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Rap 1 (in desc.)


I touched my 1st woman when i wa 15
she was hawt dude
her face had that kinda sheen
i was grounded by my mom
for watching an adult show
she made me stay at home
i had no money flow
i used to do gardening
jobs just for dough
plantin roses and picking weeds
shouting please mom no !
till one day i saw her lying on the grass
she had damn good handles
but avail! no ass
high on frustration
a life of masturbation
i picked my beautty up
my seeds they need to sow
i smashed her head to the flo
but, ****, i needed mo
that ladies n gents
is how
i picked up my first hoe

Tags: im | sorry
Views: 434 Submitted: 10/14/2013