My friend on reddit lost some weight. .. For people commenting about her boob loss. Quick story. I'm a 30 year old male. Was at my friend's party and I was talking with his fat girlfriend. I am big int
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#103 - freegzuz (10/30/2013) [-]
what really happened
what really happened
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Good for her now how did she do it and how can i force people i know to also do this
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#7 to #4 - fuckyouiamcat (10/30/2013) [-]
It looks similar to the Atkins diet. Same concept anyway. It's good for diabetics and people in general. Worked for me, but if you go back to eating carbs after being on this diet, your weight will come back with a fricken vengeance.
User avatar #267 to #7 - dairybun (10/30/2013) [-]
So you'll stay off carbs for the rest of your life? there is no cheating with weight loss, it's really straight forward, eat all types of food in regulated amounts and exercise regularly in the week.
#294 to #267 - fuckyouiamcat (10/30/2013) [-]
I can eat some, but fewer than normal people. I'm insulin resistant so carbs make me gain more weight (basically I keep more fat than normal people). I'm nowhere near overweight. I'm normal weight but I've got a slightly higher fat index than normal.
User avatar #298 to #294 - dairybun (10/30/2013) [-]
As long as you don't stray away from a food group I guess it's okay, it just annoys me when people use drastic/stupid measures to be the "ideal" size.
User avatar #300 to #298 - dairybun (10/30/2013) [-]
When I say stray away I mean completely, not just partially. I'm a little bit of a fitness freak, so I learned a lot about the subject, and in no way iis it healthy to try dieting which isn't a mix of all types of food.
User avatar #188 to #7 - mulciber ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
Any suggestions? I am about to start one of these low to no carb diets. Most other people talking about them do so out of their asses.
#206 to #188 - fuckyouiamcat (10/30/2013) [-]
My doctor mentioned that absolutely NO carbs wasn't the way to go. Our bodies need carbs, but we don't need as many as we usually eat. Also, stick to whole grain foods. Cut out soda, (any surgary stuff) and things that turn into glucose quickly. No white bread, white rice, bleached pasta or potatoes. (I still eat potatoes, just not too many)

Also, amp up the protein to make up for cutting carbs. You might feel tired and sluggish for the first 2 weeks. Don't let that make you give up.
User avatar #207 to #206 - mulciber ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
Yeah, that echoes the reports I've read. Outside of the nearly religious followers of LCHF, of course. There are nutrients in carbs that we need, generally calcium, and cutting it completely could lead to health risks.

Thank you for the advice.
User avatar #79 to #3 - anusraper (10/30/2013) [-]
she at so much macdonalds that she got chronical diarhea, so more was leaving the body then coming in
#87 to #3 - junahi (10/30/2013) [-]
I think it's called free will.
#16 to #3 - hopskotch (10/30/2013) [-]
She stopped eating her feelings like an adult.

Yeah come at me you fatties and your "thyroid problem"
#22 to #16 - hopskotch (10/30/2013) [-]
Yeah thumb me down you cocks, you know I'm right.

It's a science, your body can't just magically "put on weight"

It's proportionate to how much you eat.
#62 to #22 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
Except you can, everybody's body is different, some people have slow metabolisms some have fast, some people are genetically more prone to store fat better (you see this in colder climates a lot) and some are genetically more prone to burn it as quickly as possible. Some people can eat 4000 calories a day and retain their weight, some would be lucky to even out with 1500.
#67 to #62 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
Which is why you find your own calorific needs, if you eat at a -500 calorie deficit you will lose weight.
User avatar #64 to #22 - arandomanon ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
I don't say it's everybody's case but some may actually have thyroid problems. It's not that simple as simply "eating less" in those cases.
Also, misused meme is misused.
#118 to #3 - sfagias (10/30/2013) [-]
Eating healthy and exercising, but mostly willpower. Any other "extreme" diet or gimmick is as good as useless, since, when most people get off the diet they are gaining the lost weight again.
It's pretty much takes an entire life-style change, and it's worth it.
#78 - pyrusd (10/30/2013) [-]
For people commenting about her boob loss.

Quick story.

I'm a 30 year old male. Was at my friend's party and I was talking with his fat girlfriend. I am big into fitness and have a decent body. Girlfriend says to me, 'what kind of girls do you like?' I said 'well they used to be called athletic girls but now they're called crossfit girls.' She asks what's a crossfit girl so I showed her Annie Thorsdottir and Andrea Ager. She looks them over and tells me they don't have any tits or ass. I say 'that's not all that makes a woman, with their bodies like that, they're showing drive and dedication which is important in a relationship.' Her last response 'well, they look like dudes so you're probably gay anyway.'


Got called gay by a fat girl for liking in shape girls.
User avatar #86 to #78 - ericbeagles (10/30/2013) [-]
We need a fat people rage board. That'd be nice
User avatar #160 to #78 - melwach (10/30/2013) [-]
Annie Thorsdottir has an impressive statue..which I would like on both genders. I can understand if someone likes softer forms though. Being called gay for such a taste is just stupid.
#245 to #78 - barbequemaster (10/30/2013) [-]
You could have said that her boyfriend had zoophilia, being attracted to whales like her...
User avatar #265 to #78 - awesomanium (10/30/2013) [-]
I don't really like crossfit girls, they're a bit too built for me. Ideally, I like the middle ground between a "regular" girl and crossfit. I find six-packs on a girl hot, but quite a lot of people disagree with me.
User avatar #306 to #78 - lafuriaroja (10/30/2013) [-]
Those girls aren't "in shape." They're ******* jacked. And that's a very specific body type to be attracted to. I'm sure that if you had shown her a picture of Jennifer Anniston or some in-shape actress you wouldn't have gotten those comments.
User avatar #82 to #78 - satrenkotheone ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
Well you're on FJ so you're probably gay.

But in all seriousness, shoulda told her to bugger off.
#85 to #82 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
G'day cunt how the **** are ya?

****** straya cunt
#286 to #78 - whistleandrun (10/30/2013) [-]
there's bit of a difference between annie thorsdottir and simply being "in shape"
#175 to #78 - FudgeCannon (10/30/2013) [-]
MFW normal people can't relate to the fitness lifestyle
User avatar #153 to #78 - luckiestcharms (10/30/2013) [-]
Wow that really grinds my gears. As a fellow fitness enthusiast, iv noted that its only men who feel insecure about a woman being in better shape than them, or women who are jealous of what a crossfit girl looks like, who say things like "aww shes got no boobs", "too much" and "looks like a man". They don't under that 1) their opinion means next to jack **** to the person, as if they dedicated all that time and effort that they obviously do it for themselves, and not to please the masses. And 2) Blowing out someone else's candle wont make yours glow brighter. I ******* HATE how judgmental and critical the fitness community is. Everyone bigger than you is on roids, and everyone smaller is a pussy. Which reminds me, its only the little dicks who comment "roids" on photos. SO ******* WHAT. Id love them to take the gear and see their physique won't e near as impressive.
#154 to #153 - luckiestcharms (10/30/2013) [-]
Pic related, Bella Falconi.
#179 to #154 - pyrusd (10/30/2013) [-]
I love quads on a woman like that hmmmmm.
#181 to #153 - pyrusd (10/30/2013) [-]
Exactly. Quick stats. I'm 6'3 about 250 lbs. Have some fat but not bad. But I look at it like you do. I'm a ton stronger than some guys out there and then a ton weaker than others. I am where I am and it's all about where I want to be and my goals. I think that's a major problem of society these days with social media where people think their opinions matter sooooooooo much to others.

As for being insecure....I softly cry myself to sleep at night wondering why I don't have this beast in-shape girl that I keep seeing pictures of online. I know they're out there....just no idea where. lol
User avatar #189 to #181 - luckiestcharms (10/30/2013) [-]
Those are impressive stats! Nice. People need to just shut up and train. "Train in silence, and let your actions speak for you."
Hahaha my one friend and I are always complaining about how theres numerous women with those inspiring physiques, yet we can't find 1 anywhere. Even at the gym, most women at my gym are all about cardio an are afraid to pick up a weight. I'm convinced that these fit cuples must have started off in bad shape and just stuck with eachother on the path to being shredded.
User avatar #81 to #78 - carlonord (10/30/2013) [-]
Well, that's stupid, she was probably just jealous of the fact that fit girls can move at jogging speed without the use of rocket boosters.
User avatar #1 - teranin ONLINE (10/29/2013) [-]
It's like you reversed a selfie log of pregnancy.

Well done to her.
User avatar #52 to #1 - beatmasterz (10/30/2013) [-]
Are you saying she actually did that? Because she does not look pregnant at all.
#73 to #52 - teranin ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
no, I'm making a joke.
no, I'm making a joke.
#223 - anonymoose ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
#70 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
Your "Friend" on Reddit
User avatar #28 - stafeezy (10/30/2013) [-]
there we go folks. obesity is a choice
#65 to #28 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
But, but ...MAH CURVES?!
#129 to #28 - adamks (10/30/2013) [-]
Saying she was obese might be a bit of an exaguration.
User avatar #205 to #129 - kikisu (10/30/2013) [-]
No she probably is technically obese. I'm not fat, just have the slightest pudge on my stomach from being lazy lately, and I'm considered overweight, and I'm pretty close to obese.
User avatar #138 to #129 - wimwam (10/30/2013) [-]
I think he was talking about the first picture

User avatar #136 to #129 - alreadyexiststho (10/30/2013) [-]
I cant tell if this is sarcasm...
#137 to #136 - adamks (10/30/2013) [-]
Well, I don't personally consider that obese, and I am not American. But I might just have a twisted definition of obese then.
User avatar #139 to #137 - alreadyexiststho (10/30/2013) [-]
Obese is a bmi of 30 or greater. I was raised in a family of obese women, and my mother and sister are slightly smaller than she was before she lost the weight and they were considered obese by their doctors.
User avatar #80 to #28 - daentraya (10/30/2013) [-]
Because there totally isn't like a hundred factors and conditions that can cause excessive weight gain that can't or only just barely be dropped, just like there are factors for the opposite. I agree with you still, but the statement is just silly
User avatar #251 to #80 - fuckyourtoast (10/30/2013) [-]
genetics isnt an excuse
stop being fat
User avatar #280 to #251 - daentraya (10/30/2013) [-]
I'm not fat. I am, with great help from genetics, quite underweight, although my plateauing height grow is currently allowing me to get into a more healthy looking territory.
I defend that genetics can very much cause trouble with it, as well as other conditions that **** with your ability to exercise. And i said i still agreed, and that they should loose weight instead of blaming other factors to the point where they don't even try. I just want to take into account that some of them just can't, just like i don't have to worry at all about what i eat to keep my current weight
#21 - quesocnkane (10/30/2013) [-]
Just my personal tip... DO THIS!   
It seems super 			********		, but take selfies in the mirror when you workout.... But do them at home. Privately... I've been doing the same thing, and it keeps you honest. It's cool to see yourself progress from week 1 to 4 to 8 to 16.   
Feels good man. Keep the weekly pictures of yourself and compile them. You'll see your hard work progress right in front of your eyes.
Just my personal tip... DO THIS!

It seems super ******** , but take selfies in the mirror when you workout.... But do them at home. Privately... I've been doing the same thing, and it keeps you honest. It's cool to see yourself progress from week 1 to 4 to 8 to 16.

Feels good man. Keep the weekly pictures of yourself and compile them. You'll see your hard work progress right in front of your eyes.
User avatar #227 - teoferrazzi (10/30/2013) [-]
it's actually a timelapse of a married woman in reverse
User avatar #249 to #227 - Dwarf (10/30/2013) [-]
Jesus Christ, how horrifying.
#96 - Darianvincent ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
This makes me doubt big boobs on girls. Good thing i'm an ass man.
User avatar #289 - unnamedwarrior (10/30/2013) [-]
She even stopped wearing glasses
Coclusion: Fat ruins your eyesight
User avatar #295 to #289 - unnamedwarrior (10/30/2013) [-]
#26 - hopskotch (10/30/2013) [-]
K my uncle is an MD, so strap up, cuz this is gonna get ugly.

Weight gain/loss has absolutely nothing to do with anything OTHER than your net caloric value. This amounts to how many calories you take in per day (including calories from both trans and saturated fat) vs your daily physical regimen, or how many calories you burn. Everything you eat or drink has a caloric value.

When you put the 2 values together, you get your net caloric value. If it's positive, your body will gain weight accordingly. If it's negative, vice versa.

There is no such thing as "big boned."

"I have a thyroid condition" is the only legitimate "excuse," because your thyroid controls your hunger pangs, however, just because you feel hungry doesn't mean your body needs the food.

Myths about "Metabolism" are a sham, and a well-marketed one. Metabolism has literally 0 to do with whether or not your body gains weight. Stop spending money on green coffee beans and retarded supplements.

Just do yourself a favor, and instead of going through the drive through, walk into the ******* Mcdonalds.

Good luck.
User avatar #50 to #26 - kuntbag (10/30/2013) [-]
bloody oath, i stopped eating crap food, ate a ******** more of red meat and veggies started running and lifting now i've lost 25 kg's
User avatar #60 to #26 - schmuxy (10/30/2013) [-]
Thank you my friend. I will return to this comment in however many years it takes me to get in shape (Not a great deal to lose, but I'm bone-ass lazy)
#66 to #26 - broorb (10/30/2013) [-]
Huh. I eat ******* disgusting food and do no exercise, and gain no weight. Explain this
#106 to #26 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]

Also, daily routines and obligations have a huge amount to do with it, as well as if you've had children or not if you're a woman.
#126 to #26 - xxbutthurtxx (10/30/2013) [-]
I'm 1,88m tall (6,1679792 foot if i did the math right) and my weight is like 75Kg with clothes on (so 150 pounds)
Anyway I was on vacation in the U.S. Gerfag here for 2 weeks and ate like there was no tomorrow (all the 'murica food, burgers, frys, chips(crisps) and unhealthy stuff like that every day)
I lost 4.5 Kg (7 pounds) weight during this 2 weeks.
User avatar #140 to #26 - wimwam (10/30/2013) [-]
While most of that makes sense, when you say "absolutely nothing" to do with genetic factors, you are just plain wrong. I am skinny and have always been skinny and eat a chit ton and gain very little weight. Likewise, people of a certain genetic makeup have to work MUCH harder than I do to lose weight.

tldr: Yes, caloric input/output is very important, but it's naiive to think genetics has no role
#212 to #140 - iownmicee (10/30/2013) [-]
You're not eating as much as you think

Try counting your calories for a week
User avatar #213 to #212 - wimwam (10/30/2013) [-]
I do, thanks
User avatar #47 to #26 - captainfuckitall ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
Eh, while I believe you are absolutely correct, I also believe that metabolism certainly has something to do with it. I've met people who literally just sit on their ass all day drinking 4 liters of chocolate milk and eating sweets, and never once have I seen them 'fat' (nor do they even work out). Likewise, I've met people who completely avoid sweets, sugars, and fatty-foods as well as going to the gym who can't get a pound below 160
#54 to #47 - flapz ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
Of course genetics/metabolism have a role to play he is just being equally stupid to those using it as an excuse for them being fat...

Just because someone can eat unhealthy without getting fat doesn't necessarily mean you can and that is why it's not a ******* excuse but just terrible logic...
User avatar #55 to #54 - captainfuckitall ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
You don't seem to understand what I was trying to say. He said that metabolism had no effect on it, yet I disagreed based on life experience with regular people and their eating habits. I wasn't using anything as an excuse or trying to get my way out of it, I was just pointing out something that seemed obvious.
#84 to #55 - wanicochil (10/30/2013) [-]
Girl is skinny as hell   
Does no exercise   
Eats maccas every day (Sometimes twice a day)   
People think everyone and everything is black and white when it comes to weight gain/loss
Girl is skinny as hell
Does no exercise
Eats maccas every day (Sometimes twice a day)

People think everyone and everything is black and white when it comes to weight gain/loss
#297 to #55 - flapz ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
I know I just made that statement to make it clear
User avatar #159 to #26 - admiralshepard (10/30/2013) [-]
Thank you!

The calorie is king if you're goal is weight loss. Just be aware of your intake and your expenditures.

Just an example, I'm 6"2' and way 185lbs. If I wanted to lose weight, I would shoot to have an intake of under 2,000 calories a day. If I wanted to maintain, I would shoot to be between 2,200. I used to be terribly overweight, going into my sophomore year of highschool, I weighed 230lbs. I started calorie counting and after two years I was down to 160lbs, pretty lanky actually. I was keeping my caloric intake in the 1500's throughout my weightloss, which isn't terribly difficult to maintain. I only gained some extra weight again after starting college and joining ROTC, it's nice to have some muscle for a change.

Just thought I could help anyone wanting to shed some pounds! Check out the recommended caloric intake for your height and gender, and aim to be below it.
#161 to #26 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
Fun fact: Being "big boned" does exist but not in the sense everyone thinks. Your bones can somewhat very in size due to the build up of yellow marrow which is the bones' way of storing fat just like you would store it anywhere else. Basically if someone says they are big boned, they're calling themselves fat.
#192 to #26 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
User avatar #239 to #26 - themongoose (10/30/2013) [-]
Not true and you can tell your uncle I say he's a jackass.

I have a wonky liver. Docs originally diagnosed me with Wilson's disease (yeah, throw that at your uncle) and Gilbert's Syndrome while I was in the hospital for an appendectomy. The doctor I've been seeing now says that although I have the "markers" for Wilson's, he does not think I have it. His words were "you're not dying, jaundiced, or even obviously ill in any way. I can't imagine you have it." But after a live blood cell analysis (I have Rouleaux) and looking at the paperwork from my previous bloodwork in the hospital, he says there is definitely something wrong, especially with my liver, which is causing other problems with glands in my body. One thing that happens: my body overproduces lymph. So instead of the water being flushed out, it is used to create something it doesn't need and STORES it in my body. This, my friend, is a form of weight gain. If one gallon of water weighs 8.34 lbs, I can put on weight easily. But it's not fat.

So don't you give me any crap about weight gain/loss. You want to give me facts about FAT gain/loss? Go for it. In that vein, wheat inhibits my thyroid hormone production as a person with celiac disease. If I eat wheat, I literally can not tell when I am full. I just continue to eat. that's just how it was from ages 10-18. I didn't know I needed portion control. Now that I'm off wheat and working out, I went from 183lbs and 16.97% body fat (I went to a place that did the underwater testing) to 202 lbs and 16.12% BF @6'2" in 8 months (and now that I'm not a skinny-fat chump, my family is telling me I look like Gaston, Wreck-it Ralph, The Hulk, and Superman - the last one is kind of true. I hear that one from everyone - and that I'm "too big." WTF)
#259 to #26 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
So if I work out how much my body burns naturally without doing exercise, and eat less than that in calories, I will lose weight without exercise?
#292 to #26 - barbequemaster (10/30/2013) [-]
Just run and lift (newbie progaram), -500cals every day, and you'll be fine... problem is that most people will rather sit on their asses and watch TV, lurk Facebook, or just waste their time for an hour or two, rather than moving their butts.
#198 to #26 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
I don't know, dude. I eat high octane **** , and lead the most sedentary lifestyle out of anyone I know, and I'm still skinny as **** . I mean seriously zero exercise and like 10-12 fast food meals a week. 6'4" 175 lbs.

So I could believe that it works the other way around, too
User avatar #252 to #198 - Dwarf (10/30/2013) [-]
Nah, didn't happen.
#43 to #26 - klutzyspy ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
you americans need a medical degree to figure this out?
#48 to #43 - lolollo (10/30/2013) [-]
The first person who figured out needed an MD, yes, because the MD was what allowed him and/or her to write it out in scientific manner. Though the real question is what you're going to say next?

That an American beat you obviously superior Europeans to that punch, or that Europeans were the ones who needed an MD to figure that out?
#49 to #48 - klutzyspy ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
it seems like common sence/math that if you take in less than you use, you loose weight...
User avatar #51 to #49 - lolollo (10/30/2013) [-]
That wasn't what needed to be figured out, it was the fact that your caloric intake was what did it.
#57 to #51 - klutzyspy ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
did anyone ever think it was anything else?

If you put more gas in your car than you use, its going to overflow due to a surplus.
User avatar #58 to #57 - lolollo (10/30/2013) [-]
Various ideas, such as what, specifically, you ate (which still matters, eating your daily value of calories in twinkies will still not end well for you), when you slept, how long you sleep, when you eat, when you eat in relation to when you sleep, how often you ate, how much you ate at which intervals, etc.

And, of course, the simple fact that calories are even a thing.
#68 to #57 - broorb (10/30/2013) [-]
Quit being self-righteous and listen to the man
#41 to #26 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
its possible to lose significant weight by eating positive calories too. thats one of the reasons people do the Paleo diet, or other diets that are high in saturated fat
User avatar #46 to #41 - nekkilu ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
diets are bad, healthy food in moderate amounts and exercise are the only way.
User avatar #156 to #26 - picklesexer (10/30/2013) [-]
Okay but why do I never gain weight and I only eat fast food?
#190 to #156 - lolsrsslybro (10/30/2013) [-]
just because you eat only fast food doesn't mean you'll get fat. example: one meal at mcdonalds is 700 calories. and lets say your maintenance calories (maintenance calories being the amount of calories you need to consume a day in order to maintain your body weight) is 2500 calories. you could very well eat two meals of mcdonalds and still not surpass your maintenance calories thus not gaining weight.

i'm not bragging but i eat mcdonalds once a day and i'm pretty fit as **** .

#27 to #26 - asrial (10/30/2013) [-]
Agreed with everything but metabolism.

I'm a rather normal 175cm, 73kg caucasian male, but I have an extremely low metabolism. I eat relatively healthy (max. 1 junkfood meal per week, rest is per recommended health standards) and work out 3 times a week plus cycling on off-days. I have to do that, else I'll be gaining weight like no tomorrow. I don't drink a lot either.

My girlfriend, 168cm, 55kg caucasian, can eat ******* butter raw with a side of coconut fat milkshake and still not gain any weight. She and her twin sister literally went through that diet because they were too thin, while they still ate like black holes.

So I'm a firm believer that metabolism isn't bogus.

#29 to #27 - hopskotch (10/30/2013) [-]
Metabolism is just a buzzword in today's society; whether or not it takes your body 1 day or 2 days to "process" 2k calories, for example, is null if your regimen is up to par. The only thing you'll notice is higher/lower dips in weight, vs. a more plateau against someone with a higher metabolism.

The only factors that MAY, and I mean slightly, contribute to weight gain/loss is your normal heart frequency as well as respiratory variation. But these values are trivial in comparison to the aforementioned caloric value.
#31 to #29 - asrial (10/30/2013) [-]
Your reasoning on how metabolism works is fine. I just can't get it to work with personal experience on how it affects weight.

Yes, metabolism can be abused by some fatasses who has a massive calorie/work imbalance. Yes, it's a buzzword by some standards. But it's the only somewhat reasonable explanation how my GF's 3000kJ eating habits keeps her thin with less exercise, while my 2300kJ eating habits with decent exercise habits is needed for my continued weight.
#34 to #31 - hopskotch (10/30/2013) [-]
You ALSO have to figure in that if you truly are working out 3 times a week, muscle mass weighs more than body fat mass, so it may not be that you're not losing weight, you're just filling out
#32 to #31 - hopskotch (10/30/2013) [-]
I totally understand where you're coming from

You also have to factor in small things such as cognitive activity as well as other things like adamant gestures. A lot of women talk with their hands for example, and while this may seem insignificant, adds up over the course of a day.

All of these limitless factors get coined into the term "metabolism," and while supplements such as green coffee beans may increase these factors, overall they're a diuretic, and the majority of the weight perceived to be lost is water weight.

Lipozene, for example, is basically a fiber supplement, acting much along the same lines.

Metabolism is a ghost media word, wanting you to buy into anything. If there was a pill that magically made you lose weight, anyone who could afford it would be walking around like super models.

Net caloric value is the only true measurement
#309 to #27 - inkizzableman (10/30/2013) [-]
Yeah but how big are your portions? That could be your problem. Not saying anything bad but your measurements dont sound average for someone whos 175 cm
User avatar #308 to #27 - jordanish (10/30/2013) [-]
Metabolism affects how quickly your body converts food into energy and how quickly it grows and heals. Having a slow metabolism means you put on and store weight for when you need it (like a hibernating bear) whereas having a fast metabolism means that it just burns though it all really quickly and/or inefficiently.
The problem is when someone with a slower (and healthier) metabolism tries to eat like people who have a fast metabolism because the excess energy is converted into fat, whereas people with a fast metabolism tend to burn through so much that they have to eat filling and dense food (fast food actually tends to have the opposite effect cause it's mostly empty calories)
User avatar #191 to #27 - deadrifler (10/30/2013) [-]
Yeah I agree with you on metabolism, because I have to consume about 1-2k calories over most people's daily value just to gain weight due to overactive metabolism. Back when I was working out and training everyday I was consuming about 4-5k calories a day. Weight "Maintenance" for me is 3k caloric intake when I am doing intense work out.
#104 - pwoneill (10/30/2013) [-]
If i can lose weight then so can you
Did I just post my face on this site...
#107 to #104 - duudegladiator (10/30/2013) [-]
Hey thurr.
Hey thurr.
User avatar #109 to #104 - TheHutchie (10/30/2013) [-]
I'm just gaining weight slowly but surely. It's not really out of hand yet and I already have a girlfriend who doesn't mind in the slightest so **** it, I don't give a **** .
User avatar #113 to #109 - pwoneill (10/30/2013) [-]
Well i would have to say not having extra weight has improved my health and general quality of life...
User avatar #117 to #113 - TheHutchie (10/30/2013) [-]
Having a little extra hasn't made the tiniest bit of difference to me except that I can't free-run anymore. I only stopped because I got concussion, so I may have dodged many more injuries.

Once I feel like it's actually negatively affecting me, I'll sort it. I'm exactly the same as I was a year ago, except that my belly's a tad bigger.
User avatar #119 to #117 - pwoneill (10/30/2013) [-]
well it is hard to tell from the picture but i wasn't just a little overweigh i was very obese and ive lost 106 pounds in the last year. so my perspective may be slanted
User avatar #124 to #119 - TheHutchie (10/30/2013) [-]
Yeah, of course, I totally get you.
#166 to #104 - melwach (10/30/2013) [-]
Good job, big improvement.
#275 to #104 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
WAY TO GO MAN!!! how'd you do it?
User avatar #278 to #104 - steedawwg **User deleted account** (10/30/2013) [-]
you still have a baby face, well done on the weight loss bro
#317 to #104 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
Sorry if destroying the party but 'consider the following'
When I was young (before puberty), I can't say I was fat, but I also wasn't a stick.
After puberty I became much much thiner firstly because I gain height and second I got muscles like a teenager (i've never been to the gym in my entire life so that kinda proves my point).

So, according to the pictures it is easy to analyze that when you were considered 'fat' you were before your puberty and when you became in shape was after puberty, so even if you worked hard (sorry to be a party pooper), it may be caused, not because of your work but because of your puberty which is a normal stage of the body's growth.
User avatar #318 to #317 - pwoneill (10/30/2013) [-]
.....I am 17 in the first picture....and 18 in the other two
#174 to #104 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
You looked better when u were fat
User avatar #228 to #174 - pwoneill (10/30/2013) [-]
the diabetes and knee problems disagreed
#195 to #174 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
Wow sharewithacoke
Like that's totally not you
#197 to #195 - anon (10/30/2013) [-]
shareacokewith *

C'mon anon
#131 - alreadyexiststho (10/30/2013) [-]
I really dont understand why there are so many mean comments on this. I mean, post a picture of just an obese girl on fj and all the comments are "man the harpoons" and "hide the bacon." But post a picture of a fat girl that got thin and everyones bitching about boob loss and op's "white knighting."

As a woman who used to be overweight and is now underweight, it kind of just adds to my theory that there really is no pleasing men. No matter what you do they'll always find some sort of fault to bitch about and hold over your head.

You may now proceed to red thumb me into oblivion.
User avatar #143 to #131 - wimwam (10/30/2013) [-]
You can't please 100% of the people, but I assure you- getting in shape is attractive to WAY more people than being obese (even if it means bigger boobs).

Plus, it is healthier (obviously)
User avatar #163 to #131 - romneykun (10/30/2013) [-]
You're right. I mean, I'm pleased with someone I know. And they are pleased with me as far as I know. We try to please each other, sometimes manage to do it.
I would say everyone who isn't please with you for the wrong reasons can **** off.

Notice how I said the wrong reasons. I feel there are some times where being displeased with someone can help them more than anything. But then that all boils down to perspective.
User avatar #217 to #131 - pabloenis (10/30/2013) [-]
The internet is an anonymous world where almost every user starts off with a fresh reputation every time they comment and you expect integrity from them???
User avatar #243 to #131 - carnagejc (10/30/2013) [-]
You are basing this on imageboards that have large numbers of sexually frustrated male teenagers (men generally, but particularly teenagers).

Also I have to just throw this out there:

Fat torpedoes that are temporarily held up by bras do not compare to a small but firmer pair of bazongas. And nipple size is more important...
User avatar #253 to #131 - themongoose (10/30/2013) [-]
Well no. Some guys like big girls, skinny girls, or muscular girls. Some girls like muscular, skinny or (yes, its a thing) big guys. Some guys like girls that are top heavy (boobs), bottom heavy (butts...or from a more animalistic standpoint "breeding hips"), or a nice proportion (3-2-3 is the evolutionary golden standard as far as a woman's shape). Some girls like hairy, completely shaven, or nicely trimmed guys.

It seems like the problem you are encountering is more like "media portrays *this* as attractive, but once I achieve *this*, I do not achieve attractive status." Just work to be who YOU find attractive. You'll find the guy that finds YOU attractive as well.

I like outgoing, easygoing, fit, well proportioned slightly curly haired brunettes about 5'4" tall that love the beach and the outdoors in general, and working out with me. Just sayin.
#152 to #131 - tmbg (10/30/2013) [-]
no pleasing... men?   
I haven't heard that one before
no pleasing... men?

I haven't heard that one before
User avatar #157 to #152 - helenwheels (10/30/2013) [-]
All women think theirs no pleasing men
All men think theirs no pleasing women.
But really you can just pretend their all one hive mind and find an individual.
User avatar #158 to #157 - tmbg (10/30/2013) [-]
yeah, I know. Just saying, I haven't heard that before.

it's usually people act like men are just mindless sex machines with no feelings that can be pleased by any boob
User avatar #258 to #131 - mrsonic (10/30/2013) [-]
I can't understand your logic. Because of some assholes on the internet you take the assumption that there are really no pleasing men out there. Seriously? Label everyone because some guys on the internet that will make jokes and fun of just about anything?

Great job.
User avatar #133 to #131 - mcpatmat ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
Nah, your comment was pretty cool, carry on!
#151 to #131 - thewisedane (10/30/2013) [-]
There is no way to please men who can hide between anonymosity (is that a word?) and harsh demanor...
There is no way to please men who can hide between anonymosity (is that a word?) and harsh demanor...
User avatar #201 to #151 - buttplugmaster (10/30/2013) [-]
anonymosity? did you mean anonymity or are you making up a term to cover both the anonymity and sensless animosity of the internet community, because I like that second one and i'm going to end up using it.
User avatar #219 to #201 - thewisedane (10/30/2013) [-]
Not what I intended at all, but feel free.
#162 to #151 - andywazowski (10/30/2013) [-]
#164 to #162 - thewisedane (10/30/2013) [-]
The music I was listening to reached pitch when I saw your comment.

#165 to #164 - andywazowski (10/30/2013) [-]
.... Hvordan vidste du jeg var dansker?
.... Hvordan vidste du jeg var dansker?
#167 to #165 - thewisedane (10/30/2013) [-]
Everybody here is a dane.  Also, use English. Just because we understand each other doesn't mean we should write in it.
Everybody here is a dane. Also, use English. Just because we understand each other doesn't mean we should write in it.
#168 to #167 - andywazowski (10/30/2013) [-]
I actually had to decide whether to write in english or danish. But really tho, how did you?
#169 to #168 - thewisedane (10/30/2013) [-]
Randomness. I would like to give you my standard lecture (I AM THE ORACLE OF THE NORTH WANK WANK) but it really was luck.
#170 to #169 - andywazowski (10/30/2013) [-]
Well then, good work either way
Well then, good work either way
#171 to #170 - thewisedane (10/30/2013) [-]
Yeah. It was pretty awesome.
User avatar #284 - commontroll (10/30/2013) [-]
The boobs got smaller, but they also got perkier. Quality over quantity.
#75 - pappathethird (10/30/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #222 - puremadmentalged (10/30/2013) [-]
Doctors hate this woman!
User avatar #238 to #222 - seras (10/30/2013) [-]
Oh, I think I got that reference.
#74 - samoaspider ONLINE (10/30/2013) [-]
Want to look sexier? Learn photoshop in 30 days!
Want to look sexier? Learn photoshop in 30 days!
#225 - doctordalek (10/30/2013) [-]
After the weight loss, her eyesight returned at well, so she didn't need glasses anymore! It's a miracle!
User avatar #237 to #225 - seras (10/30/2013) [-]
Contact lenses.
User avatar #242 to #240 - seras (10/30/2013) [-]
Wow, sorry. That flew right over my head.
User avatar #290 - kodac (10/30/2013) [-]
lol reverse gif
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