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Old Man WOW Reaction Freakout 1


Hey Everyone, so I finally broke down and showed him the video after I took it down, because it was getting out of control. He thought it was hilarious, and wanted me to put it back up. I hope you enjoy. I have a bunch more videos of him blowing up, but I'd never bothered posting them because I thought he would accidentally stumble across them. Anyways, it's my 50 year old father in law playing World of Warcraft and freaking out after he starts losing. He says he wants to sell his game, but then can't figure out how to get his phone to work because he's so frustrated. He doesn't play WOW anymore, I'm not sure anyone does from what I hear the game sucks now, so it's probably like Call of Duty's getting, just a corporate video game that people buy the newest version expecting something better and its usually just a duplicated turd. Either way, I know many people liked these videos before, so i'm throwing them back up there, I hope you enjoy!

Views: 1945 Submitted: 08/27/2014