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#22 - mondominiman
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(10/20/2013) [-]
While they don't do permanent damage I'm sure it'll still do something. In early high school I once saw a kid get shot in the head multiple times point black with a bb gun. I guess he was annoying some kid or something every day and one day he just sat next to him on the bus and pulled it out stuck it to his head and pulled the trigger couple times. It was obvious why he was pulled out of school the next day and the guy with the gun was expelled and sent to an alternative school (where I later met him again due to me being an idiot). The victim was harmless but kind of stupid also. I remember when he brought a PSP (back when they were barely released) and was showing it off to everyone on the bus. A couple kids asked if they could play with it see how it was and after it was passed back a couple seats he asked for it back and everyone said the other guy had it. So he basically got jacked. It was obvious someone was gonna jack it seeing as the guys were "thug" lowlifes trailer trash who live down the road from where I live. I only knew them before because my cousin used to live there and I saw them later at that alternative school. I'm sure most if not all of them still live there with their parents and girls they probably knocked up.

TL;DR: Kid lived from being shot with bb gun

what was the content about again?
#31 to #22 - Dwarf
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(10/20/2013) [-]
About a kid getting shot with a BB gun...