Just how to act normal.. . The overall technique depends on you being around her in social situations as much as possible. Parties, movie nights, Just hanging o Just how to act normal The overall technique depends on you being around her in social situations as much possible Parties movie nights hanging o
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Just how to act normal.

The overall technique depends on you being around her in social
situations as much as possible. Parties, movie nights, Just hanging
out. whatever. You don' t have to be alone with her, but you do
have to be around her and be able to interact with her.
If she doesn' t want to be around you in a friendly,
situation then we' got some bed news for you. You' re not
Friendszoned." What you are is / zoned.
No, don' t grab her boobs. We mean use the situation as an
excuse to casually touch her. stuff like:
Place your hand on the senapi of her back to usher her
through a door (“ladies h' rst"._ but don' t actually say that; W.
the gesture itself is enough, you supreme gentleman). my
When you' re sitting next to her on a couch put your
hand on her knee to stand up.
Touch her shoulder or aim to ask her a question.
Put your hand on her waist when you' re mugging for a
group photo (no hover hand allowed).
offer a hand to help her stand up.
sharing the back seat of a car? Put your arm straight
over the top of the seat. Not over her shoulders. Just
stretch your arm out Don Draper style. she' ll naturally
lean into you.
Easy, right? What you' re doing is getting her used to being touched by you without it
seeming like an invasion or her personal space. The more you touch her without any
negative connotations (l. e. her Feeling doped) the more she' ll be okay with it. she' ll
even COME To EXPECT IT. You don' t have to act "more interested" in her or do much
else different. It' s a subtle psychological maneuver that totally works.
You need to have legit reasons to touch her. You can' t be silent for long
stretches and then suddenly reach out to grab her hand. Don' t reach
over two friends to poke her knee during a movie. That' s weird and will
be perceived as invading her space.
We can' t stress this enough: you CANNOT touch her in a creepy,
sort of way.
no NOT touch her chest (not even “on accident”).
no NOT touch her butt.
no NOT touch her anywhere near her crotch, including
her upper/ inner thighs.
Basically avoid her bathing suit areas.
And, unless you normally would do it, don' t try to hold
her hand. That' s a romantic gesture m later.
She may start touching you in a similar manner. or she may jokingly
complain when you don' t touch her. This is a sign that she is becoming
receptive to you. Try not to call attention to these moments. she' s NOT
ready for you to make a move. Yet. Just act cool, bro.
How long will t take? It depends on how much you see her and how
often you can touch her. If you see her a lot then probably a few weeks.
See her less often and t may take a couple of months.
Here' s the secret move: Ask her a question about something she' s
wearing (jewelry, whatever) and reach out to touch it __ but only reach
out half way. Then see what she does.
She leans away from your reach or otherwise
closes up." She' s not quite there yet and you need
to keep up the casual touching.
She leans towards you and presents that part
of her body to you. DING DING DING) she' s ready.
Get alone with her and make your move.
Ask her about somethi g she' s wearing? Correct. Ask her about her
necklace or earrings (both are items dangling from very sensitive, erotic parts of
the body). With a necklace you want to see her lift her chin and present her neck
and chest to you. with earrings she should tilt her head and present her ear to you.
Another good sign is if she brushes her hair aside to give you better access (subtle
but obvious meaning).
What if she' s already in a relationship? Doesn' t matter. Remember you' re
not touching her in a sexual way so it shouldn' t raise any alarm bells for her. If the
boyfriend suspects something he' s going to complain to her first. vou' re her Friend
and, in her mind, you' done nothing wrong. She will probably defend you. He, on
the other hand, is guaranteed to come off as crazy and )
What do I do when I' m alone with her? Well that' s a whole other problem.
This technique will open the door for you, but it' s up to you to seal the deal.
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