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IRL Wolf of Wall Street Scene


Here's the REAL Wolf of Wall Street Beach House party, from the summer of 1991.
It was taken a few months BEFORE the infamous Forbes Magazine article.

This is RAW FOOTAGE, and was hard to find. Enjoy what there is to see:

Jordan Belfort (=Leonardo DiCaprio as Same)
Gladys Greene, Mom of Kenny Greene (=Brian Sacca as "Robbie Feinberg") @2:32
Victor Wang (=Kenneth Choi as "Chester Ming") @2:30
Alan Lipsky @3:32 (=???) ('94 Monroe Parker President)
Nadine Belfort @4:14 (=Margot Robbie as "Naomi Lapaglia")
Danny Porush @4:54 (=Jonah Hill as Donnie Azoff) with son Jonathon

Bryan Jay Herman & Sharon engaged @2:50 ("My new partner") ('94 Monroe Parker VP)
Kenny Scott Greene & Stacy engaged @3:43
JB & Nadine Engaged in Europe @4:06
Neil "Kitman"? (??Neil Lewis Kiperman??) @4:22
Cheryl engaged @4:46
Stephen Mark Kiront engaged @5:00
Richard John Puccio had a baby boy @5:07 (Left Stratton shortly after this vid)
William John Mooney @5:39 (Was in Rothschild, later joined Stratton Oakmont & Duke)

1990JUL: The Wolf hosts one of many of his parties at his Westhampton beach house. It is like a Great Gatsby party, where anyone good-looking can crash.
Nadine and her companion drive up in a banana-yellow Ferrari. The Wolf is entranced.
While talking, Mark Hanna begins purposely masturbating in front of Nadine.
Wolf Wife #1, Denise, breaks up the event and shoos Nadine away. She leaves the party.
The Wolf keeps looking in New York for Nadine, until Thanksgiving, when he pays a mutual acquaintance, Ginger, to set up a date.
The Wolf and Nadine have sex that same evening.
A few months later, Denise finds out, and they are divorced.
1991JUL The Wolf throws THIS house party. Now he and Nadine are engaged.

The Wolf of Wall Street TWOWS movie:
Based on life of Jordan Belfort
DIRECTED by Martin Scorcese.
STARS Leonardo DiCaprio, with Matthew McConaughey, Jon Favreau, Ethan Suplee, and Spike Jonze. With Rob Reiner and Joanna Lumley.
PREMIERE DATE: NOW due out Christmas Day, December 25, 2013

More pictures of the real people are in the vids on this Playlist. Check it out to see on-set vids of the movie, and real-life information about the events!

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