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#21 - rockerforlife
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(06/08/2014) [-]
Why not just be honest about your feelings in general?
#77 to #21 - onewithpokerface
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(06/08/2014) [-]
because some people have really extreme feelings or emotions that could land them in a lot of trouble, like jail.
#61 to #21 - hokeymon
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(06/08/2014) [-]
Because we're not girls.
#40 to #21 - kez
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(06/08/2014) [-]
There will be people you dont like, just because you dont.

They arent bad people or anything, you just dont like them.

You can either say nothing and be nice to that person and if they need help you help them and if you need help they help you.

Or you can just tell everyone that you dont like them and create a void and shut off all potential help from that person and make them feel bad and generally just be a cunt for no reason.

Its just basic social skills...
#82 to #40 - rockerforlife
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(06/08/2014) [-]
Why not try to be fair about the people you don't like?

I tend to try to like people that just come off as "myeh" and it usually works out. Even if I'm not super attracted to them as people, they're pretty alright in the end and I still try to be honest with them.

I really do think honesty is the cornerstone of a good moral basis. Even mean things that are honest tend to have an "advice-y" effect that if you say it right, doesn't come off as confrontational.
#26 to #21 - censius
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(06/08/2014) [-]
Because its good to be conscientious of your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. In Buddhism they say you need to retrain your thoughts in order to train your words in order to train your actions, or vice-a-versa.
Sometimes when we feel a thing its not always right, and alot of the time when we look back on it we know it.
It's not good to just spout out your emotions without thinking about it. Sometimes its not good to even feel the emotion your feeling, and you should conscientiously try to improve them.
#84 to #26 - rockerforlife
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(06/08/2014) [-]
Yeah, I acknowledge that's cool and all, but I think for my psychological health and others' as well, that emotions should just be blurted out. It's how you show your true nature, I think if you repress your thoughts and emotions, you'll just end up getting frustrated and might lead to a breakdown, which most psych books agree. If you say your emotions, maybe not blurt them, but say them with grace and thought, I think people would appreciate it, I know my friends do.
#102 to #84 - censius
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(06/08/2014) [-]
I've always thought that when you feel things, you make it a habit, and it becomes your more natural response. I know its popular to believe in venting, and it alot of cases that's true, but not all or even most. I think if you teach yourself to just not feel anger, the anger that you may have thought would get "pent up" really just dissipates. Whereas if you constantly "express" your anger, you just nurture that habit to get angry again in future similar cases.
#103 to #102 - rockerforlife
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(06/09/2014) [-]
Well I'm not speaking of anger, which is an emotion that should be controlled. I'm just talking about general opinions, commentaries, inputs, that kinda stuff. Anger's a whole topic to itself.
#24 to #21 - almostninja
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(06/08/2014) [-]
That's how you get labeled "an asshole"
#85 to #24 - rockerforlife
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(06/08/2014) [-]
Well **** the people that say that! I've met more assholes that talk **** behind peoples' backs than those who say **** to their face. If voicing your honest opinion is being an asshole then call me Goate