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Moon Knight Facts

Moon Knight
His real name is Marc Spector exactly stable and he is
officially insane. More than often, Moon Knight has been
refered to as Batman with mental problems'
For some time he had the personalities of Spiderman,
Wolverine and Captain America
cannot fly, he can spra i" G, cloak
and stow his descent from great heights. To a slight
extent he can steer his fall
Moon Knight originated in the with a Ex Us Marine,
Boxer. Marc Spector, who was on a dig with a Doctor and
his Daughter Marlene in Egypt. He was betrayed by his
partner Bushman who killed the doctor and then "killed"
Marc. He was brought back to life by the Moon
God of Vengeance and became his Made of vengeance
fighting and killing on behalf of
Spector is a former heavyweight boxing champion who
underwent intense training as a commando, intelligence
operative and mercenary. He is skilled in armed and
unarmed combat with training in Boxing, Judo, Savate
and Kung W
He developed 2 alter egos, Steven Grant a playboy
millionaire and Jake Locally, a street smart cabbie.
These two along with Marc Spector and Moon Knight
became all his personalities
Spector is a good detective/ private investigator with
broad skills , knowledge and understanding of the
criminal underworld
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