Nyanch's Stories: Origins of Dugtrio. Here's a new one! dugtrio man.. Creds schnizel fer the title. we back in computer store, chatting Wwhile he backs up my co
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Nyanch's Stories: Origins of Dugtrio

Here's a new one!

******* dugtrio man.

Creds schnizel fer the title.
we back in computer store, chatting Wwhile he backs up my computer and stuffs.
ewe get en the subject ofthe Dugtrios that were in the store the ether day
trl asked him what' d he mean by haw they caused him trebble.
we sits me dawn fer story time.
is sitting at counter, bared.
struts in.
Aye, I' m Oinking far a ."
Sure, we have a bunch, what are ynu Oinking far?"
r" We gat nne with ESE gigabytes."
r" Nah mang, we need 1. 50000 "
laughing and highfiving each ether
Nojust stares at them.
Inn's at R
Inn's at dugtrio
r" Ian I help ynu with anything?"
Mattg I jus talt ynu!"
Alright, tell me haw much starage ynu need."
Must as ynu said, mane."
brings nut the PC
******** try ta manhandle the PC.
slaps their hands aff it.
Mattg why ynu gatta be ? l"
just mentions they smell like a wharehouse.
Marlee if ynu were a preper customer and net touch nur product until sald ta ynu, I woundn' t be 'racist' "
***** ynu gatta lighten up, here' s a bud."
seriously try ta hand him same weed.
Inn's at them sternly.
r" Please get nut the stare befire I kick ynu nut."
******** still ****** around.
calls dawn the manager
Magg, fat, happy guy. Like Santa, but mere inan .
Manager Inn's at the dugtrio, and even HE is displeased.
Repeats basically what R said.
ryback as fun ******* pull the racism card again.
Manager gets his fists up.
******** laugh at the manager. "Came fat bitch, shew me what ynu gust."
******* number 3 gets punched right in the Knuth
Hither ******* try and stand their ground, but realise that they can' t win this, because guess what
******** run.
I have a feeling this nne wasn' t as gand.
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#3 - schnizel ONLINE (01/23/2014) [-]
A typical case of white racism and whites keeping the moderate black gentleman down. All lies.
You guys know I'm schnizel, right?
User avatar #1 - lnyanchl (01/23/2014) [+] (1 reply)
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