Military Punishments Pt. II. . The Funniest And Best Military Punishments Seen Being Handed Down my superiors I saw a guy be forced to slow dance with a mop for Military Punishments Pt II The Funniest And Best Seen Being Handed Down my superiors I saw a guy be forced to slow dance with mop for
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Military Punishments Pt. II

The Funniest And Best Military
Punishments Seen Being Handed
Down my superiors
I saw a guy be forced to slow dance with a mop
for one hour straight.
Soldier pooped while we were in the field
doing exercises, Drill Sergeant of the platoon
behind us accidentally stepped in said turd.
Whole company had to stand in formation and
watch the poor soul dig a hole as we
held a funeral for the turd. We did not have a
bugle to play for the piece of turd as it was
lowered so one soldier had to stand there
making an "" sign over his lips and makes
bugle noises. The soldier that made the crap
had to bury the whole thing while the Drill
Sergeant read a prayer.
A fellow lance corporal at the time let out a
sneeze. Huge snot rocket pops out and lands
on his cheek, I mean just one beast of a thing.
My sergeant standing in front of him talking to
him while this happened let out a "what the
hell you nasty bitch, put it back." And right
back up it went. Funniest shit I have seen.
I was in a company in basic. the
third floor of the barracks was split with
females on one half and males on the other.
males were not allowed in the female half and
vice verse my platoon was out back practicing
throwing grenade bodies and a window on the
female side of the third floor opened and a
male sneaked out of the window onto the
ledge. it was immediately obvious to
everyone, including our drill sgt, that he had
been in there messing around with a female
and a drill at must have come down the hall,
forcing him to get out onto the ledge so he
wouldn' t get caught. tour drill Sgt looked at the
guy for a minute and then yelled really
sarcastically, "don' t do it private, you have lots
to live for." then they put him on suicide watch
and made him hand over his belts and tie and
shoelaces and everything that he could hang
himself with and made him drag his newly
bare mattress out into the hallway next to the
fire guard desk and sleep out there every night
until we graduated it weeks later. and they
made his battle buddy sleep on the floor next
to him for the first week.
In the Marine Corps when we really messed up
we would go "fishing" It is where you squat
down like your sitting in a chair and hold a
shovel out in front of you in the air like a
fishing pole. Then you just sit there for a long
time and if the shovel would start to droop
down my sergeant would grab the tip of the
shovel and start to shake it and make me
pretend I was reeling in the big one. One time
me and a buddy got in trouble together so they
made him fish and me flop around on the deck
like a fish he had already caught for almost an
My brother told me that when he was in basic,
a Drill Sergeant yelled at this guy to "beat his
face", meaning to do . Said guy had
no clue it meant that, and promptly punched
himself in the face, really, really hard, and fell
to the ground. The Drill Sergeant had to walk
that one off and my brother said you could
hear him laughing hysterically as he walked
behind a building.
We had a guy that somehow got his watch
through the indoc (They take all your crap
when you first get there). well the Dis found
out he had it when they saw him wearing it
one clay, so they put him in the squad bay
trashcan and put the lid on it. Every time they
walked by and kicked it he' d pop out with his
watch and yell, "SIR THE TIME ON DECK IS
and then go hack
into his can like the freakin' grouch from
Sesame Street.
I wrote a bad check while stationed in Korea.
06 over the limit. My punishment? To cut
the parade field grass with scissors by
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