One in the hand, is worth five online. Sorry for the length, not all stories will be this long.. OK guys, here is my first story, to recap, I work in the I Hind One in the hand is worth five online Sorry for length not all stories will be this long OK guys here my first story to recap I work Hind
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One in the hand, is worth five online

One in the hand, is worth five online. Sorry for the length, not all stories will be this long.. OK guys, here is my first story, to recap, I work in the I Hind

Sorry for the length, not all stories will be this long.

OK guys, here is my first story, to recap, I work in the I Hindustan, I
specialize in data recovery and onsite repairs of computers. However this
story takes place during my trainee year as a tech for
one of Australia is leading electrical outlets.
Ffirst year on the job.
gno bad customers, learning how to fix shit
aif' its viruses, back the data up, wipe it.
iwork with three other guys in a very small office,
a club 4/ atnight, tech by day, Freddie: who had the
moustache of Freddie mercury, and our tech manager.
aall pretty chill dudes, not your typical neckbeards.
working repair front counter one day when Douchebad walks in
ggu. y wears skinny cargo pants, an extra small wif' ebba ter, and one of
those stupid caps with a tin I pointless brim,
off the mark this guy blames me for his
you sold me apiece of' shit"
sorry sir, I don T work in sales, but I' m sure whoever sold it didn' t
know it was faulty"
yhe slaps it on the counter demands it be fixed and then storms out
before he can sign an I paperwork.
llook him up; is like tr months old.
tthanks to backlog it doesn T get touched for a week.
struts back in "where' s my shit, bro? "
llet him know that the backlog means it hasn T been fixed yet.
gguy flips his shit, starts calling me all sorts of names, including fallacy
m actually fairly athletic, plus I don T a shit what he says.
to convince him that if he didn' t storm off the first time, he
would have been told of the delay,
gget him to sign his paper work and he storms out again.
aas he walks out he snaps his fingers, points them like a pistol and winks
at the cashier.
onze. gif'
pput his laptop on the workbench.
aits riddled with viruses, back his data up, and his laptop
his data backup for viruses and delete about half' of' it.
icall him up, tell him to collect it.
aanother week later he comes to collect it.
facts all high and mighty about howie knew we sold him faulty shit
from happy, to batshit angry when we give him a bill
warranty doesn T cover virus issues..
ttake him to the cashier to pay his bill
asks the cashier for her number and gets shot down
ttry not to laugh at him, wish him all the best and wave bye.
ttwo days later he is back, same virus issues,
gflops his shit
you fat faggots didn T fix anything!"
ttell him it worked fine but would skip the que to be fixed again
to take legal action ifit' s not ready tomorrow
even look atit, wipe it, data back on, call him up
yhe arrives that same afternoon to collect it.
tbells me how worthless I am and how society has no need for nerds
pstart to get angry but he' s leaving so we send him home
aanother week later Freddie is getting screamed at on the phone
aits Douchebad, same issues as the last two times.
says to bring it in.
ssame approach as the last visit but this time the manager handles it
same day repair
wwe Te backlogged more than ever but it' s an easy fix.
yhe demands a free external HDD to save his data on so he doesn T lose
fgets what he wants and lea ves.
our days later clubber mentions Douchebad and his likely porn habits
later Douchebad is standing at the desk screaming at Freddie
comes out tells him to calm down,
says he is going home to calla Current Affair (local news)
is visibly pissed off
twalks into tech area, slams laptop down
let' s see what this ' does with his spare time"
appens browser history.
aon. four sites, all about finding people to have sex with in your area
oopen photo folder,
mthree photos,
aone dressed, one standing in the mirror naked,
photo takes the cake
calls us all in to see,
aits Douchebad sitting on a beanbag holding his erect member
oposing with duck lips and winking
ull flex of every muscle.... literally all of them.
we all laugh,
aall his virus problems coming from one or more of his sites.
decides we can T say anything to him about it directly
suecide we will just tell him it' s his browsing habits
comes to collect
yhe’ s bragging about howie is going to be rich from legal action
against us
walks past gives him a nod and says "nice abs bro"
ttry to not to piss myself
visibly confused, as he is wearing a shirt.
I get stuck with dealing with him
ttell him the issue is his browsing habits
wha t bro ssing ha bi ts? "
P'' the... sites... that you visit.... some of them are full obviouses"
closes his mind. Punching the counter, shoving my keyboard off my
finally cracks the shits and storms out
tbells Douchebad to calm down
T' this counter and smash your head in"
estore full of 'people now watching
starts to yell back.
if' you weren T constantly browsing the internet for somebody to fuck,
and posting pictures of yourself with your dick in your hand you
wouldn T ha any issues in the first pla ! "
goes pale.
llong, awkward silence.
takes his laptop and goes to storm out.
makes eye contact with the cashier
heard the whole thing, pisses herself la urging.
ahalf' the store, including customers, breaks out in laughter.
knever hear from douchebad again.
If you guys would like more stories like this, Ill post a few story topics
in the comments and you can tell me which story you would like next.
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