Most Amazing. . Vial yet: IS ' fast PENIS... turns out it' s a memory stick. That's a lot of information to swallow. Penis sperm DNA memory
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User avatar #1 - gallusnasus (06/15/2014) [-]
That's a lot of information to swallow.
#3 to #1 - slightlyillegal (06/15/2014) [-]
Tasteful post.
#2 - wallnaut (06/15/2014) [-]
Do not listen to this mans claims, tried jabing my dick in the usb port and now its stuck. At least it wasnt a fan right?
User avatar #11 to #2 - dedaluminus (06/16/2014) [-]
But that means... it almost fit
User avatar #4 to #2 - enemyoftrn (06/15/2014) [-]
Atleast its not the HDMI cable.
#6 - anon (06/16/2014) [-]
so all cellphones need to come equipped with fully functional penises that ejaculate at each other to transfer data.
User avatar #9 - reggaemortis (06/16/2014) [-]
Clearly we need to figure out how to fuel the internet with our sperm
#7 - itraxx (06/16/2014) [-]
But all the sperm, coming from one guy, is almost identical.

Do you even sperm.rar?
User avatar #13 to #7 - banjodance (06/16/2014) [-]
technically it is a combination of any 50% of the full set of data
User avatar #12 to #7 - fuckscreennames (06/16/2014) [-]
its still 1.5TB of information, just its all relatively the same information
User avatar #5 - cptmctavish (06/16/2014) [-]
So im almost 21, that means.... Based on GB i killed the internet about 300000 times?
no, i didn't did the math, feel free to do so
#8 to #5 - anon (06/16/2014) [-]
Assuming one fap a day since you were 13 (I don't know if I over or underestimated) that would be 4.423 petabytes. According to wolfram alpha, the internet was a mere 1 petabyte at the end of 2008.
#10 - anon (06/16/2014) [-]
1,587GB. Why not just say 1.5TB? Have you even seen something labeled as 1,536MB? No it's 1.5GB! (Yes I know 1,587GB is 1.5498046875TB, I'm rounding down)
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