Karl Pilkington Quotes 2. Part 1: /Karl+Pilkington+Quotes+1/funny-pictures/5250235/ O C. 1. "People say having kids is life changing, well that doesn' t necessa funny quotes pilkington
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Karl Pilkington Quotes 2

1. "People say having kids is life changing, well
that doesn' t necessarily mean a good thing, does
it? I eould take one of my legs off, that would
change my life"
2. ''I' always wanted to kick a dusk up the arse."
s. "Do logs say they 'slept like a human"?"
4. "A dog has got human eyes"
s. "To me, a cat is an easy pet, they don' t need any
spoiling or looking after."
6. "Jellyfish are 97% water or something, so how
mush are they doing'? Just give them another 3%
and make them water, it' s more useful"
T. "Does the brain control you, or are you
controlling the brain? I don' t know if i' m in charge
of mine."
s. "You know how they say people have six
senses'? There' s loads more than that. The ability
to feel someone looking at you, that' s been around
singe man and dinosaur were knockin' about."
woke up, I looked at Suzanne and she looked at
me. I said, "Did I tell you about the immune
system'?" Suzanne starting laughing, I said it' s
amazing. She said, "Not now."
10. “The Elephant Man would never have gotten up
and gone, 'Oh, God. Look at me hair today.”
1 1. "Treat the world like a head"
12. "You oan he an ugly baby and everyone goes
aaww innit naoe" -i" There was some women in a
cafe the other week that I was sat in, and she
ohme up and she sat down with her mate and
she was talkin' loudly goin' on about "oh the
baby' s lovely." They said it' s got her lovely big
eyes, her really big hands and feet. Now that
doesn' t sound like a naoe baby to me. I felt like
sayin' it sounds like a frog. But I thought I dont
know her, there' s only so mush you oan say to a
stranger. I dont know what kept me from sayin'
13. ''It' s no good operating on eyes if your eyes
are asleep"
14. ''It is hard eating a little kangaroo knob."
Kart tatts Ricky his response being poisoned
by an ohioans.
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