Sexual Encounters. . grubby: Moments my the " Osr yen Had a gm’! put the used her ' ban had sex, the guy left mane)‘. I am nut a . had a gel my 1 assume an thim tags
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Sexual Encounters

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Moments my the " Osr yen
Had a gm’! put the used her ' ban
had sex, the guy left mane)‘. I am nut a .
had a gel my 1 assume an thimg dose n there w as to Yum’
man t hnow how to so I asked let a .
one mg)» 1 went out to a dame: club with my firends we got
incredebly . the ugh! I w as netting the change
leftover (mm buying errors mm my bra because I didn t have a
purse. I ended up ganna to my place alum ates (who
went been nut w tth as) we bung the tenable I am I
canned hull mm 1131x111: sex. We were was at rt pretty hare, he
was n we I w as nu top n( hlm we he the
mrna to tale any bra all when he ere, all the change want the
twlght( tn mrna.) burst out we tawnee all er he lace. As he
w as cordoned ane rust continure wink
yelling, !!!" we grabbing the cash ane threw mg m the
that we restyle together.
mat alter we she.
tan roam. r never saw her agaen
I was paw nut nu my huddle: much alter warty ane r
w all: up tn the female hnow rrenny my dack ane crying at
the same time, we all 1: 316 w as "What the rues» we we she
r w as aw an she get up pulled her pants up we w hiked out,
er‘/ mg the whale tune. My weirdest sex expeirence l can (hulk of.
I we to gage! fast me alter sex. I w as m my early we we
hungry all the um: so when 1 has rug sex, I needed (and.
My grrl( nead at the um: w as we (mud rt
an alter we inrushes she would usually say somethang
Ilka “Yell w tth that"
I we a who ' err Mme she
came. Masha came really easily, so rt was all the tune. me, re an
dam n an her lnr rust a hale whee Nschte w e we sex we 'Oh we
I tn entry, Isa San’ _ rd then we e have sex let a few minutes
we “oh gee, I m so entry,” repeat several mere Mules were we
were .
we no, she w an t tn God. she w as rust really, really ,
really palm, we she w muted are to name first en though that
rust wen Awake any sense. (we rt nu er, em happened,
because she w as the female Null slant of a be clumsy. A
sham, may by)
1: ame, eunhae the m the ere ' were _
After I slept w rth a gm m college, she patted the en the head we
sane, may golden why boy." I rust zanlee we fell asleep.
let ten crackly, then ashing «l thorght he had
because apparent!) every gel has er been wrth
has told ham that he does. THEN show mg me ever hutch math
we flaw en he body, when they all appeared we
nu how insecure rt made mm feel. This was the very
we we sex, seems each ether let maybe a
divs in
I nae sex w tth a Lorene ... college, ruretee of the my we beleren
she told the I can cum wheres er I w ant an [came an her
lane. she Sh allowed all of rt then tank nut her phone we called her
Lorene inernet 'Face, I w rm we hung up. I m still puzzled as
to what the fuck happende.
1 w as gems a hand) her to mush me off we the yr!
checked her w atch we smiled.
when ilost my mate. He wee m then got up we
sed. I neta we hugged hull. We went to sleep.
Na er spake of rt warn.
any , sewn Balds my were
together let went 2 1 eats afterr are, ift recall burned).
Asked me, we my mrna» spanish
slang lnr In en he rust translated rt. I have never been an gm
nut m my Me.
My w w as rrenny me. she we ahead) came ewe. I w as m a
Mend 'firsty mood. she waas m the ruretee of cumming a mane
hare we put be n fingers m the art, {Slug theta newly lulu
her we of, we C we I sotd , ~ m a really stupid 1 awe. She
alums! hate my em .
My Lorene whispered “That w as en raven" mm her eat
alter they .
Ex m a land, w whee er to the dresser, takes a SH rs
vodka, then says “pk, rm we to 91”. I mes her
1 we a guy thank me let “ my wrth hm we he
Asked meet a areal! care tn crush
m valley 1 w all heme alter a nah! w tth a tannem yr]
mm the bat. she told me the next that we passed out
en top Miler the sesame alter I fineshed. Apparently she struggled
Alter I lest my vriginity, I told her that "roshe w as we
sale lulu sex slavery were be the mall of the Inter.‘
I w as getting mad head one night (mm a all I d rust met. I w as
newly we 1 gum the guy behind rue man t Ilka rt. I pulled
er to the sade of the mad we the guy pulled up nan beside me.
humped cat at me wrth a
baseball bat m he hand. He get tn the Mde of the can saw
the all the we rust sate, 'oh my God, hm. rm an starry
He lumped bach mm he car we drove off. The all w as ,
but she finished.
gilt alter we bath finished, she remarked
that w as great. you know w hat else rs great, frree chechen. lets get
frree chechen. frree chechen. . =
we then we got g. frree chechen
While warring lnr hmal to put the coders en 1 deeded tn beat
wees to amuse my sell. He then proceeded to fuck me. Gakking mm
rt he malts me dead tta the eye we say s "1 tn en a beat :
ens t you ever large
We cement stop laughung.
we sex w tth all I met through a Lorene of a Lorene alter sully
hnow mg her a em er the. alter the lest tune, we are
lung there we she mall: up her mnbran phone we calls her
mather. she then begun havong a 'catchpas' warth her
mather went my to m (lungs. When her mather (presumably)
we her what she has been ening she answer: and I shit you not
getting bach at Amen lnr cheating en me w tth that whore she
theoharis me ane says my In to my mather I manage
helle the the hell mrna Islam at
her as she lunches her , as she hangs up the phone she
states serectly at me we says ', new rm gems to call my
boy Lorene whale I sack 1 nut ch. what Inna of male e ulna to say
no tn that", later that an same unlucky dude got to
luau to a 1 alumni masage that w as the wand offer we
I has mg a sack/ Nest.
Isaw her' afew . Nma her aild‘ Aahn are
getting the year 1 recalled an .
We bath get off, he ms up we puts he hand en the near, pelts
somethang up, Huff: rt, then em rt we gees: "oh my gee I rust
lucked up slut" Apparently we we sex 111 a mom where his Lorene
hear he dog w hen has gene.
THEN he stands up we turns the Haht en, tacks he era between
he legs then puts a hand en he my then en the bach ifhe head
we says "hack! you" the. Does alittle dance.
1 dated mm lnr three we a hall 1 eats. He later told me, alter I
expressed haw nee rt w as tn mm that he didn t w ant me to see he
era whee rt w as soft. pahahaha weirdest sink ever
I w as we the guy Thad been 'seeme' cuts my neck wrth a raw!
blade we trrue to such my bland.
I has e a salami scat (mm the.
My my Lorene shit nuthsell when he came the (us! lune we we sex
all ever my sheets
I we a guy tell me he w allied he era chapped re 30 mg
we gm only w ant tn sleep w nth hull. Also he pretender to be the
Joker (heath ledger) erring sex. w awha are.
Girlriend w as , we banged lnr smut
an mm. All Ma sudden she lumps off ane runs tn the .
her mums Secstasy (mm anally hem: able to map w ere louder
than her organs.
I w as both prune! we rather .
Me ane so banging the shaman 1 pull out, she sink nu the splay
ane gets knocked nut. IN THE % NESS, SHE STARTS
cums out THE NAMES or THE .
Nut alter, but erring. He w antey me to hat huh ane 1 w an t
wrth that. He says 'mm t worry', emu t hurt! See!"
ane has me m the lane. I starter ening we the sex
w as ever. hurt pretty bad but I w usrs' t mad.
we whatnot, nothong .
Alter lnr the first um: wrth my at the unity I
sane, 1 feel as M my was lackluster, but an intense
sensor)‘ overload occurred.''
she dest. t let me Hve it dam n to the ear.
any I hnow m college get super we ‘hacked up w tth a all at
her house. He w we up the next , hull s
she s gene we he can t find he clothes. He : 5 that she rs
leching w all hula ane decides that he must escape out the drneno
tn prevent the . were ening en, thaugh,
he decides the best mum of acting rs to shiten her bed. Alter he
hung up ane as the new w tth the sheets, she walks m we
says,' hey,_ "ffyou w ant mrna use yew
clothes we 1 nmot en them so Hulk them m the w ash
when he 11 as ewe he sotd ‘and that’: all she w mt _
a hostel m Mullins e tra an the rag mate, an ahead we
chuck rt m rue doompa"'
I hm en that mrna grade school"
had sex w all the s mu. He w as very relegions. when we
flushed the first lune, w e were hall whee en the flwr: let
whatever ream w hen he starts telling me that what we we rust
done w as a an we that my mather (who we been dead mu years)
we defiantely gene tn hell. Then we we same mere sex!
rust um: 1 had sex w rm my we bath at the
same Mme. He starter humming the law we order spams] 1
lull! theme sang we we the mire y .
He stired my as we sand “good game
I hope reads the. I w as damn: a Korean gal we r w as her
first. 1 w as ening the deed w hen suddenly nut number:
she puts both hands en my lane we stretches my eyes nut tn make
me look man. I we to stop because r w as laughung tun hate .1
don t hnow why.
The guy put hand en he dusk when we finished. (We we
a conent.)
Hale yet tn let : rt damn. Every axle knews.
dun threw ofthis to make
sounds erring sex to see "ruhe e noun; He ere, we he pried an
That e ganna be a hard we to beat.
mule she was en top tn make herself airmax, 1
1 aw ned.
Uh, man, that w as ahuge no m.
Me an : mt. mmn. rt, yen have such a 11199 em. to
me: yen ten.
Affend of mrna as he w as unsung he 1 gazed lulu hts
s eyes ane whisperer “We are out Theeye net together
I w 33111 we w as leching a all doggy style. melded tn
my w hose YB“! daddy we smacked her are she
Pulled ell me we screamed. Woa have the same name as my dad."
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