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User avatar #3 - yunonomynameeh (10/25/2013) [-]
I think the 1st one is the oldest tree -not the tallest, and it's location is kept secret by the government of that country (not scientists).

#7 to #3 - charming (10/25/2013) [-]
I am almost 100% certain it is not the oldest tree. I can't remember the details, but the oldest tree is more like a network, like mushrooms.
User avatar #140 to #7 - yunonomynameeh (10/25/2013) [-]


I guess both are true (what I said and what's listed above), but there's apparently a separate category for "non-colonal" organisms. I do know what you're talking about though -the bamboo like thing where the whole forest is one tree.
#11 to #7 - MandiMarie (10/25/2013) [-]
I thought you were right, so I looked it up. Apparently the oldest non-clonal organism is Methusela, a 4,841 year old ancient bristlecone pine. It's in Inyo National Forest, and it's exact location is also hidden. So you can go see it but you'd have to guess which one it is, like the tallest tree, Hyperion.
(pic is a possible image of the tree, or someone's guess)
#63 to #11 - thegazz ONLINE (10/25/2013) [-]
But earth is only 2000 years old, duh!

Sarcasm, of course.
#155 to #63 - mindheistninetysev (10/25/2013) [-]
How is that sarcasm?
User avatar #6 to #3 - kikisu (10/25/2013) [-]
Its probably both the oldest and the tallest, considering that trees won't stop growing.
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