Nope. . now you km! The sheepshead fish has human teeth.. holy where the did it get human teeth from? or did you mean it has human-like teeth? now You kno sheepshead Fish human Teeth weird facts Strange
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#3 - heartlessstoner (04/01/2014) [-]
**heartlessstoner rolled image** nope nope nipe nope.
**heartlessstoner rolled image** nope nope nipe nope.
#4 - wroughten (04/01/2014) [-]
holy **** where the **** did it get human teeth from?
or did you mean it has human-like teeth?
#5 to #4 - pixiebat (04/01/2014) [-]
When they’re young, sheepshead fish will eat marine worms, bryozoan ‘moss animals’ and pretty much anything soft-bodied they can catch in the seagrasses. Although thick, sharp teeth begin to appear when a sheepshead is just 4.5 mm long, it will have to wait until it’s about 15 mm long before all the incisors have come in and the back teeth begin to develop into adult molars. Once they reach around 50 mm in length, the sheepshead will advance to eating more robust, armored prey such as echinoderms, barnacles, clams, crabs and oysters, using their highly specialized teeth.

During this stage, its jaw musculature is also developing, and this keeps improving right through to old age. So an old fish living around a good supply of hard-shelled prey will end up having much greater jaw crushing power than a younger fish in a less rich environment.

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Its still not human teeth, just very similar to ours.
#9 to #4 - harbingerwolf (04/01/2014) [-]
A hoomun.
A hoomun.
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Paku paku. Not sheephead.
#13 to #12 - ProfessorPenQuin (04/02/2014) [-]
Not quite, the pacu (not paku paku) does indeed have human teeth, but the sheepshead is a different fish that also has human fish, and possibly also enjoys eating testicles.
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good to know.
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Gynecologist scene in Teeth
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HumanLIKE ,not human
#6 - hazelnutqt (04/01/2014) [-]
Doesnt' it have it's own teeth that look like people teeth?
#10 - shuttletree (04/01/2014) [-]
Obviously not "HUMAN" teeth if its in the fish.

Just sayin
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