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Indiegames politician arrested for gun trafficking
March 27th, at ‘IIJ: EIE am -Author Matthew Wilson
Leland Yee, a California State for campaigning games such as Grand Theft Auto, has been arrested on
Corruption and gun traffiking charges. The FBI conducted a raid of San Francisco' s Chinatown district andthen took computers and
documents from Tee' s office in the state capitol.
The FBI manager's catch the Senator outwith an undercover agent who Yee thought was a potential buyer, during the meeting he let it slip
that he had an ' contact" and went on to say that he "wanted donations in return for connecting an Italian gangsterfish New
Jersey with an international arms dealer." He even had plans to source rocket launchers and assault rices through a Filipino contact.
It' s Ironic really, as not only did Leland Yee campaign games but he also wantedto push strict gun control. This man has
probably done more harm than any video game, he criticized games like Call onduty and GTA for having violent content andthen turned
around and real criminals with weapons.
Mitsuru Says: Valient video games are a than of entertainment and Hire movies, they usually come with an age rating. instead of
campaigning against games, maybe these politicians should try enforcing the age ratings if they are that worried about it While they
are at it, they should take a swing at corrupt senators too.
Source: Kotaku, Joystiq
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