Let Me Smoke Some of That. . Pirates kidnapped Julius Caesar when he was 22 years am . His charisma led the pirates to treat him as a friend. He insisted they d
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Let Me Smoke Some of That

Pirates kidnapped Julius Caesar
when he was 22 years am . His
charisma led the pirates to treat
him as a friend. He insisted they
deems his ransom. which they did.
He said crucify them
when free, and was laughed eff
as a playful lake. Wan release he
raised a fleet, returned and
idioti them
pshe tree, nativity
A f Hedda is considered the mast
poisenous tree inthe wand. It
at senses painful blisters if yen
I " is blindside its
can palace water with its leaves
E '/...i.. and will cause death if yea eat
l " -, ; An averagejoeh is madcap
C;, ii, satija," ' any time, consisting at the
layer at under
4-‘ f asahina
In they at lastyear. an
N. '. , t Airlines flight
a K . _ ing from Les Angelique
New ‘(ark City made an
unscheduled step in Kansas
City ta mead a passenger,
who wouldn' tstop singing
A, ta, Whitney Housten’ s "I Will
f Always Lave Yen."
f iri. Researchers tram Texas State
k F . is Universetoday cut of
5! /J, the century page
t, Is ' Panama. the
arah ' granted them mam ta coninue
In New ‘farts. a saved it
little have life giving him CPR
after being hit in the chest
with K' baseball bat Amati
were . in 2006 that very
same bay saved her tram
death giving her
the " maneuver It a
restaurant that he '/ hr
2 Each laser
r" . «ff receives a bag
at goodies. Lastyear' s
game bag" was we
l - ".'- it it and beauty products
There isa large stinging shrub
native to Australia called the
Gympie Gympie that madness a
so paah,
t people and animals ta suicide. Tue
pain has been described as being
sprayed with hat acid and
electricuted at the same time. l
shrub' s
leaves paper
Leanardo Maurie was
1! named Leanardo because his
l i, J. pregnant methebaus tacking
J. at a Leanardo luingi' s
painting in a museum in Italy
when [Maurie first kicked
Playboy Bunny amt was
the met service an Hana
i,' registered with the @
in States Patent and
r "i' sai was
The shichika pepper
grown in Japan is unique
in the sense that my we
out at every ten peppers
is spicy and there is M
way to knew beforehand,
which one might be
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User avatar #2 - jesusflowers (08/31/2014) [-]
the mangeneel isnt native to florida. its found all throughout the caribbean as well
#1 - soldieroffortunemp (08/31/2014) [-]
I was in Afghanistan an I ran into a few Australian soldier. Badass mother ******* . I wondered why. But I know why now. It is safer to be on the front lines with bullets being shot at you and **** blowing up next to you than it is to go for a walk in the woods in Australian
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