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User avatar #7 - propanex (11/24/2013) [-]
We are thankful for the things we will later have.
User avatar #1 - fourtwentt (11/23/2013) [-]
Im offensive and I find this holiday
User avatar #2 to #1 - genderless (11/23/2013) [-]
Hi offensive
User avatar #5 to #2 - timmity (11/23/2013) [-]
i`m dad
User avatar #10 to #5 - genderless (11/24/2013) [-]
i'm child

do you finally pay child support?
User avatar #11 to #10 - timmity (11/24/2013) [-]
kill urslef lel
User avatar #12 to #11 - genderless (11/24/2013) [-]
but... but daddy,,,
User avatar #13 to #12 - timmity (11/24/2013) [-]
User avatar #22 to #13 - countchoculal (11/24/2013) [-]
but who was phone?
User avatar #28 to #22 - tomahawkit **User deleted account** (11/24/2013) [-]
not the buy flying the plane
User avatar #40 to #28 - newsuperyoshi (11/24/2013) [-]
No, that's me. I should go check on him.
#9 - songemot (11/24/2013) [-]
Walmart has decided that Black "Friday" starts at 6 PM on Thanksgiving.
User avatar #25 to #9 - michaelsam (11/24/2013) [-]
Unfortunately Walmart's not the only place that's doing that
#36 to #9 - lordpancake (11/24/2013) [-]
"One day after" my ass, op. This ***** getting ridiculous. personally, we eat dinner here on thanksgiving at 2pm give or take an hour, and most places have workers come in around two hours before they open on black friday, if not earlier. Let the people enjoy time with their families, **** . Glad I dont work in retail anymore, but still, it pisses me off none the less because I've had to do it in the past. :/
User avatar #57 to #36 - fuzzysixx (11/24/2013) [-]
I'm working 3-11;30, gonna be fun.
User avatar #23 - gnillort (11/24/2013) [-]
It wouldn't be America if we didn't.

Free to be hypocrites if we ******* want to.
#26 to #15 - anon (11/24/2013) [-]
yet they have reservation with there own land that "immigrents" cant live on unless the Indians council lets you and gets paid a **** ton of money and dont have to obey any of the laws
User avatar #35 to #26 - hoponthefeelstrain ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
that's because ALL of the American land should be theirs, we came in, we almost starved to death, they helped us then we killed them off AND stole their land. The government is paying them reparations for all the damage they did.
#56 to #35 - anon (11/24/2013) [-]
only a few eastern teritories read your history before you comment
User avatar #66 to #56 - hoponthefeelstrain ONLINE (11/25/2013) [-]
They lived in America before we did, so technically it's all theirs. We never owned it we just sailed in and said "this is ours." It's the same thing that happened to the Aboriginals in Australia.
#45 to #26 - mitchr (11/24/2013) [-]
You are an idiot.
You are an idiot.
#41 to #26 - kcits (11/24/2013) [-]
A lot of people in reservations live in motor homes, and alcoholism is a problem. It's not a glamorous life. Not to be a nitpicking dick, but how the hell did you misspell "immigrants" and it's right there in the post above you?
#59 to #26 - toohntown ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
few reservations where actually GIVEN to the Native Americans, there was an act passed that said that any land not claimed by government is by default property of the Native Americans, if not used by the Native Americans, the government may claim it back. During the time this act was in place was when most reservations were established
User avatar #50 to #26 - akkere ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
"Paid a **** ton of money"
Lol no.
User avatar #4 - lereturnedtroll (11/23/2013) [-]
We have a day where we are thankful for what we have
and the next day we trample over people so we can have more.

Just like the original pilgrims and the original thanksgiving
User avatar #34 - rogaa (11/24/2013) [-]
I love this post. just leave it at that.
User avatar #33 - darthblam (11/24/2013) [-]
Black Friday is simply never worth it..

Cyber Monday however...
User avatar #19 - lavitts (11/24/2013) [-]
Yes consumers! Fight over my savings! Trample each other for my overhyped goods on this, your darkest of Fridays!
#32 - LocoJoe (11/24/2013) [-]
Capitalism, bitch.
Capitalism, bitch.
User avatar #38 to #32 - hopelessworld (11/24/2013) [-]
Think you made my day, kind sir!
User avatar #51 - fishtacos (11/24/2013) [-]
My family has more of a traditional Thanksgiving. We go to dinner at another family's house, then we kill them and take their land. We hope for our family to reach the Pacific Ocean one day, as it's our God Given right.
#30 - deadmuerto (11/24/2013) [-]


the only day of the year when I have more meat in my mouth than my girlfriend
User avatar #46 to #30 - zyconx (11/24/2013) [-]
why does this guy keep getting thumbed down I think hes hilarious
#47 to #46 - theonemica (11/24/2013) [-]
Because we all know he doesn't have a girlfriend.
User avatar #55 - slowbroking (11/24/2013) [-]
I'm ready to work both of my jobs on Black Friday. Gamestop then off to the conveniece store. I don't know if I'll survive.... Don't forget me if I don't make it. I love you all.
User avatar #58 to #55 - JENNAY (11/24/2013) [-]
Are you at least getting paid extra?
We can use it for a nicer tombstone
User avatar #60 to #58 - slowbroking (11/24/2013) [-]
Hahaha "Paid extra." Thats adorable.
User avatar #61 to #60 - JENNAY (11/24/2013) [-]
I try.

No seriously though that's ****** up that they don't do that. And making people work on Thanksgiving. Even if you don't have family, you can still sit alone with a HungryMan Meal for 1 with your dog

Good luck dude
User avatar #62 to #61 - slowbroking (11/24/2013) [-]
You succeed.

If I was full time at GameStop then I think I would have gotten paid extra but I'm strictly part time at all of my jobs. I have two consistent ones and one that I'll only work about once or twice a month. I won't be working on Thanksgiving really. I have to be at Gamestop from 11 PM on Thanksgiving till 7 AM on Black Friday then I go to my other job from 8 AM till 3 PM.

Thank you. I'll need it at Gamestop. ****** PS4s.
User avatar #63 to #62 - JENNAY (11/24/2013) [-]
The Gamestop one made me scared for you
Pepper spray is great for unruly minors

Idk if you watch or like South Park, but you'll probably cringe and appreciate the recent episodes they have going on
User avatar #64 to #63 - slowbroking (11/24/2013) [-]
Haha. I'm not afraid of the minors, more of the parents. I made the mistake of actually going out to buy something last black friday. (75 dollar X-Box Elite pack because my previous one broke. How could I pass that up.) And some lady actually hit me with her purse because I attempted to grab the one that she had been "eyeing up"

I find the new South Park episodes hilarious because I love the take on Black Friday... And I love GoT South Park - Game of Thrones Weiner Song(Black Friday Part 2)
User avatar #65 to #64 - JENNAY (11/24/2013) [-]
I take it your manager wouldn't give you a one day pass for giving those people the business...
User avatar #16 - thejerseyjenn (11/24/2013) [-]
Lets have a moment of silence for all the poor retail workers working that day.
#20 to #16 - anon (11/24/2013) [-]
Lets have a moment of silence for the fact that they either a.) have a degree in liberal arts or b.) have no education. **** retail workers.
User avatar #24 to #20 - hoponthefeelstrain ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
Or they're working their way through college. Even if everyone got a college degree, someone would still have to do the ****** jobs.
User avatar #21 to #20 - thejerseyjenn (11/24/2013) [-]
My friend is working on thanksgiving into black friday (night shift) then on black friday evening because she's still in high school. You have to start somewhere. Besides, do you expect 20 somethings to automatically get a good job immediately after college or during?
User avatar #31 to #16 - saltyfries (11/24/2013) [-]
retail worker, working smaller store, Green Bay, WI, have to work it 5am-2pm, that's the good shift, worked it last year, not too bad, not too crowded, ez money, but I agree for every other retail worker out there. If anything, what I hate about Black Friday are the hugeass trucks we get for a 4-5 man crew leading up to it, you try unloading a 2000 piecer with just 4 people in 4 hours!
#17 - whydoesthishappen (11/24/2013) [-]
no one cares what you think, little bitch in africa
User avatar #18 to #17 - duvallwhitey (11/24/2013) [-]
Damn it feels good to be in the white upper middle class of a first world country.
User avatar #39 to #18 - hopelessworld (11/24/2013) [-]
With the "It's a good day to be white" picture, this comment would've been awsome! ^^
#8 to #6 - sequel (11/24/2013) [-]
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User avatar #54 - cudlefish ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
It's on the same day now
User avatar #53 - Abra (11/24/2013) [-]
This didn't quite seem like the right use for the meme, although I agree with your point.
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