I'm not racist, but.... ...this is true.. AN SAYS we. The term 'Cracker' comes from the white man who cracked the whip on slave farms, therefore whenever a black man calls a white man a cracker they are technically colonel sanders
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#8 - chapbag (09/09/2013) [-]
The term 'Cracker' comes from the white man who cracked the whip on slave farms, therefore whenever a black man calls a white man a cracker they are technically empowering the white man.
The term 'Cracker' comes from the white man who cracked the whip on slave farms, therefore whenever a black man calls a white man a cracker they are technically empowering the white man.
#147 to #8 - numbersletters (09/10/2013) [-]
The term "redneck" comes from slaves who were taken from Ireland (if I remember correctly...). They had very little pigment, so they were easily burned. Hence the term "redneck", because they often had burned necks. This is also why there are so many Irish people in places like Boston.

Yea... There were white slaves as well.
#153 to #8 - oliphan (09/10/2013) [-]
It could be considered empowering by some, but technically they could also be calling them a cruel and sadistic asshole.

I mean that's not cool dude, that's pretty mean.
#15 to #8 - anon (09/10/2013) [-]
*buzzer sound* Cracking is a term that refers to talking boastfully about oneself, something that is stereotypical of poor hillbilly white trash.
#69 to #8 - anon (09/10/2013) [-]
Good job reading that on /b/
#177 to #69 - hoskins (09/10/2013) [-]
good job saying that as an anon
#10 to #8 - camdiddy (09/10/2013) [-]
I'm really not sure, but I was thought that is was term for the cattle ranchers of the south because they also cracked their whips at the cattle.

I could be wrong though!
User avatar #23 to #8 - nervaaurelius (09/10/2013) [-]
I remember reading something a while back where the origin of the word actually from whites referring to poor southerners. I could give you a link to the source but I dont care too much about the subject and don't feel like looking. So whatever you want to believe.
User avatar #64 to #8 - admiralen ONLINE (09/10/2013) [-]
ill be damned, i thought it was cause crackers are white and crispy
#11 - godhatesmaggots (09/10/2013) [-]
Yeah lets all just be racist 			*********
Yeah lets all just be racist *********
User avatar #53 to #11 - sadistikal ONLINE (09/10/2013) [-]
Where do I sign up?
User avatar #129 - nucularwar (09/10/2013) [-]
that's probably because the word "cracker" offends literally nobody
User avatar #156 to #129 - undeadwill (09/10/2013) [-]
It offends me. (I do it mostly because people use it too damn often.)
User avatar #186 to #156 - nucularwar (09/10/2013) [-]
well, I guess that's your problem
User avatar #187 to #186 - undeadwill (09/10/2013) [-]
Can I say that to a black guy?
User avatar #189 to #187 - nucularwar (09/11/2013) [-]
don't ask my permission
User avatar #190 to #189 - undeadwill (09/11/2013) [-]
My point was could I say "Its your problem you are so offended by the word ****** " To a black person and have it be okay
User avatar #191 to #190 - nucularwar (09/11/2013) [-]
I really have no idea. "Cracker" doesn't really offend that many people, " ****** " offends a bunch of people. Majority wins I guess.
User avatar #4 - qwarthos ONLINE (09/09/2013) [-]
it's cause they said ****** instead of *********
#1 - zukunft (09/09/2013) [-]
A woman recently wins $280k in damages for an employer using the n-word causing "emotional trauma"...
#114 to #1 - dickthebutt (09/10/2013) [-]
In america you can report everything or what?
#124 to #1 - louda (09/10/2013) [-]
reminds me of this show
reminds me of this show
#136 to #1 - anon (09/10/2013) [-]
Let me correct that for you.. "I dont want to live in USA anymore" Because that's the only ****** country in the world were you can sue people for ANYTHING!
User avatar #2 to #1 - dieterkaiser (09/09/2013) [-]
Warum heißt du Zukunft?
#6 to #2 - awesomechardey (09/09/2013) [-]
das würde mich jetzt auch interessieren
User avatar #48 to #6 - folkflunky (09/10/2013) [-]
We need a flammenwerfer to flammen the **** out of her werfer. I'm from Ukraine I'm not supposed to know german.
User avatar #84 to #1 - propanex (09/10/2013) [-]
>call everyone a ******
>everyone claims "emo trauma"
>everyone gets settlements
>economy tanks
>Government fails
>Planet explodes because our massive ego can't keep it stable
>You don't live on this planet anymore.
#13 to #1 - orionthegreat (09/10/2013) [-]
It was actually a black man she sued and the whole reason for the emotional trauma thing was that he was yelling at her and called her a ****** several times in his office.
#113 - alekksandar (09/10/2013) [-]
Why would anyone get insulted by a candy wrapper that has "black" written on it in italian.

Especially if the said candy is from a land where there's no nigs.
#110 - tonyxx (09/10/2013) [-]
This image has expired
"Do you know why no one gets insulted by being called a cracker? Because crackers are delicious".- Gabriel Iglesias
#107 - lolchris (09/10/2013) [-]
>black man on television
#143 to #107 - anon (09/10/2013) [-]
You mean there's a black man is on TV who's not being arrested?
#119 to #107 - rdnyan (09/10/2013) [-]
More like black man with the television
More like black man with the television
User avatar #71 - thebritishguy (09/10/2013) [-]
I think if black people are allowed to say ****** then so are white people, to say that I'm not allowed to say something because I am white is racist in itself
#47 - thechosentroll (09/10/2013) [-]
Silly americans and their unjustified racism. Come spend a month in Europe and then you'll see why you should appreciate your black people. At least over here we're racist for a good 			*******		 reason. Well, most of us. In some countries we just hate everyone equally, so we're not technically racist.
Silly americans and their unjustified racism. Come spend a month in Europe and then you'll see why you should appreciate your black people. At least over here we're racist for a good ******* reason. Well, most of us. In some countries we just hate everyone equally, so we're not technically racist.
User avatar #54 to #47 - asheskirata (09/10/2013) [-]
I know that feel bro. Especially with the current trend of muslims spreading like a virus throughout Europe
User avatar #62 to #47 - konradkurze (09/10/2013) [-]
soon enough the way europe is going there wont be any europeans left, it'll just be one big jungle of apes
#88 to #62 - anon (09/10/2013) [-]
black people are humans wiseguy
User avatar #93 to #88 - konradkurze (09/10/2013) [-]
evolution disagrees with you

the first humans popped up in the middle east many thousands of years before the so-called 'proof' of humans in africa
User avatar #101 to #93 - willindor (09/10/2013) [-]
Do you know why you that makes you sound like an ignorant asshole? It's an involuntary reflex in your psychology. It changes the angle at which you at people, allowing in more detachment. Unlike black people. I've studied them, too. Intriguing characters. Their brains have evolved over millions of years yet with all their evolution, they still form bonds. Love for others does indeed exist for them. They are capable of standing together, of contemplating strength, of knowing something greater than themselves, not like your kind. The experiments conducted on this yielded a surprising result, because for all your years of evolution, you inadvertently developed and honed primitive instincts that they moved beyond long ago. So in reality, you're the animal.
User avatar #103 to #101 - konradkurze (09/10/2013) [-]
nope theres nothing involuntary, its called personal negative experience with the apes, thats what working law enforcement does, it shows you the worst sides of others natures

i dont doubt some have evolved, especially the one with human descendants bred in (like the blacks in usa with white ancestors) but by and large they are primitive,
perhaps you should visit a big city sometime

you trying to sound more intellectual in your weak attempt to troll doesnt make you fail any less
User avatar #105 to #103 - willindor (09/10/2013) [-]
I made a quote of a tv show and changed it a bit. Did you consider that? And you might want to cut back a little with posting stuff like this or else people think that you are here solely for rustling jimmies and derailing comment sections. That will not be good for your reputation around these parts.
User avatar #111 to #105 - konradkurze (09/10/2013) [-]
i dont come here just to rustle jimmies but i dont hold back when i feel theres something to say regardless of how harsh it may seem

political correctness is a weakness where people have allowed themselves to be programmed to feel shamed every time someone hurts anothers feelings

im anti black, mainstream religion, mainstream politics, rap/hiphop, and drugs
ive got a pretty bad rep as far as the liberal whiners on fj go
User avatar #116 to #111 - willindor (09/10/2013) [-]
That's because most people come here to laugh, and if they want political discussions they go to /pol/. You should try it, there are a lot of people like you there.
User avatar #117 to #116 - konradkurze (09/10/2013) [-]
you must be new here, have you seen FJ lately

most people come here to bitch about everything, and red thumb everybodys content
User avatar #121 to #117 - willindor (09/10/2013) [-]
Dude what the hell? I have never had a single quarrel with you or your beliefs, I was just giving some advice out of a sign of good will.
User avatar #126 to #121 - konradkurze (09/10/2013) [-]
well i appreciate the advice, just things dont work out the way people hope

i dont come here to spark things up, just when certain things pop up i speak my mind
#123 to #103 - willindor has deleted their comment [-]
#60 to #47 - nephritho (09/10/2013) [-]
Belgium and Scotland are good examples of countries that hate everyone equally
However Belgium became softer and can't handle a joke any more.
<reason why hate foreign people.
User avatar #70 to #60 - thebritishguy (09/10/2013) [-]
Muslims aren't a race though
User avatar #72 to #70 - nephritho (09/10/2013) [-]
I never implied Muslims are a race.
They however mostly from other countries.
User avatar #73 to #72 - thebritishguy (09/10/2013) [-]
ok then
User avatar #80 - jewishcommunazi ONLINE (09/10/2013) [-]
Not really, I don't know any black person that gets offended simply by hearing the word ' ******* .
User avatar #83 to #80 - thelastamerican (09/10/2013) [-]
I want to live where you live.
User avatar #89 to #83 - jewishcommunazi ONLINE (09/10/2013) [-]
Portugal. Basically, the word ' ******* becomes the nickname between friends for about a third of the black people. There aren't many black people in here besides the major cities, though.
User avatar #90 to #89 - thelastamerican (09/10/2013) [-]
If you even utter the word in the quietest of whispers into your pillow in the wee hours before the sunrise, you'll either get sued (If you have any money), jumped (If you have no money), or made to apologize (If you're famous).

The really ****** up thing? Most of the most indignant people in the lynch mob will be white. I live in the US if my name didn't give it away.
From your name I was assuming you were Polish
User avatar #95 to #90 - jewishcommunazi ONLINE (09/10/2013) [-]
The USA and part of europe seem to be doing a few stupid things in the name of political correctness lately.
User avatar #97 to #95 - thelastamerican (09/10/2013) [-]
Lately? It's been doing on as long as I've been alive at least.
#75 - agentmoleman (09/10/2013) [-]
Dont be such a 			*********
Dont be such a *********
User avatar #61 - konradkurze (09/10/2013) [-]
call a white person a cracker:
does that mean the ****** WANTS the white man to crack the whip on them?
User avatar #79 to #61 - sketchE ONLINE (09/10/2013) [-]
User avatar #86 to #61 - thelastamerican (09/10/2013) [-]
I hate it when I'm reminded of how my ancestors owned land and people. Ruined muh day.

Seriously though. I would rather not be called Cracker. "Brian" would suffice. Or even "hey, you!"
User avatar #94 to #86 - konradkurze (09/10/2013) [-]
well ******* love to throw racism around
theyd be more likely to call you cracker than brian....and more likely to say "hey mutha ****** than hey you
User avatar #96 to #94 - thelastamerican (09/10/2013) [-]
What ever works for em. I have better things to be doing than be offended by other people who have no bearing on my day-to-day life.
User avatar #98 to #96 - konradkurze (09/10/2013) [-]
ive had ******* i met like 8 years ago, bump into me on the street and the first thing they remember about me was a retarded nickname they made up to insult me then,....and they throw it out there again...i keep walking, and they started chimping out because i didnt react

was worth a giggle hearing them try to troll and end up being the ones geting mad about it
User avatar #99 to #98 - thelastamerican (09/10/2013) [-]
I've never had that problem in particular, but one did pull a gun on me. I figured I would either die that day or be shot so I just stared at the guy with the gun until he put it away then walked away. Really? You're going to pull a gun on me because I was driving too closely behind you? He says to me, "Hey asshole, you were way too close to me back there." I say, "Sorry bout that, wasn't paying enough attention." He pulls his gun and points it at me and says, "Maybe this'll make you pay more attention." I know that a 9mm will pass through my passenger window like it's not even there and I'll be dead if I duck, so I just stared at him until he put it away and drove off. Then, I pumped my gas and drove to work.
#100 to #99 - konradkurze (09/10/2013) [-]
< what you saw
#133 to #100 - teranin ONLINE (09/10/2013) [-]
a pygmy chimp with a gun?  I could have some fun with this picture...
a pygmy chimp with a gun? I could have some fun with this picture...
User avatar #102 to #100 - thelastamerican (09/10/2013) [-]
Actually I saw more gun than anything. You would be amazed at how difficult it is to remember a person's face who's pointing a gun at you. It had a Glock sort of look to it. Kind of boxy and plastickey looking. Besides, "The guy was not white" I can't honestly provide any details. He didn't get out of his car, and it was dark outside. He could have been a white guy with a good tan and I wouldn't have known. The end of the gun and I were having the most impressive staring contest I've ever been through in my life.

Have you ever been about to catch a football and realized just a moment too late that you're not going to be able to close your hands fast enough to catch the ball and the only thing going through your head is, "Well, **** . This is going to hurt."? Well, having a gun pulled on you for the first time is kind of like that.
User avatar #118 to #102 - konradkurze (09/10/2013) [-]
yeah, as long as youre alive, thats what counts
#34 - I Am Monkey (09/10/2013) [-]
I find it hilarious that it was a year long international story when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin just because they thought it might have had a racial component to it. Yet yesterday a black man walked into Union Square (Manhattan) yelled "I'm gonna kill the next white man I see", then proceeded to beat a nearby white man to death and that's nowhere to be found in the news.
User avatar #144 to #34 - ilovehitler (09/10/2013) [-]
Because the media is extraordinarily liberal and believes nignogs can do no wrong, while white men are wrong for existing.
User avatar #36 to #34 - thisotherdude (09/10/2013) [-]
Or the two nig-nogs that beat a 80 year old war veteran to death, that **** barely got any media attention.
User avatar #12 - xsap (09/10/2013) [-]
oh they called me a cracker... ruined ma' day
User avatar #35 to #12 - haqq (09/10/2013) [-]
louis ck!
User avatar #74 - ednakrababbal (09/10/2013) [-]
YouTube Poop - Gary - nigga nigga nigga
User avatar #68 - brucekillah (09/10/2013) [-]
The difference is that our names are kind of funny...

Example: Honky, Whitey, Cracker, etc

And black racial slurs extremely funny
#66 - anon (09/10/2013) [-]
Yea, that is really the same thing, because Africans built ships, sailed to Europe and abducted people to work on their farms in Africa for hundreds of years.
#140 to #66 - anoyingmos has deleted their comment [-]
#76 to #66 - amegaara (09/10/2013) [-]
User avatar #77 to #66 - sketchE ONLINE (09/10/2013) [-]
ever hear of the punic wars?
User avatar #85 to #77 - thelastamerican (09/10/2013) [-]
I like you. You know about history.
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