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#77 - insanefreak
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(07/05/2014) [-]
My childhood friend that I grew up with turned out to be gay. I was the first person he told, not his parents nor anyone else. Nobody in our group of friends judged him. Why would we? He's been our friend for years ever since we went to kindergarten, so you don't even question whether it's bad or not. He's a friend, his sexuality never mattered to us.

He works as a carpenter, and at his old workplace, a guy had a feud with him found out he was gay (construction workers generally are either anti-gay at worst, or have nothing against them when they're not shoving it in your face at best), and told the rest of his colleagues to start a fight. However, the rest of the company actually supported him, and got quite pissed at the other guy (probably cause he was an ass in the first place), and the thing eventually got him fired.

Now, my friend is a guy who doesn't show off that he's gay. He is it, but you can't tell. A very normal person like the rest of us, with his sexual desires not in plain view. Most people don't put their sexual interests out for the world to see. Nobody needs to know I'm interested in hardcore tentacle porn either. If I walked around with tentacles groping every butt around me, I'd be judged and hated on, with good reason.

What everyone needs to realize is that a lot of people who are 'racist' will avoid a certain group of people, but can get along with an individual. I dislike Frenchies in general. Don't like the food, the language, yet I have a bunch of French friends; Still have an instant dislike of French speaking people, but I know it's a bollocks thing that doesn't make any sense at all.

People will dislike you for being an ass first. Being gay, or whatever minority you are, that's gonna be a lot lower on the list. But being an ass and being part of a minority can worsen the situation of that minority though.

TL, DR: I like boobs and will fondle them in public. Don't judge me. They're mine.