RIP. . rke r: rke r: tor every mute this gets running a mile nevermind please no. Run forest, run
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User avatar #3 - worldatarms (08/02/2014) [-]
Run forest, run
#2 - anon (08/02/2014) [-]
b8 4 dayz
User avatar #4 - avliam (08/02/2014) [-]
are people just uploading tumblr stuff for ***** and gigs now?
User avatar #5 to #4 - finblob (08/02/2014) [-]
Some people like it I guess
#1 - friedgreenpomatoes (08/01/2014) [-]
do it faggot
#6 - anon (08/02/2014) [-]
Well lets see here
this omnisexual pentagon the standard tumblr user has to run 110018 miles because people on the internet do not lie
So lets say she does 65 miles a week, which is about the standard 7 days of running workouts.

So thats 1693 weeks of running which is 32.5 years of running. So its very possible to do that it would just be a long ass running career
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