I'm actually just lazy.. . is . BU i. i: mirr Mimi CAPTIVATE ME. My "sob story" is that ever since I was a kid, I was always getting sick. To this day, I've had (and "conquered"): Chicken pox, H1N1, Mening
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My "sob story" is that ever since I was a kid, I was always getting sick. To this day, I've had (and "conquered"): Chicken pox, H1N1, Meningitis, Lethargy, Anemia, and Impetigo.
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not really a sob story, but it's my story: I was considered a nerd through out all of middle school, and i had no idea why. I never really did anything to prove that I was a nerd. I would always get picked last for every sport during P.E. I even did sports outside of school and was benched 50min out of 60min of the game. Still loving to play sports, when i went to high school, i tried out for football. At this point in time, I was 5'8'' and about 180 lbs, so it was very hard for me, especially since it was my first time ever doing full contact. I was, for some strange reason, placed as a lineman and focused mainly on being an Offensive Guard or a Nose Guard. It was the toughest, mentally and physically, activity i have ever done in my life at that moment. I persisted and was placed on the J.V. team my freshman year. My love for sports turned into a love of football. Being as small as I am, i needed desperate help to destroy the other lineman that were much bigger than me. I researched every day and trained every day. I watched what I ate and became better each day. The coaches noticed that I would not give up, even though i was as big as a WR. Due to this, i was starting Offensive Guard and Nose Guard for JV. My Sophomore year, I again did football. This time, I was placed on Varsity! I was so excited about that. Throughout my Sophomore season, I was getting much better, and was soon placed as a starter, but only for nose guard. I wasn't worried about losing my offensive position because i never really enjoyed it. Present day: I am a senior in high school and still doing football. I have proven to all my middle school class mates, past teammates that I had what it took to be a true athlete. I started from absolutely nothing and worked my way up. I haven't decided where to go to college or if i even want to play football for college, but what ever i do, it will involve football.
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my story: my friends forced me to play football i middle school and i liked it, and i got pretty good my sophomore and junior years and now i'm being recruited to a bunch of schools and i'm halfway through my senior season.

it's not very sad now that i think about it, but I don't really get why people need extra motivation besides just being able to play a sport? if you love your sport shouldn't that be enough?
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I don't want to be a pro-athlete, I want to make a legitimate contribution to society. Like be a mortician. Or mafia enforcer.
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>implying entertainers don't contribute to society

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I don't want to be a pro athlete, I just want to make that much money.
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