil thing to the right
User avatar #182 to #160 - volksworgen (08/21/2014) [-]
I would like to know as well.
User avatar #200 to #185 - volksworgen (08/21/2014) [-]
So she ****** some dudes to get an unfair advantage and it also shows how corrupt video game journalism is? That is pretty ****** up of her to do that instead of perhaps making an actually good game.
User avatar #181 to #122 - volksworgen (08/21/2014) [-]
I kinda lost my feelin for my bae ego after the whole ******* "MISOGINYYYYY" "IM OBJECTIFYING WOMEN" thing, it was just stupid no keks were had.
#255 to #122 - RipperMan (08/21/2014) [-]
yeah because saying "dont make accusations without proof" is totally defending everything she's doing.
yeah because saying "dont make accusations without proof" is totally defending everything she's doing.
#271 to #255 - xseargeantxpainx (08/21/2014) [-]
He's a self proclaimed feminist AND he affiliates with Anita Sarkeesian. Plus one of his recent tweets suggested that feminists "have no freedom" over the internet in comment sections. It's a real shame.
User avatar #256 to #122 - akkere (08/21/2014) [-]
Egoraptor is a talented animator that tries too hard to seem like someone who simply doesn't care about his potential for success and would rather slack his way through than legitimately apply himself. I'm honestly convinced he only comes out with a few videos to get easy money from ad revenues so he can slack off some more, so it's no surprise that the line of corruption is sunk into even him.

I honestly feel ashamed for ever liking the guy as much as I did years ago when I first stumbled on Newgrounds in 2008 and just went on a binge spree of watching so many different flash animations and found his to be one of the greats. I don't get how a guy like that could even sell out so hard as him.
#270 to #256 - xseargeantxpainx (08/21/2014) [-]
This kind of doesn't surprise me. I don't know the guy personally but I have followed him since he made his early stuff on Newgrounds.

When he was just starting he was quite arrogant especially when you read his replies to any reviews that weren't a 10/10. He was a bit of a sore loser too when, back when Newgrounds had that contest of which flash was "The Flash of the Year", and Ego didn't win, he went on a fit that he'll just have to make Metal Gear 3 instead of a project he was initially working on.

To be fair he has matured slowly after that over the years, but as of 2012 and onward he just started to change and went backwards. Now he doesn't want people to be too "politically incorrect", or perhaps he's just doing this because of his wife or whatnot, but him going from strict animation to let's play has really gotten to him.
#281 to #122 - anon (08/21/2014) [-]
...He's kinda right, if the doxxing -did- happen, it's not okay. Harassing the **** out of somebody because you heard something happened isn't alright. Yes, she's a bitch, yes, she's a signal of corruption in the industry, but seriously...calm your tits.
send on the hate
#289 to #281 - xseargeantxpainx (08/21/2014) [-]
Not only is there evidence that she, Zoey, was NEVER doxxed, but there is evidence that SHE was the one doing the doxxing at a gaming company that was doing non-profit womens only game idea project, for CHARITY.

#399 to #122 - anon (08/21/2014) [-]
someone's been cheating on suzy
User avatar #165 to #122 - checkemtrain (08/21/2014) [-]
He was dead to me the second I read that post.
User avatar #135 to #122 - foxlift ONLINE (08/21/2014) [-]
I don't really think he is defending Zoe Quinn The person, I think he is defending the ideia that you can do what you want with your life and not have it judged online.

I'm willing to bet he was harrassed by fans for stuff, I guess. Either way, I don't think he knew the full story when he posted that.
#139 to #135 - xseargeantxpainx (08/21/2014) [-]
Arin is a self proclaimed feminist, complained a few times before about women not being represented in games (Though that's not true), and he's affiliated with Anita Sarkeesian (Radical SJW).

That's also the reason why JonTron was no longer on Game Grumps due to Arin telling him to stop saying stuff that were too "Offensive".

He's putting too much of his politics into his stuff lately and it's become annoying.
User avatar #169 to #139 - satansferret (08/21/2014) [-]
I don't see a problem with putting your beliefs into what you do and how you act. That's what can make something unique and draws in like minded individuals. The guy still annoys the **** out of me though.
#174 to #169 - xseargeantxpainx (08/21/2014) [-]
Personal beliefs are one thing and I respect them.

But when the evidence is so blatant where her ex-boyfriend has PROOF of their conversation, it's hard to somehow side with her.

Ego should have just stayed neutral on the matter.
User avatar #141 to #139 - foxlift ONLINE (08/21/2014) [-]
Huh... Maybe I was wrong then... I haven't been following Arin ever since the Game Grumps (that show was sorta dumb from day one, in my opinion), so I didn't knew that.

It's a shame, I like Arin.
User avatar #396 to #135 - indeedaleedoo (08/21/2014) [-]
If you're going to put yourself out there you're going to be judged whether you like it or not. You can't stop people doing it, if you don't want to be judged, don't plaster yourself in front of thousands of people.
User avatar #134 to #122 - liuur (08/21/2014) [-]
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I hate Egoraptor. He got famous for his animations, and then made it into gaming with his Sequelitis show. He then teamed up with Johntron to make Game Grumps, and that almost killed Johntron. Thank God Johntron came to his senses and left that show and we're finally getting close to seeing an actual regular schedule from John again.
Here's my point though, Ego made it extreme;y big from video game animations, and then a video game analysis show. What did he do then? He made a let's play channel with another very successful youtuber to cash in on his fanbase, who even if onlly half from each of John and his subscribers came over to Game Grumps, was still a ton of people. Ego completely lost his work ethic to a little over a 2 hour work week (2 10 minute videos a day times 7 days a week. 20min x 7day =140min per week. With a million viewers on each video, that's 14 million views a week for 140 min of work a week.
I think it all went to Ego's head, and this post just proves it to me. Of course a man who barely works at his profession and has no problem with screwing over his fans by making a common denominator show (AND STUCK WITH IT EVEN WHEN HALF THE SHOW LEFT!!!) would be willing to defend someone who literally ****** their way to the top.
#153 to #134 - tmbg (08/21/2014) [-]
#144 to #134 - xseargeantxpainx (08/21/2014) [-]
I'm thumbing you up for the fact that alot of Ego fanboys will thumb you down for your unpopular opinion.

I agree with most of what you said.

Don't get me wrong, and this is just an OPINION:I think Egoraptor has done SOME okay stuff but he's a bit overrated and the fact he is a one trick pony (Seen em once seen em all) stuff.

The only reason why I watched Game Grumps was because of JonTron. He was so carefree/ didn't care about what people thought of him. He was just badass.

Then Ego tried to force him to restrict on what he can say because they were too sexist/racist what mind you. That's one of the reasons why Jon left the show.

I've pretty much stopped watching Game Grumps ever since Jon left.
User avatar #155 to #144 - liuur (08/21/2014) [-]
Hey man this is the internet, and I like to consider myself a reasonable bloke. I'm not going to get mad that you have an opinion; one that I agree with mind you. His mega man video is brilliant, and obviously had a lot of research and dedication put into, let alone the amount of time it must have taken to write the script. But that's just my problem. He obviously has the talent it takes to make a good video that can be both humorous and highly informative, but he chooses to spend his time making a mediocre let's play channel that he goes into with no research (I stopped watching after the Happy Bear fiasco). That's where I cut my line though. If I know someone has talent but refuses to use it, I can't respect them. And even if they're just someone I watch for ***** and giggles, I don't want those people in my life.
#162 to #155 - xseargeantxpainx (08/21/2014) [-]
Sadly it's due to the fact that doing let's play videos are alot easier and alot less work/time put into it than animations. Just look at Pewdiepie...
User avatar #277 to #162 - superblade (08/21/2014) [-]
Plus they try to make the show popular by playing a boring anime game with tits everywhere
User avatar #164 to #155 - samxdaxman (08/21/2014) [-]
What the "Happy Bear fiasco"? But that aside, I agree with you, Ego has really fallen off and it's a shame. Dan can be funny, but he pales in comparison to Jon when it comes to humor.
User avatar #167 to #164 - liuur (08/21/2014) [-]
Sorry Naughty bear. It's really late where I am. Jon and Ego decided to play Naught Bear, and the first part is them basically saying, "We don't need no damn tutorials" and withing the first 2 minutes they are completely lost and the episode is ruined. It's a perfect example of the lack of effort that they had to put in to make the show.
Naughty Bear: Bad Teddy - PART 1 - Game Grumps
User avatar #168 to #167 - samxdaxman (08/21/2014) [-]
Ahh I remember that episode. That happens a whole ******* lot in this show, it gets pretty annoying.
#268 to #134 - anon (08/21/2014) [-]
I agree that Egoraptors stance on the situation is a little strange, and very misguided. However, I think what you say about Egoraptor is completely wrong.

He became famous for his skills, and continues to show those skills on his main channel. Just because he found success in a game series channel doesn't mean he's cashing out. Time put in =/= quality. He does a simple show that is meant to show the dry humour one faces in the moment of gaming, while sharing stories with each other.

Though I was a JonTron fan over Danny, I continue to love Game Grumps for what it is, a simple show. Put on an adblocker if you don't agree with his ways.
#458 to #134 - anon (08/21/2014) [-]
what if i told you that Game Grumps is not a let's play channel, because if it was then they would complete every single game they have played
User avatar #447 to #134 - supervillian (08/21/2014) [-]
I think Egoraptor is pretty funny but holy **** he cant compare to people like johntron and he also did some really stupid stuff.
I still enjoy his animations,and I honestly enjoyed watching Game Grumps.
But now Egorapter is making himself look kinda ******* stupid.If thats his opinion in the matter,he should not share it.
User avatar #272 to #134 - superblade (08/21/2014) [-]
You know what woulb be fuking awesome

If egoraptor goes back to the awesome series
User avatar #104 - ThatsSoFunnyHeHe (08/21/2014) [-]
Just my two cents, but the imageboard has too many boards. I'd like to use it occasionally, but I'm doubting enough users will be on it to make any of the boards active when theres ~22 of them.
I can understand wanting to mirror the boards already on this site but you have to realize kimjonginathong doesn't have all of FJ going on it. Some of them can clearly be cut, for example "Pokemon" when there is already a Video games board. I know 4chan does this but they're ******* massive so it's much different.

As of now, even the "random" board, which should inherently be one of the most active is very very slow. I'm not saying cut boards forever, but try to build a foundation of active users first. People are gonna be a lot more willing to stay if there are fewer but more active boards.
#187 - sweetellie (08/21/2014) [-]
I looked at the imageboard thing and there was some pregnant loli getting 			******		 and now I'm never gonna look at it again. Sorry, Admin.
I looked at the imageboard thing and there was some pregnant loli getting ****** and now I'm never gonna look at it again. Sorry, Admin.
User avatar #197 to #187 - electriccherry (08/21/2014) [-]
It's great right
User avatar #202 to #197 - sweetellie (08/21/2014) [-]
regular loli stuff is atrocious.
Why the **** is that one pregnant.
User avatar #203 to #202 - electriccherry (08/21/2014) [-]
If it gets me a boner i really don't care.
User avatar #488 to #202 - dyalibya (08/22/2014) [-]
I've been on the internet since 96, soon enough you will lose all sense of morality
#431 - dragonbeeon (08/21/2014) [-]
Posting the banner that /v/ made, I was suprised that we were put on it.
User avatar #473 to #431 - darknesincontrol (08/22/2014) [-]
i really want to punch the fish guy and Notch's face in
#478 to #431 - guanyu (08/22/2014) [-]
Why is BioWare on the blue side? Why is BioWare on the blue side!?
Why is BioWare on the blue side? Why is BioWare on the blue side!?
User avatar #482 to #431 - warzon (08/22/2014) [-]
The **** did I miss?
User avatar #438 to #431 - Zarakima (08/21/2014) [-]
why is hitler on our side? D:
User avatar #439 to #438 - dragonbeeon (08/21/2014) [-]
Because he would have hated this SJW feminazi **** .
User avatar #483 to #439 - warzon (08/22/2014) [-]
>Hitler hating it.
I did Nazi that coming.
User avatar #442 to #431 - trifectadefect (08/21/2014) [-]
I still don't understand why Adam Sessler and Notch are on the other side, did they **** Zoe Quinn or something?
User avatar #446 to #442 - dragonbeeon (08/21/2014) [-]
Don't know about sessler, but Notch backed her on Patreon. Before or after this mess, I don't know, but I don't hate him.
User avatar #448 to #446 - trifectadefect (08/21/2014) [-]
Sessler completely left gaming journalism and being in anything related to that months ago, so I honestly have no clue if he does have anything in this.
User avatar #449 to #448 - dragonbeeon (08/21/2014) [-]
Have no ******* idea m8, probably because they're trying to not make this only about Zoe, but attacking corruption in video game journalism.
User avatar #450 to #449 - trifectadefect (08/21/2014) [-]
Probably one of the reasons Sessler left all that behind too. It's a crappy thing to see such corruption on such a relatively new form of media, but what can you do. Oh well.
User avatar #444 to #431 - poccylane (08/21/2014) [-]
What the hell we used to have Freddy from FNaF.
User avatar #445 to #444 - dragonbeeon (08/21/2014) [-]
I know, ************ removed it
#362 - totalynotxewi (08/21/2014) [-]
Admin right now:
#435 to #362 - anon (08/21/2014) [-]
And btw, just forget 4Chan... That's what Bender would say
#456 - chairmanoftheboard (08/21/2014) [-]
I'm just gonna leave this here
User avatar #1 - ipostcp (08/21/2014) [-]
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