Mr. Foster Cosplay. I went as Mr. Foster from Killing floor for comic-con this year. The picture's doesn't do it justice as the flash hides most of the dirt and killing floor mr
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Had someone ask me that at Comic-Con, what the story behind that?
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In 1 episode of Doctor Who a child had been killed by bomb. he had been wearing a gasmask and some little robots brought him to life with the mask being a part of his face as they had no idea what a human really looks like.

They then proceeded to make similar adjustements to other humans as they thought the other ones were flawed. They were asking "Are you my mummy?" because the boy had been looking for his mother when he got hit and the rest were "modeled" after him.
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i believe the doctor got bumped on the head or something and thats what he said while loopsy
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it looks pretty good, I really like the second one
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Ha, ha.
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all jokes aside, though, it's nice.
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Thanks, there not the best pics, if I had a better camera you could see the fake blood, and grime on the suit. Also the angel of the pic doesn't show some of the suit tearing. In addition the quality of hte pic doesnt' really ohw that suit very closely matches the pattern of the suit Mr. Foster wears.

Oh and one more thing. That mask hurt like hell and i couldn't talk to any of my friends while wearing it.
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I get it
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