Nazi Wonder Weapons you might not know. Feel free to check out my other WW2 content as well: Part 1: Tanks /channel/fucking-history/US+Tank+Evaluation/vgwqGit/  Nazi Wonder Weapons you might not know Feel free to check out my other WW2 content as well: Part 1: Tanks /channel/fucking-history/US+Tank+Evaluation/vgwqGit/
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Nazi Wonder Weapons you might not know

Ever wondered what German scientists did work on while the Americans
worked on thier boring bombs? Here are some examples of
achievements by the nation that gave birth to modern rocketry. And did
some other things as well.
This is rocket was used to take out heavy bombers from a safe
distance. They came too late in the war to make a major difference, the
they played a great role in the "Black Thursday" raid on the ball bearing
plant in Schweinhund, where the RAF lost 77 ofh their 291 "Flying
Fortress" bombers with another 122 damaged.
The higly effective, it just came too late in the war.
Messerschmitt Me 262 "Schwalbe" (Swallow)
This sleak motherfucker is the worlds first operational let powered fighter aircraft.
Vastly superior to anything the allies could field, this baby forced the allies to focus on
destroying it on the ground rather then facing it in the air. Coming late in the war, its
small numbers had almost no impact on the war, claiming only 542 kills.
It was could be fitted with 4 x cannons, 24 x rockets or 2 It
sock: bombs and achieved scum/ h )
Th is were things started to go crazy in the German workshops:
This was supposed to counter the allied bomber threat to the rel in its
last days. This "manned rocket" was was focused on fast starts in places
without gelds, and is the first vertical takeoff capable manned rocket
powered aircraft Armed w h 24 It rockets, this
interceptor was sti in testing and never saw combat when before the
war ended.
About the picture: The feeble swastikas on the wings were painted on by
allies post war and are not positioned according to German military
Captain america anyone? Yes, these did actually exist. Well, to an extend. S I in
testing when the war ended, this is another vertical takeoff interceptor
designed to defend the Reich' s cities. The ramie's on the end of the three rotor
blades would make them spin and work like a giant propeller. It would have been
armed with 2 x and 2 It cannons and achieve a calculated speed of
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