Mega Pikachu Leaked. .. Looks like Ash killed Pikachu, then wore his skin like a suit. He's even still wearing his hat.
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Looks like Ash killed Pikachu, then wore his skin like a suit. He's even still wearing his hat.
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"There is nothing new under the sun."
#5 - romdadon (10/06/2013) [-]
electric/scary type pokemon, Mega Pikachu
electric/scary type pokemon, Mega Pikachu
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He's kinda scary....
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It's called moveset swapping. Switching the moves of one character for another. However since the moves require the model to be a certain shape, it deforms it until it's appropriate for the moves it needs to perform. Pic related
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That's called character reskinning or something. It's from Brawl and anybody can do it. This is pikachus skin on Ganondorf, if i'm not mistaken.
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it's pokemon trainer
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Gameshark, switching character stats with one another.
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It's moveset swapping.
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It is Super Smash Bros Melee. You can tell because in the background is the Melee version of Final Destination. And judging by the pose and height of the character, (to me at least, I might be wrong) it looks a lot more like a Captain Falcon. The term "reskinning" that you used generally means that the textures (image file(s)) have been changed. That wouldn't change the shape of the character, just the color.
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iwant to be that guy
there is a mod for brawl called project m that alot of people use and one of the bits of it turns the brawl final destination into the melee one because people perfred the way that one looks so just because a stage looks like its from one of the smashbros games doesnt necicarily mean it is that specific game
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