Let's a Play Game, FJ. . vou have agreed to spend the next years in solitary confinement in exchange for a guaranteed salary. vou have control over your salary, game Solitary Confinement
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Let's a Play Game, FJ

vou have agreed to spend the next years in solitary confinement in exchange for a guaranteed salary. vou have
control over your salary, your enviroment, and your amenities. vou automatically get a toilet and an unlimited supply of
water. Roll to dind out how many points you get to make your stay a little better. can you survive? No bedrolls faggot.
o point
shit Room
I point
washer and one
Full wardrobe
contains new book
we: releized. Theve
are no computers.
videos. or music
in points
Stiill' V
out and white
2 points
00. 00
so points
Regular Room
10 points
Toilet Paper
wool chosen you
1% not he sole to
clean your ass ,
any otherway.
I point
Music Room
guitars. drums. a'
vet messed.
5 points
In We
s prints
Erika. new
DVD/ Murray admixed. unlrelated
cane. WV. and pom.
In points
way album
health clinic
Johnsen, you win not
die. Hm)! chosen you
have not chance or
on year.
Last 2 digits. so
Huge Room
15 points
000, 000/ year
Hygienic '
shower. ' soap.
tooth care razors, shears
3 points
or CHM} as aways
either 55 or 95 c. Bragg
3 points
released with any
console video game ever released Require
Sopwith oldold
choosing no one hour. we
lope ts
Unlimited — 20 points
Double the above tor
15 m gamergirls.
facilities are always
clean. tidy. and
DIV on so Minnie! .
2 points.
Choose your salary.
Urdu's, alien double salary.
If trips, than multiply by lo.
liquids, than multiply by 100.
Delivered Daily)
past your will he unhealthy and
cannot raters.
Gourmet Food
20 points than
you do
one laptop. ''
Unlinked access to warning and
to nls. lae( aive Brand new my tattle
he Manx K and : they are
release: But no
I . points
Hangover. overdose. addiction l newer occur.
you an . , this Team
Unlimited no shell with mixers. hitters. and glassware.
carries with wine glasses and (em.
rah he: . but mugs.
unblur. -ted . ruling paperboard unlinked homer.
amine. ovule_ Swim atr. . lyo. r never mm: down.
In points
Get Extra Points (choose as many as you want)
who or (your choice?
will he Permanently amputated.
you can never have them
replaced or use prosthetics.
no points
Get raped by a my black in
your anus twice a year. no
woe. for In minutes. The
rapes will be random.
work in s sweatshop along
side my ,. hours
a day, New day, except
no points
Feminist roommate. "ll hitch
non stop shout the Patriarchy’
and how womyn are superior
to men (pigs will randomly
destroy halt shit and
castrate you in a show or
defiance to the Patriarchy.
Seams! rocker chck.
swan. will play her shit
music her band makes non
stop and will men perform
satanic rituals at mght,
sometimes makig
orifices and blood oaths
ll try to suck your blow
and carlsen you nonstop.
write dark poetry and i
memo share them with
Every single person you know,
trends. Emil/ r others,
etc, will Forget you exist and will
never remember you. you can i
Ir no points
Add another I warm your
stay. Add as many as you
Paints per year added
you will get beat up
randomly twice a month.
for moderate heating
no tor severe heating
Sassy black woman. will
Preach how black people
are betterthan your race
and how you are a my
uncle tom f black) and
demand sex men and eat
tons wood and make a
lot or mess. Eran/ day is
black history month.
God warrior. Hardcore
christian. will preach Jesus
all day and curse your
name into hell tor your
sins. will pray men by
screaming bible lines at
random. will beat you men
with one or her many
never contactthem again in any
Every day you will have an WW:
chance or having a debilitating
head cold that will prevent you
from . you will he in
pain and excellence severe
discomfort on those days.
no pants
you are displayed to the world
live 297 during your stay. you
will be known world wide by
everyone on sight.
points f didnt choose rape
f you did
you will he tortured and humiliated
to the extreme by us. contractors
once a year. it will be horrible.
Extra added years will not we you
more torture.
no points
f you chose the my osiers
my man. will make fun or you tor
having no sense and haying
had skin etc. will try to make suck
your do while you sleep. will do t
at least only which will lead to
passionate long tender sex. will
bommit suicide some time after.
has HIV.
will Jew you out or half your
earned hythe end or your
confinement and will cry shout the
holocoust and the sumo
quadrillion Jews who died. will shirt
his shapes to hide histroy farm.
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